Summer suede

by - Thursday, September 23, 2010

Traditionally, suede has been a cool weather staple due to its feel and texture. But because I'm impatient and couldn't stand seeing my new suede wedges stuck in the closet any longer, I decided to wear them out today... even if it's still hot as hades right now (fall, when are you going to grace us with your presence?!) At least I don't have to worry about rain/sleet/snow/salt/and all that possibly ruining the finish!

I think the wedges look alright with skinny jeans, but I may prefer it with skirts (haven't tried this option yet, but from what I'm picturing in my head anyway :P). How do you feel about wearing suede in the summer?

cardigan: Old Navy
top: Abercrombie & Fitch
belt: J.Crew
jeans: Hollister
bag: Chanel

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  1. If suede is only strictly for fall than I already made a dozen faux paus this go around! I think your shoes are perfectly acceptable for the summer. Especially since your shoes have a taupe color it becomes a classic shoe.
    This is strange but do you have any tips on walking with wedges? I have a pair of Michael Kors that I still like to wear but it makes me all wobbly and topsy turvy.

  2. The grey goes nicely with light pink and white. Did you get the shoes at a good price?

  3. I like the shoes with jeans! Today is the first day of fall right?? So I think you're totally good to go lol! I think your Chanel bag finishes your outfit perfectly. :)

  4. @Banhannas - Hmm... I walk the same way in heels as I do in wedges. How tall are your Michael Kors? I've discovered my max is 4", anything higher and I start wobbling too lol. I walk heel-toe heel-toe and kind of sway my hips a bit so I end up walking as close to a straight line as possible. I think the swaying hips helps with balance. Everyone tells me to just practice, practice, practice, and eventually I'll get the hang of it!

    @Sydney - I found the wedges at the Nine West outlet for ~$55. I think that's pretty decent!

    @jlovesBal - I forgot today is the first day of fall! It certainly doesn't feel like it with the 90 degree weather where I live!

  5. Oooh I love those shoes - grey and suede - great combination!

  6. I really like the skinny jeans with the suede wedges. It looks comfy yet classy. Nice pairing.

  7. The grey suede is gorgeous - I love the wedge! I'm like you, I personally think suede is for fall and winter, but with all the gorgeous pastel suedes out there, I may need to reconsider my line of thinking!


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