[Belated] holiday cheers

by - Sunday, December 26, 2010

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend. Happy belated holidays! (Just realized I never wished everyone in the last post -_-). I didn't do a whole lot besides spend quality time with family and friends. Some friends are only back in town during the holiday season, so this time of year is always super busy for me (by my introvert standards anyway lol). Sometimes emails and GChat just don't cut it :)

Boyfriend and I decided not to exchange presents this year. Ok, truthfully we haven't been exchanging presents for any occasion for years lol. He says I'm too hard to shop for and I buy everything I want... almost immediately. What an odd relationship we must have, right? It works for us, plus he spoils me in his thoughtfulness daily, so I can't complain :) What did you give and receive this holiday season?

scarf: Merona
jacket: American Eagle
belt: Express
jeans: LOFT
boots: Old Navy (currently sold here)
bag: agnes b - gift from cousin

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  1. LOL on the "introvert standard". Feels like I'm talking here. :)
    Love your outfit especially your boots. I can't believe it's from Old Navy. Does the synthetic leather look as nice in person as in the picture?

  2. I love your outfit (As always), you really have a way of making an otherwise normal ensemble look terrific. I think it's the pop of color from the scarf and the overall fit of the items but can't put my finger on it.

    I gave more than received this year...I told a bunch of friends that I don't want anything this year because I am planning a move next year so really need to downsize. :)

  3. I sooo love those boots and remember clicking the link when you first featured them only to find that they were out of stock. But now they're back and that is so dangerous LOL. Hubby bought me some cute Burberry items and then I bought some more online through Saks and Nordies - post to come!

  4. I feel you on the "introvert standard". I'm the exact same way!

    Love those boots - so cute! The red scarf is also really festive without being over the top. Love this outfit.

  5. I love your outfit. The ON boots sure go with everything. They look so nice. Happy holidays to you and your man.

  6. I bought myself a tons of stuff from Anthro, lol. I just order what I fancy and tell my hubby that he got me my x'mas gift. As for what I gave, I spoiled my daughters rotten. Santa went bankrupt this year. And you know what, with you bf - if he's super thoughtful daily, that's more important than ANY x'mas gift in my books. So you've got yourself a keeper ;-)

  7. Love this color palette, very chic!

  8. I cannot get over these boots!!! Wish they still had them and in sz 5!:)

  9. @Vicky - Hehe, is it safe to say that engineers and introverts almost always go together? ;) I think in person, the boots don't look as nice. It's very noticebly synthetic, kind of shiny and plastic-y looking. It looks like a $30 pair of boots, which was how much I paid. I don't expect it to last me more than a few seasons, so I'm happy with them :)

    @Elle - Does that mean we will see lots more items on your blog shop? I can hope, right? :P

    @SewPetiteGal - Yup! The retail price isn't bad, but ON is notorious for sending out codes every other day, so I'd say wait for that! Ooooh, I can NOT wait for all your designer reveals!

    @Kristen - Hehe, glad I'm not alone on the needing to recharge after a "stressful" couple of days.

    @PetiteLittleGirl - I'm seriously getting more wears out of these boots than I had originally imagined. Couldn't ask for more!

    @Lisa - Sounds like a VERY happy christmas in your household! Can't wait to see your Anthro haul. I promise, one day I will venture in and buy something from there.

    @Callandra - Thanks, girlie!

    @Really Petite - Boo! I hadn't even noticed 6 is the smallest size :(

  10. Found your blog through Lisa Respect The Shoes and love it!

    My husband and I don't really buy each other much at the holidays, like you I buy what I want almost immediately and he just doesn't want.
    A perfectly harmonious way to have a relationship! ;)

  11. We don't exchange gifts either for the same reason. Loving the camel color coat with the red scarf.

  12. Love this casual look, and your boots are so fab! :)
    This year I got a Wiiiiiii from my parents! I've been playing Super Mario nonstop for the past 3 days... hehe!



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