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by - Monday, January 24, 2011

For me, the most fun part of blogging is sorting through my pictures. I usually take around 10 per outfit. Especially at work, I have to hurry up because I never know who's going to walk in. Bad lighting? There's always that rotten apple in the barrel. Blurry ghost picture? I scare easily. Copying a pose from another blogger that I thought is so cool? Never fails to work. I'm athletic, but horribly gauche in front of the camera. But at the end of the day, my pictures never fail to make me cringe.

The worst part of blogging is coming up with topics to talk about. I'm not a good writer (thank goodness I took the SATs before they implemented the writing section) and not very articulate. There's only so much I can drone on about new item this or different color combination that, blah, blah. So help a girl out, what are some topics that I could talk about?

jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch
belt: Abercrombie & Fitch
pants: Hollister
shoes: Ugg (currently sold here)

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  1. LOL. exactly my thoughts. I hate writing and the more I try the worst I get, not sure how I made it through college...

    I love your bag. I've been looking into getting a Balenciaga but wasn't sure which. I want something your size and one i can also wear across the body.

  2. Oh boy - I think I'm pretty much in the same boat as you except I try to take as little pictures as possible :P

    I would love to figure out things to talk about but I honestly have TOO much going on in my head so it comes out as NOTHING so as to not bore everyone :P

    I love your shirt! The gingham print in such a fun colour is definitely something I could go for.

  3. Laid back, comfy, chic...great combo.

    I tend to ramble about what ever comes to my mind...which at times is really a whole lot of blah. So I'm no help here :)

  4. I try to sound funny, but it typically falls flat, so I like to keep my commentary simple too!

  5. HAHA purple people eater, I need more scarfs in my life. I think if I can combine closets with someone and be completely content I would choose yours.

    And I am no help with your dilemma either...I can bs my way through any academic paper but when it comes to creative writing I either ramble for hours or have nothing to say.

    p.s. if you want Stella stuff contact Megan...or I can contact her for you? She might not mind checking for you and I am serious, she's SO NICE. Incredibly nice. maybe too nice. :) Sort of like you haha.

  6. p.p.s. I am so scattered brained...I wanted to address the 30 for 30 thing recommended as well. I actually was so close to signing up for her challenge last week but decided against it because I know I can't go a month without buying something...ANYTHING. I have been pretty good on my browsing ban and have only strayed twice (maybe thrice) but I would not be able to go 30 days without buying something. :( Looking forward to a post everyday from you though! :)

  7. Oh Cee, you look so carefree in this outfit. Love it! When I do OOTD, I usually don't have much to say either. So I usually talk about the weather. lol! For reviews, I find it much easier. I think anything would do, it is your blog. :) If there is nothing to say, just post a picture and don't say anything. See what happens.

  8. i love the purple tones in this outfit! i agree that writing up the post is much harder than just sifting through pictures and posting them. i guess i usually see if i can write something about the outfit and try to make it interesting/funny, but it's pretty hard. i'm hoping it'll get easier with time... :)

    cute and little
    come enter my giveaway!

  9. Cee - you're making me want gingham and that's gotta be bad for the ban! Even when I feel like I have a lot to say, when I sit in front of the computer, it just falls out of my head. I think I average about 1 paragraph per post unless it's a tutorial.

  10. I love your bag! I also love seeing this gingham print on you! I was lusting for this design last year, but never settled on an item. It is on my mental list! :)

    Don't worry about what to write. Just keep doing what you are doing...a paragraph or two and outfit pics. I love your format! Some days you might have more ideas, so write more. Whatever you do, do not force yourself to write more, you will probably feel fake and disatisfied with the results, and it could come across as unatural.

  11. @I am Khatu - Oh man, glad to hear somebody else feels the same way I do about writing :) About Bals, I have the city and it's a great size for me, but I can't wear it crossbody. I think you should check out the Part-Time (more east-west) or Velo (north-south), but both have longer straps. Jen has a ton of resources at her site or you can always turn to the ladies at tPF for more info. Good luck with your search!

    @curls-and-pearls - You should speak your mind! I wouldn't mind using it as inspiration :)

    @Lilly - Hehe, sometimes I feel my mind's like a blank chalkboard. Really need to work on that!

