30 for 30: Won't you be my neighbor?

by - Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whenever I put on this gray v-neck cardigan, I giggle. Because it reminds me of Mister Rogers. Not in the color, but how he wears it as a v-neck with the tie peeking out. Darn, I forgot to wear my sash, tied like a tie today.

necklace: J.Crew
belt: J.Crew
tights: Forever 21
flats: Mossimo
bag: Chanel

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  1. super cute. i've always wanted to do the 30 for 30. i might just start!

  2. I've always loved that boy shirt on you. This is another great remix, Cee.

  3. Love the plaid shirt and the tucked in cardigan! What would you say to someone who has been considering buying stuff from Crewcuts (what size, can I buys boys or girls, etc)? I think I have the same measurements as you.

    Complex Cardigans

  4. Like the reader Jenn mentioned I've always wanted to try Crewcuts! I think it is safe to try a size 12 since we both are similar measurements as well.
    Cute button down, love the plaid print. Mr. Rogers didn't have Chanel but he sure had awesome shoes that took forever to undo! I miss that guy. =0(

  5. I love that darn shirt!! I remember when you first posted it, and I have loved seeing it ever since!

    I used to love that whiney cat from Mr. Rodgers when trolley went through the tunnel into that special world.

  6. That crewcut shirt seems to get better looking everyday. I remember when you first reviewed it, there were some hesitancy on how it would fit into your wardrobe, but now it's like one of your best pieces! You are so creative with your clothing items! Haha, I always thought Mr. Rogers was just stylish! I wanted to grow up to be like him, come home in a suit, then change into smart play clothes ;)

  7. Yay for the tucked in cardi! I'm always amazed that it doesn't look bulky at all - such a great trick!

  8. Great remixing pretty lady! Can you believe we're almost at the fini??

  9. haha, so true about the cardigan although i never thought of it. you definitely look more stylish than mr. rogers though. love the gingham shirt!

    cute and little
    enter my The Vintage Scarf giveaway!

  10. sooo cute i really love your gingham people shirt!

  11. your blog is really cute!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it! Thank you so much!

  12. lol Mister Rogers would be flattered to be considered in the same fashion category as you. You look so chic as always and everytime that gingham shirt makes an appearance it makes me want to dig out the one I have too! :)

  13. @lindsey lowe - I know Kendi hosts one each season during the year, but yes, you can always just do one of your own!

    @PetiteLittleGirl, @kileen, @lisa, @Veronica - Thanks :)

    @Jenn - I second Banhannas. I'm wearing a size 14 and it's noticeably big on me if I wear the shirt by itself. Size 12 was sold out at the time, but I think that would be a much better fit, so that would be my recommendation. It may still be boxy, but adding darts shouldn't cost too much at the tailors. My shirt was technically a boys shirt, but could also be found under the girls section. I've never bought anything solely from the crewcuts girls section, but Elle has, so you can check out her reviews.

    @Banhannas, @Michelle - Ahh memories. He was such an icon for all the kids. I was so sad when he passed away years ago.

    @olyvia - Hehe, I feel the same way. The initial waffling back and forth about whether I should keep the shirt is long gone now. Definitely one I might be wearing way too much :)

    @SewPetiteGal - My pencil skirt is kind of thin, so sometimes the bulkiness was clearly visible. But I made sure I smoothed it out as best I could for the pictures, haha.

    @Natalie Lord - I know! This month FLEW BY. But in a way I'm looking forward to being able to shop again!

    @Elle - Dig it out! I could use more inspirations :)

  14. lol, you're the prettiest Mister Rogers I've ever seen!

  15. It would definitely need to zip to be Rogers Style.

  16. I really like the way you styled the cardi (of course I've always been a Mr. Rogers fan ;) hee hee Seriously....love the way you styled it!

  17. I don't know...Mister Rogers is not the first person that comes to mind when I see your style :)

    And I agree...that Crewcuts shirt is amazing! Great look today!

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