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by - Friday, January 07, 2011

I bought these flats about a month ago and already one of the bows fell off!!! Sadly I was walking around in a crowded area and didn't notice I had lost it until it's too late, so I couldn't retrace my steps. It was only my third time wearing these flats! What a bummer -_- My first pair of shoes from Forever 21 and the first negative experience. I'll stick to buying only clothing and accessories from now on. Looking back, what was one item you regret buying the most?

cardigan: Old Navy (currently sold here)
top: LOFT
necklace: Banana Republic
belt: Forever 21
jacket: American Eagle
jeans: LOFT
flats: Forever 21 (currently sold here)

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  1. love the ruffle, bright colored top!!

    i haven't bought too many clothes as of lately, but it's definitely a bad day when something you bought breaks/rips/falls apart. sorry to hear about your flats...

  2. This LOFT top looks a million times better on you than it does on me. It looks MADE for you, I am going to save these and pretend it'll look that good on me. :)

    Oh man, F21 is terrible. I bought two pairs of pumps (along with some clothes) a little while back and had it shipped to my bf (it only recently arrived)...I am not optimistic after your experience though. :( I have a lot of regrets about purchases, so many that it's hard to pin down.

    ps did I ever respond to your e-mail (gmail acting all crazy from my end)? so happy it got to you! :)

    pps I love your new layout (especially the side tab features)...also don't know if I commented on that already. I am so sleep deprived lol.

  3. LOVE this look! The ruffly, bright top is just totally yummy! Sorry about your shoes! They were cute while they lasted!

  4. That top is gorgeous! Love how you styled it with the white look great!

    I can't think of one specific item but I've bought a few things I ended up regreting buying. Trying to learn my lesson :)

  5. I freaking love that top and am still waiting for it to go cheaper at my LOFT... lol

    And boo for F21!! I keep telling myself to stop shopping there but now just ended up buying some more stuff...can't stay away!

  6. i love the richness of that blouse! looks fab paired with white and camel. oh, i have tons of pieces that i regret buying. oh well! :(

  7. Cute outfit! The color looks great on you and you're rockin the blouse!
    As for what I regret buying? Belts that I don't end up using enough. I like how you worked that skinny belt into your outfit.

  8. That top looks great on you I remember seeing it on Elle!

    I have so many things I regret buying :( Way too many to list!

  9. I love the top on you! So cute and feminine.

    Sorry to hear about your flats losing its bow, at least your Miu Mius didn't do that to you. lol.

    I have a ton of things I regret buying.. all those impulse purchases over the last couple of years. haha.

  10. I thought I adored that blouse on you from the first review-post of it, but wow! it looks even better styled for your everyday look :) Have you tried washing it yet? I remember you were concern that machine-washing it might ruin the flower/ruffles. Aww too bad on the flats, they did look nice with the outfit, at least you got it on camera, before the bow fell off

  11. I love your Jacket! American Eagle has the cutest jackets and coats! Great blog!

  12. what a wonderful blouse. its stunning. and u wear it so well.

  13. Oh noo! Sad about your lost bow. All my F21 accessories have some sort of damage now, but I didn't expect too much. They were cute and cheap and did the job for a few weeks.

    As for purchase I personally have so many! I kind of regret purchasing my Burberry coats because now I only wear a J.Crew one! It's just nice being able to go into restaurants with strong aromas or ride the subway without worrying about dirtying a coat.

  14. I try to stay away from F21 since I don't really like their quality, even if it's cheap and trendy. I think basics like camis and socks are ok at F21, but aside from that, I don't really go there anymore.

    I don't regret purchasing an item, but I do regret not wearing things enough. =)

  15. I'm all about colours these days! You look so fresh and pretty! =)


    Happy, Happy New Year!


  16. Aw, I've never bought any shoes from f21 before (not saying I haven't been tempted to buy a pair, haha), but now I know not to! f21 flats aside, this outfit is the bomb! Love the colorful ruffles and how you belted it ;)


  17. @Linley, @Ramsey - Me too, thanks for your kind words. I've already went out and bought a replacement :D

    @Elle - Psssh, what are you smoking?! The LOFT top looks great on you as well! Kileen seems to have had good luck with F21 shoes, so I hope you'll have success as well. Hopefully I'm one of the minority. Nope, didn't get your email but gmail has been funky lately. Blogger's more reliable :)

    @Lilly - I was afraid this look was more fitting for spring, but I couldn't wait any longer :P

    @Really Petite - I know, right?! I have a $50 gift card from returns that I can't find anything to use on!

    @Leena, @curls-and-pearls, @Temi, @Faboulista, @20 York Street - Thank you!

    @Lisa - Hmm... not sure how many ways there are to wear belts besides wearing them as well, belts. But since you have so many, there's bound to be one that will work with your outfit everyday, right?

    @JenlovesBal - Knock on wood that my Miu Mius keep their bows :)

    @olyvia - No I'm scared of washing it lol. I think I'll wait until I wear it a few more times and then perhaps get it dry cleaned.

    @PetiteAsianGirl - I totally understand the expensive coat/restaurant smells dilemma. Because of that, I think I wear my nicest clothes to work and wear my worst on weekends, haha.

    @Stylepint - I need to stay away too, but I can't help browsing their sites for cute and cheap items. The $50 shipping minimum is helping though :D

    @Sands - It could just be me and this pair though, so don't rule out F21 shoes forever :)

  18. Just stumbled across your blog and you have the cutest that ATL top!

  19. I LOVE that top on you even more now that you've styled it! It looks so gorgeous especially with the camel color. So sorry to hear about your flats :( Even though it's F21, you'd think it last longer.

  20. I love the bright pink top! ö x


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