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by - Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ahh... the shirt looks so unpolished, so excuse the wrinkles and pretend I had smoothed it out instead. I really should invest in an iron, or a steamer. Maybe the steamer because it looks more fun. Any recommendations? Or simply hang things up in the shower and let natural steam work its magic?

necklace: Cara Accessories
shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
sashes: J.Crew - one, two
tights: Forever 21
bag: Chanel

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  1. I hate ironing and steaming :P I avoid whenever possible! I really like how you made your casual shirt more fancy by the way you styled everything.

  2. i love your berry tights...and good luck on your 30 for 30!

  3. I am envious of how you can pull off the colored tights! A steamer would be better to get out the wrinkles, but I'm so used to ironing that I can't part with it. LOL. =)

  4. Steamer all the way! I bought one two years ago, and I haven't touched an iron since. Such a great investment & way faster than ironing.

    Great layering! You look comfy but put together. I think the necklace really pulls it together & gives it some class.

  5. ah, loving your sash as always and those colored tights are perfect! and i've never had a steamer so i can't comment on that front. but i do iron from time to time and have kinda gotten used to that by now... :)

    cute and little

  6. Loving this outfit! Is that a pink top? It looks so pretty against the gray. Very feminine. The Chanel adds a great finishing touch.

    I have an iron but I barely use it too.. I would like to get a steamer one day too! lol.

  7. a steamer is so much easier. the wrinkles look like they are there on purpose! xo

  8. I totally love this outfit...I love everything about it, so I am heading to my closet right now to try and recreate it. (although I am lacking the right skirt for the job).

  9. My mom gave me a steamer as a gift one year, because she knows I hate to iron, and it's been one of the best gifts I've ever received. So useful, and it takes literally two minutes.

    Love the sashes - they add such a girly vibe to this!

  10. I adore the color of the tights with the gray colors in your outfit! I've been wanting to try this combination myself but don't have any tights that color. I've heard there is a spray called wrinkle releaser that works wonders, but honestly I haven't tried it myself.

  11. oooh I love it!! You matched the colours so perfectly :)


  12. I love the way you put this outfit together and am sooo excited for your version of the 30 for 30 challenge! Seriously, your flair for ensembles and accessories is phenomenal :)

    I tried a steamer once and couldn't get it to work properly - but that's probably because of my own stupidity than the steamer itself. BTW - I ordered burgundy tights and can't wait to try them!

  13. @curls-and-pearls - Oh, me too! I don't know how I've lived so long without either an iron or steamer. But I think it's time for a change :)

    @Michelle - Thanks for the warm wishes!

    @Stylepint - Give colored tights a shot. They may look better on you than you think!

    @Alterations Needed, @cryskay, @Kristen - Do you have any specific brand recommendations? Too many results popped up when I googled "steamer" lol.

    @kileen - I used to help iron when I lived at home. I just remember my back aching cuz our ironing board wasn't one of those tall ones, haha.

    @JenlovesBal - Yup, it's a light pink top. Sorry, I think I adjusted the saturation too much in Photoshop.

    @littlenashua - If you can't find a suitable skirt, I bet you can whip one up as a DIY project. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    @Callandra - Thanks for the tip. I'm going to google that.

    @Emilie - Thanks :)

    @SewPetiteGal - Hehe, I don't think my 30 for 30 is going to be a step up from what I normally wear. Hopefully I can keep it up for 30 days and I don't get all lazy halfway through. So excited you got burgundy tights. Will wait patiently until you model them for us!

  14. I love this outfit and the berry tights work! And I have a prof. steamer and love it!!! Great investment

  15. You are the queen of the sashes. No one wears it better than you do! :)
    I hate ironing too. I used to just wear them like that and who cares, no one looks at me anyways at work. Now that I started blogging, I actually take out my iron much more frequently. I'm also in the market looking for a steamer. I just like the idea, but I'm not sure of the space it'll take. Good luck on your pursuit to the right tool. Do let us know how it goes. Cheers.

  16. Another lovely outfit girrrrrl! lol, I just hang stuff up in the shower too. I probably should get a steamer, btw if you find a good one, maybe do a review for us? :-)

  17. I have a HoMedics steamer I picked up on sale at Macy's. It's a pretty cheap one compared to some steamers out there, but as long as you keep it clean (use distilled water when you can, clean it with vinegar to get rid of deposits every now and then) it works great.

    HoMedics Perfect Steam Steamer

  18. Girlfriend, if all fails try a hair dryer! It might take awhile and will not work as efficiently as other items but it kinda works!!

    I LOVE your tights! The outfit looks so fresh and the accessories really spruce it up, especially the doubled belt.

  19. What? you don't have an iron or a steamer? Your outfits always look so polished!

    I really want a steamer. My iron sucks and ruffles are the worst.

    I really like this outfit! I never would have thought to pair pink with maroon tights, but it looks REALLY good. I think i'm going to have to copy it!

  20. Lol! I feel a tad silly for not owning an iron or steamer...glad to know I am not alone! :p

    If I notice any wrinkles in my work outfit, I will just use a spray bottle to get it damp and let the item sit over night. Hehe! I am so lazy!

    Super cute outfit! Loving the sash!

  21. Oh...gray is my absolute favorite! I love love love how you styled this! Come dress me tomorrow?

  22. I love the way you wear your sashes. I can't live the house without ironing my clothes. I use a small ironing board from Ikea that I put on my bed and my husband uses a steamer that we have in the basement. It's the TOBI . It works great, I'm just too lazy to go to the basement every time I need to iron. I'm peruvian, and growing up we had a maid that used to do the ironing for us. I miss that.

  23. so pretty. the layers are so fun and girly. both good things, right? ;)


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