Feelin' blue

by - Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pardon my almost-exact outfit from earlier in the week. This is what happens when I do laundry twice a week! I've definitely been guilty of wearing the same top on Monday and again on Friday during the same week =P I blame it on bad short-term memory and hope that none of my coworkers noticed and think I'm unhygienic lol. Anyways, I actually think the top is more appropriate for a more casual outfit, like my weekend outfit of the day, so here it is:

belt: Express
skirt: abercrombie
bangles/bracelets: Forever 21
flats: Miu Miu (similar)

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  1. Shh, if you won't tell anyone but I recycle a few of my items during the week. LOL I mean I don't think it's that bad since I sometimes run out of clothing for formal events...have I said too much online? lol!
    Ah, this type of outfit would have been perfect today! I was walking around in 98 degree weather with cropped pants and I felt like I was going to die. Love the outfit, just a friendly comment that I think your waist is a lot smaller than you think! I would tighten up your belt a bit more. =0D
    Your bag = drool. Miu Miu = also drool.

  2. @Banhannas - haha your secret is safe with me!! Now that you mention the belt/waist ratio, I see what you're talking about. I'll definitely try to remember that next time! Feel free to keep the constructive comments coming :)

  3. I love your miu miu flats!!! I love this outfit and I don't think it's bad to recycle shirts in the same week. I think it says a lot about you that you do laundry twice a week...I am ashamed to say when I was in college I did laundry maybe 2 times a month (on a good month) and when I run out of clean clothes I just go to the Gap and buy a new outfit until I do laundry. :(


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