Amrita Singh Nello necklace

by - Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It seems like I'm always late to the party because I've been wanting a turquoise or coral necklace for awhile now -- and summer's over! When I saw this Amrita Singh Nello necklace in coral haze (currently sold here) at an ok price on eBay, I decided to go for it. The stones aren't overwhelming, but still adds wonderful color to any outfit. While I would have preferred a lobster clasp, this necklace uses a toggle clasp for closure. It seems sturdy enough and I had no problems throughout the day. One annoyance I have is the bottom 3 stones would sometimes flip inside out. It's no biggie to adjust (when I realize this is happening), but may have been caused by the necklace getting caught at the top of my shirt. All in all, I'm happy to have bought this necklace and can see myself wearing it year-round. What piece of jewelry is on your wishlist this holiday season?

tank: Old Navy (currently sold here)
belt: Express
jeans: LOFT
bag: agnes b - gift from cousin

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  1. wow what a gorgeous necklace! love your trench too :) and boots! so cute can't believe you found them at old navy!


  2. That's a really great colour. Coral is always so flattering. Your coat is fabulous!

  3. hi coat twin, you already know I love the coat so I'll focus on the necklace, which is gorgeous. I love the color of the stones! It'll probably go with everything.

  4. I love the old navy boots. what a great find. it reminds me of the Target Kady boots made popular by Anthroholic Kim. btw, I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm addicted!!! I esp like how you mix high end and low end items. I just added your blog on to my Blog Lovin list too. ;-)

  5. What a gorgeous necklace! It really adds a nice pop to your outfit.

    And Gilt has her jewelery for sale fairly often. I just picked up some stacked rings there recently and I LOVE THEM. Need to get more of her pieces soon.

  6. Very very pretty..I always see it on hautelook or gilt and am tempted to pick up one of these bright red or green jeweled pieces.

    Love the coat on you too! I liked it on Elle and since I've been seeing women with it on the subway and it has always looked flattering on them. It'just something with the shape and belt that is universally flattering.

  7. I love the necklace. The color is gorgeous. You sure can wear this necklace year-round. The jacket looks lovely on you. It also goes well with the necklace

  8. Wow, this necklace is gorgeous!! i love the beautiful coral color and it's a perfect pop of color for the dark winter clothing. beautiful trench coat too -- love the layers at the bottom!

  9. the coral is a great splash of color!!! love it:D

  10. the necklace goes well with both your outfits! I always thought coral was more spring, but it looks fine as fall/winter in those outfits! My holiday wishlist jewelry item would be a blingy emerald necklace, since I'm on an emerald trend lately :)

  11. What a beautiful necklace and color! And I'm glad you kept the trench because it fits you perfectly :)

    BTW, when do we get to see your wavy hair? ;)

  12. Oh I love it! I've been looking for pieces like these in coral, red, turquoise, etc to add color to an outfit but isn't too loud. Please let me know if you spot another on eBay! :)

  13. Love Amrita Singh jewelry... always so colourful and bold and this one is no exception! Also that trench is pretty gorgeous... the layers at the bottom add such an interesting touch!

    Have a lovely day!

    PS. Thanks so much for bringing that eBay listing to my attention because it definitely isn't mine!

  14. It's a good thing you went for the necklace! It is gorgeous! And it looks really great with your outfits, too- you're right that it adds a little something. It's ok that it isn't the summer- I always wear coral and turquoise all year round because they are just so beautiful!! I really like your boots as well :)

    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  15. Chelsea Lane - Hehe, the ON boots are another proud find of mine :)

    curls-and-pearls - I agree especially with our darker Asian skin tone, it makes us look more tanned!

    Elle - Initially I thought to pair the necklace with white to make the color really pop, but it really does go with a lot of colors in my closet.

    Lisa - Ooh I'll have to check out the Target Kady boots too! I've been told they also look like Steve Madden Intyce and Loeffler Randall Matildes. You know when it's a great style when there are so many versions out there ;)

    Kristen - Thanks for sharing your experiences with Amrita Singh! This is my first piece by her and I'm not on the lookout for more :)

    PetiteAsianGirl - I've yet to see other people wearing it in real life but I'm glad you've seen so many other girls loving it too. It really is a great coat!

    PetiteLittleGirl, Kaleido Mind - A part of me wishes the stones were a tiny bit larger so it even makes more of a statement lol. But I agree, the gorgeous color was what drew me to it.

    kileen - I'm usually not drawn to super big ruffles/tiers, but this one just works with the coat and I'm glad I kept it!

    olyvia - Wow, any blingy emerald piece of jewelry would be gorgeous. I hope you find what you're looking for soon!

    SewPetiteGal - Haha, no pics of my wavy hair! It's a mess, frizzy and uncontrollable. If only I had beautiful, wavy hair then I'd be showing them off every chance I get.

    PetiteXXS - I think there might have been a couple more on eBay when I searched "Amrita Singh" but they were quite expensive at $100+ o.O I got mine for less than $50, so I'll keep a lookout for you!

    herwaisechoice - This is my first piece of her jewelry and I hope it won't be the last ;)

    Claudia Paola. - I was debating between turquoise and coral and ended up with coral first. I think I'll have to get a turquoise piece sometime in the future though... :)

  16. I love coral!!! And I love bold jewelry too- especially necklaces!!!

  17. Love Amrita Singh!! Found a great website which showcases a bunch of her pieces so if anyone is interested then have a look on


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