Inspired by: Olivia Palermo - statement necklace

by - Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hands down, Olivia Palermo is my style icon. I love her dressy looks as much as her casual ones. White top: check, statement necklace: check, dark shorts: check, black bag: check!

shirt: Hollister
belt: Express
shorts: American Eagle

*Olivia Palermo image courtesy of The Purse Forum

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  1. I actually like your version better, it looks more polished in my opinion with the shirt tucked in! I always think that is is harder to tuck when the bottom is not high waisted but this makes me think differently.
    This outfit reminds me of what I would like to wear for a girls day out. =0D

    I'm loving both of the necklaces but I have to say... Palermo has an interesting one. LOL I kinda like it, it looks dangerous!

  2. Ahhh she has great style, and I love your rendition!

  3. I love Olivia's style, and I think you rocked the look yourself! great job!


  4. Agree with Hanna.. tucked in shirt looks better! I think shorts look good on you!! My legs look like sticks when I wear shorts.. :(

  5. @curls-and-pearls, Toothfairy - Thank you for your kind words!

    @Hanna, jlovesBal - Ahh my shirt is actually not tucked in! hahaha That's what happens when I shop in the juniors section -_-

  6. I looove Olivia Palermo's style too..she looks good in everything!!

  7. I like your version better too. The shirt looks more put together and her statement necklace looks a little too crazy. But I do love her bag...drool

  8. Love this inspired-by look - and I like yours better with the shirt tucked!


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