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by - Friday, December 17, 2010

I wouldn't consider myself easily influenced in real life, but online is a whole 'nother story. I can't begin to count the number of times when I see a blogger wearing a certain item and it makes me want to have it too! Or it may be the way they styled an outfit that just looks uber cool. Chalk up plaid/gingham shirts under this category.

I tried on this J.Crew gingham shirt but just couldn't justify the price. After seeing Elle @ Fast Food & Fast Fashion successfully shop at crewcuts, I decided to give this crewcuts boys' popsicle gingham shirt in shore purple, size 14 (currently sold here) a shot. Not surprisingly, size 14 is big on me. The fit across the shoulders were fine and the sleeve length was perfect (would actually have preferred it being a little longer, but I'm weird like that). Overall, it was more boxier than long, which I guess is how boys are built. The back view (below right) puts the front view (below left) to shame, and that's not saying much lol. I think size 12 would have fit better, but it wasn't available at the time. Since it's 100% cotton, there's a chance it would shrink in the wash. Crossing my fingers for a miracle!

I loved the online color, but in person the color is much brighter. Eek! Trying on a new style is already scary enough, but coupled with a bright color? Could I really pull this off? Sydney @ The Daybook was the inspiration for today's outfit. She pulls off necklaces layered on top of collared shirts better than anyone I've seen.

What do you think of today's outfit, a hit or a miss? Any tips on improvement? I think wearing the shirt underneath a sweater helps hide the boxy fit. Perhaps next time I wouldn't wear so much black -- the shirt and boots really stand out, and I don't know if that's a good thing.
cardigan: Old Navy (other colors currently sold here)

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  1. I consider this a pretty big success for crewcuts actually, on its own the fit is boxy (I think the 12 would be slimmer/better). I think the amount of black is balanced out by the vibrancy of the color.

    I got my jcrew package today too so I am eager to try them on. :)

  2. I'm so glad to see how you paired the shirt with the cardi and bauble necklace. I have the hardest time styling gingham or plaid shirts. I always wind up looking western somehow. (Obviously I really like the outfit)!

  3. Definitely a hit with this outfit! I do not like it solo, but what a great idea to pair it with the cardigan and necklace! Boots are perfect, too! Not too dramatic at all!

  4. I would say this outfit is a hit! Love the gingham paired with that necklace - so lovely. Now you've got me wanting to search the boy's department for button down shirts!

  5. Definitely a hit! You styled this shirt so well. I would have no clue how to style a boy shirt for sure. I love the purple and black combination

  6. You nailed it! Very understated chic, if I may add.

  7. LOVE LOVE how you styled the shirt with the black cardi and the necklace.
    I couldn't justify the price on the J Crew shirt either so I found something similar at Old Navy for a lot less.

  8. Man! What a steal! Don't you just love finding good deals like this in the little kids' section! I seriously love this shirt!


  9. Hi Cee, I love the gingham shirt under a cardi look. Casual chic. I agree that the shirt by itself is not very flattering. Layering does do wonders, right? Have a great weekend.

  10. Love the gingham shirt with the black cardigan. It totally pops. Great ensemble.

  11. I think the outfit totally works - and the necklace is the perfect finish to it!

    Re: the size of the shirt, if the boxiness bothers you, would it be worth it to have a tailor put in darts to help define the waist area a bit more?

  12. I wasn't a fan of it alone at all, but you managed to make it look good! With such a bold print/color a little peeking out from under a sweater/cardigan is probably just right. Great job! :)

  13. Elle - Now you're scaring me away from any further crewcuts purchases! If this is considered pretty good, I don't know if I want to see what would be bad...

    Callandra - Haha, looking like a cowgirl was my biggest fear as well! I think as long as we stay away from pairing it with cowboy boots + hat, we should be good ;)

    Michelle - I was wowed with the shirt on first sight either, but was determined to make it work. Thanks for the support!

    Kristen - Hehe, definitely give them a shot, especially if you're not happy with the women's selections.

    PetiteLittleGirl - This is my first time wearing bright purple too, so I'm glad I didn't mess this up!

    Lisa, Mama Marshmallow - Thank you for your nice comments!

    Lilly - I saw your ON gingham shirt outfit. You totally rocked the look!

    Sands - Hehe, I sure do! I'm pretty sure J.Crew is still selling it, so definitely have a look.

    Vicky, PetiteXXS - I just hope I can find a way to somehow wear this shirt in warmer weather too, lol. Don't want to have to layer year round!

    Lisa - respect the shoes - Thanks for bringing that up. I'm seriously considering it after I've washed it a few more times so it won't shrink any more.

  14. I feel just like you about being influenced by bloggers :) Ever since I started blogging, I feel like I've been buying only things seen on blogs. I just bought something similar to Kileen of Cute and Little (new post to come on that. hehe) I've also been eyeing a purple and white gingham shirt similar to yours since I first laid eyes on this post from Love at First Shop: So if I see one like it, I'm snatching it as well! lol

  15. I was going to say "no" to the first picture, but then I saw how you styled it and completely fell in love. What a difference that makes! That just goes to show you how your personal touch makes everything look fab :)

  16. I totally was going to say no too to the first pic but then the last pic- all styled- so chic!!!!

    I love those boots too!

  17. I love the print and the color! Crewcuts do run boxy, but you can easily add back darts to it if you want a streamlined fit. I think that the black is a bit severe for the cheery purple and perhaps a dark gray or navy sweater would balance out the colors better. =)

    I'm always inspired by other bloggers, they all have such great ideas!

  18. i LOVE how you wore it underneath the cardigan and with that necklace. It makes the whole look more polished! super cute!


  19. olyvia - I love Rosa, too! I've only started following her blog not too long ago so I didn't see the post of her wearing her gingham shirt. Thanks for the link, I think that might be my next outfit inspiration :)

    SewPetiteGal, Really Petite - Hehe, thanks so much! I was determined to make this shirt work in my wardrobe despite the ill-fit.

    Stylepint - Thanks for the suggestions! I do have a gray cardi that I'm going to try out in the future. I totally get what you meant by the balance of colors :)

    Jennifer and Sherry - Thank you!

  20. Loved how you wore it! Very creative. :)

    I like to shop the kids section too, but most of the time I don't buy since the sleeves are too short for me.

  21. I adore how you style the shnirt with creative twists. I am not a fan of the shirt if worn alone but you did a great job. This outfit replicates the look of a cute country/ cowgirl :)

  22. wow, great find at crewcuts!! on its own, the shirt is a little boxy, but paired under a fitted cardi, it's simply wonderful!! i love the purple color and the necklace really adds a nice girly touch!


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