    @Mama Marshmallow - It's so hard to get your point across online, right? When I try to be funny, nobody laughs. When I don't, people lol. So I should just stop trying too :)

    @Elle - Oh definitely! You have great dressy pieces and I can add in casual ones. Perfect closet in the making :)

    I'd feel so bad bugging Megan, but thanks for your offer. I'll try scouring eBay first to see what prices are like.

    A browsing ban's a good start. I bet you'll feel much more confident and ready the next 30 for 30 rolls around. Stay strong, Elle!

    @Vicky - Now that you mention it, I notice you do like talking about the snow! I may have to steal that ;)

    @kileen - I do enjoy reading your posts. You make writing seem so easy! I'll have to try to channel your thought waves :)

    @SewPetiteGal - I hope LOFT comes out with a gingham shirt soon :D Ok that's horrible for me to think because I want you to do well on your ban, but I think you'd look good in gingham!

    @Michelle - Such wise words. I'll be coming back here to reread when I feel stuck in the future.

  12. Cute outfit Cee! I love all the shades of purple (one of my fave colors).

  13. Cute purple gingham shirt! I've been looking for one since my bf got one at J Crew last summer haha. I want to be cheesy and match him :P

    Anyway, I am insanely jealous of those Valentino flats you scored in the post below. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Can't wait to see them styled!!


  14. Ahhh, another cute outfit w. a scarf! As for things to talk about - tell us more about you! As for the Uggs - Viva la Uggs!

  15. Love that Balenciaga bag. Perfect addition to the outfit!

    I had writer's block last week too. It's awful! Honestly, write about whatever you want. Even if you think it's boring, I guarantee it's not. We are often our own harshest critics, I promise. I normally have no idea what I'm going to write until I sit down to do it. I'm not sure if that's a good strategy or not (I think I'm just lazy) but at least there's text to accompany my posts? :p

  16. the outfit is so cool!! love ur bag!

  17. i think you're doing a GREAT job in both the photos AND writing portions of you posts:D

  18. If you're really showcasing an item, I'm sure you'll have lots to say. If not, just write about your thoughts, but keep it simple and funny like Kendi from Kendi Everyday. I even like it when some bloggers write nothing and just present a picture, what their wearing, and where you can get it.

    Like Khatu, I noticed she doesnt write a lot. I prefer that to some other bloggers who just go on and on and on. I skip right thru and go to their picture(s).

    I also noticed that it's in the font, the aesthetic of the paragraphs, and the style of writing that catches people and ultimately, win them a fan following.

    but actually, you did good today! so don't stress. it's YOUR blog.

  19. My photos TOTALLY make me cringe everytime I see them. I need to delete them off my camera the instant I transfer them over because I can't bear to accidentally scroll through them. At least you don't need to worry about your facial expressions. :)

    As for thinking of things to talk about, I'm always making myself write LESS (I'm pretty quiet in person, but for some reason I can write a lot about nothing). I usually just gab on and on about my day, or the outfit, or the picture location. Or funny things that my mom or husband say to me.

    I love your blog and don't think you need to change anything. Your reviews are great, and your outfits are always stylish :)

  20. I am that way a lot myself - I want to blog, but have nothing to write about!

    Here are some random ideas that popped into my head: who are your fashion inspirations? how about reworking a look from a celebrity? or a peek into your closet? what kind of style do you see yourself with in 5yrs? 10yrs?

  21. Love the plaid with the jean jacket and oh my gosh your bag is amazing!! Don't worry I always cringe looking at my photos too. It is so hard to put them out there for the world to see.

  22. Taking pictures in a public restroom. I deem that a perfectly inappropriate appropriate blog topic.

  23. I would love to know more about you! Your outfits are great and I love how you embrace color. Keep it up! =)

  24. YOURE LIFE! (:
    I love reading about people that I can realte to, and connect with.
    If you ran a red light because you were too busy jamming to the radio to pay attention, I wanna hear about it!
    If you ate something amazing for breakfast, let me know so I can drool over my keyboard, too!
    Tell me if it's snowing or raining or sunny outside. And use your pictures to make me feel like I'm there (or wish I was. or be glad I'm not!)
    Be yourself. Don't worry about your writing style. Voice is something that will create itself over time. Just write (:


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