Inspired by: Madewell - let it rain

by - Sunday, September 26, 2010

A rainy day means I have reason to wear my rainboots =) Today's outfit was inspired by an old (I presume?) Madewell ad. I loved how the model wore rainboots with socks peeking out the top. So cute! I felt like a big kid when I copied this look haha. Add in layers and a scarf and I'm good to go in this rainy, fall weather.

jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch
scarf: Esprit
tee: Old Navy
belt: Express
shorts: American Eagle
socks: J.Crew
bag: Coach

*Madewell image courtesy of The Purse Forum

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  1. Cee, this is an adorable outfit! I love the look on you and the model. Is that the green scarf that you mentioned in your comment to my latest post? It is indeed very similar :). I love this shade of green.

  2. Hi cee, thanks for suggesting that! It's exactly what I did but no oos for me. I might have to order online. I returned the item.

  3. Happy Sunday Cee! :)

    Cute!!! I love your interpretation.

    I had a much older version of your Coach bag in pink! loved it.

  4. I have to agree with everyone that this outfit looks awesome! I like the nice touch of the socks only slightly coming above the rain boots. I really do have to learn from you, I usually wear my rain boots tucked under skinny jeans with a top.

  5. @Sydney - You have a great memory! This green scarf is similar to the one you have :)

    @jlovesBal - I've gotten used to big bags so I don't use this Coach bag as much as I would like. I should though!

    @Banhannas - Copy away! I love how everyone is able to inspire one another.

  6. I love wearing my Hunters or any casual boot for that matter with socks scrunched up on top. :) Cute outfit!

  7. Totally love your outfit. Wow! The green scarf is such a nice touch to the already very stylish outfit.

  8. I love your Burberry boots! I wanted to purchase them last year at Holt Renfrew in the brown but a lot of the sizes were gone already!

    My Balenciaga is actually a Giant Day from 2009, that's probably why it was on sale. Nonetheless, I still love it, especially when the price is good!

    Thanks for stopping by!



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