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by - Monday, December 06, 2010

I always thought models had it soo easy, just look pretty and the photographer will do all the work. Boy, am I wrong. Ever since I started blogging, I find myself falling back to one pose: crossing my legs with one hand on my hips. From this, I also have the variation of 1) turning 45 degrees to the camera or 2) standing on tippy-toes. That's about the extent of my modeling repertoire lol. I thought I'd try something different today since I'm wearing a dress. Umm... this is the best picture of the bunch! I should've just stuck to what I know best ;) Do you have a signature pose?

sash as necklace: J.Crew
necklace: Banana Republic
dress: Plastic Island
tights: Forever 21 (currently sold here)
shoes: Mossimo

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  1. lol, I kind of miss your old pose. I love how you are wearing the j. crew sash as a necklace, it really spices up the outfit. I kind of stick to the same pose too...either arms to the side or one hand on my waist. :)

  2. I like this's different and it's refreshing! =) I try to do different things with my poses so it's not always the same face and the same pose. As much as I'd love to have a signature pose, I think it'd get boring really fast.

    But it's personal preference and sometimes, having the same pose is useful when you're comparing two outfits together so you have the same frame of reference! =)

  3. Yep, I know exactly what you are talking about. Check out this link though, it might give you a few more options. :)
    Love your dress and sash/necklace.

  4. this dress is really pretty and i like how you added the blazer on top. the sash really adds a nice touch to the outfit and it looks great!

    and i generally stick to a couple poses too. so hard to find something that isn't awkward and where i look semi-decent. lol

  5. Oooh I REALLY love the sash as necklace! Cute ensemble! What does the dress look like underneath the blazer?

    And I totally do the exact same poses all the time. My #1 is turn my entire body to the side and then rotate just the top half towards the camera. And #2 is straight on with my legs crossed.

  6. LOL I have this problem every time I do a post! Before I went on vaca- I never wanted to look at the camera or I can't stop smiling! LOL

    My signature pose is one hand on the hip with my legs crossed or one bent:) It's much harder than it looks!

  7. I feel so terribly awkward every time I am in front the camera. Just don't know how to pose! I want to try something different too. Perhaps looking at fashion magazine or experienced fashion bloggers will give some ideas. One thing I am afraid of is making it look like I try too hard. You definitely are not alone. I like your pose today though :)

    Love this outfit. I don't see you wearing skirt very often but you look officially cute in it. Your sash is pretty and very versatile.

  8. haha omg i totally agree!!! once it comes time to taking a picture i freeze up and dont know what to do! im not sure if i have a signature pose or not, but you gotta do what you feel most comfortable with!

  9. Elle - Haha, looking at these pics makes me miss my old pose too! Oh how I envy those who look so natural in front of the camera :)

    Stylepint - Your poses always seem to reflect the outfit you're wearing. I think that takes talent :)

    Vicky - LOL! Love the flow diagram. It's sooo true :)

    kileen - Even if you stick to the same poses, at least your background is interesting and pretty!

    SewPetiteGal - The dress has an empire waist with a pinstriped skirt. I wore it awhile ago here. I may steal both your poses to try out ;)

    Really Petite - At least you remember to smile! Half the pics I take I come out looking angry, so the head gets chopped off haha

    Nelah - Oooh good ideas about magazines/experienced bloggers. I need to stop admiring their outfits and get tips on their poses instead :)

    Kara Marie - I use a timer so most times I'd start out looking natural but then by the time the camera actually takes the pic, I end up looking stiff and weird lol.

  10. I totally agree! And who knew that changing a camera's angle a little that it can either make you look like a stub or a swan? I'm always at a loss for posing - I think I always end up doing a variation of the hand-on-waist - what else can I do with myself?! ;o)

  11. Haha..I agree. It's so hard to pose! haha. I wish I could look more natural!


  12. I agree, my poses are pretty basic as well. lol.

    I love the way you've styled this outfit! You must be the most best dressed at work. :)

  13. Oooh I love that outfit! My pose is the same ALL the time! Oh well ;)

  14. Lisa - You change it up quite often, if I recall correctly. Or maybe it's the camera angle ;) Either way you're always so happy in your photos.

    PearlsAndGreenTea - I think it'd be easier to look more natural if someone is snapping away. I set the timer so I have to hold my pose for a few seconds. It's hard work lol.

    Jen - Haha, I want to say I'm the most creatively-dressed person at work. Other girls who dress up wear pretty much the standard dressy work outfit. Same with the men, dress shirt + tie + nice pants (only when there's a meeting of course).

    Callandra - Sometimes I change up the scenery just so it looks like I'm not always in the same pose lol.

  15. I have to admit that I resort to the same ol' poses too... if you can even call them that! I do try other ones but always end up only liking the pics of certain poses or from certain angles, probably because they're the most flattering haha. The rest are usually too cheesy to publish :P


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