30 for 30: The fine fifteen

by - Thursday, February 10, 2011

Michelle @ wishful thinking tagged me in 15 facts about myself. A Hokie tagging a Wahoo?! *gasps* In my universe, they do get along :)

7 was already hard enough, letsee if I can make it to 15:

1) Boyfriend and I do not own a flat screen TV. We have a 19" tube TV that his mom picked up at a garage sale for $10, haha. We're both avid TV watchers, but feel no need to buy a flat screen when this one is still working just fine! We know we're cheapos when both our moms shakes their heads and nags us to upgrade.

2) Under the old astrological sign, I was a Leo. I've always wondered how I could possibly not have any of the Leo traits (outgoing, center of attention, etc), but now I know -- I'm really a Cancer. I think I'm quite Cancer-ous.

3) The one and only famous person I've met is former President Jimmy Carter. At a Walmart book-signing. For extra credit in high school Government class.

4) I can swim the breaststroke, freestyle, and backstroke. But for the life of me, I could not get the butterfly down. It drove me crazy as a kid. And it's driving me crazy thinking about it now.

5) I run into little kids (so says the boyfriend). Or as I'd like to think, little kids run into me. It's as if we treat each other like Casper.

6) My favorite food is McDonald's chicken nuggets. I once ate 20 in one sitting. I felt like Kobayashi as my friends stared on in horror, amazement, and disgust.

7) I only paint my toe nails, and only in the spring/summer time. I like to keep the nails on my fingers trimmed and clean, a habit that's been ingrained since my piano playing days.

8) I have the worst memory when it comes to lyrics. I can't even win a Grammy in my own car. I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queennn. Every time I close my eyesss, la la la la shining lights... Ok I'll stop cuz this is just getting embarrassing.

9) I only drink coffee before noon. Any later and I won't be able to fall asleep at night. I don't have the same issue with sodas though.

10) I'm a clean freak. I wear something once (even for a few hours), and it goes in the laundry basket. Exceptions are dry clean only clothes. Those I'll wear for a season before taking it to the cleaners.

11) I'm missing a bottom teeth. Nope, there isn't an extra gaping hole, I was just born without a full set of teeth. Genetics fail?

12) I've named my Balenciaga Pebbles. The Chanel doesn't have a name... yet (?) Any suggestions? Please tell me I'm not the only weirdo who does this.

13) I don't need to renew my license until I'm 33. I was 19 when my picture was taken. I have a feeling when I'm 33, I'll still look like my 19-year-old self.

14) I wear contacts. Without them, I'd be blind. I don't mind them, so I've never contemplated laser eye surgery.

15) I have virgin hair. Kinda scared to do anything with it, for fear that it gets frizzier and even more unruly.

Whew! I made it to fifteen, but the "facts" turned out to be more subjective instead. Feel free to share a subjective fact about yourself :)

cardigan: Forever 21
tee: H&M
sash: J.Crew
jeans: LOFT

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  1. I loved reading this!!

    Lol! No...never even thought of naming my handbags, or other objects! Lol!

    That darn fly is tough!

    And I am jealous that you got to meet Jimmy Carter! :)

    I love the outfit. I should get my hands on a sash!

  2. "I Can't even win a grammy in my own car."
    TOO funny. Love it!

  3. ok I AM A CANCER (but I guess under the new system I am a gemini...but who's paying attention?) and 20 nuggets is nothing, you don't have to be self conscious. Your friends haven't met me...I eat like a work horse.

    As for names? I think black classic flaps need to be called CoCo or LoCo or Poco, etc.

  4. Ahem...my attempt at the butterfly involves me moving my arms above the water, and walking on the pool floor below the water. I just can't do it!

    Also, I am an Aquarius, no matter how you spin the zodiac. Which is good, because I am definitely an Aquarius!

    And finally, purple and gray is one of my favorite color combinations, ever :)

  5. Such a fun read, Cee. Guess what I am a Leo turned Cancer as well. Out of curiosity, I checked the characteristics of both signs, and yes, I am a definite Cancer.

  6. Haha, I'm a Capricorn...just checked to see if it changed with the new system...and its the same. Haha...relief. Love reading the facts about you. Seeing your RM bag makes me want to save for one...what's his/her name?

  7. I have 2 things in common with you! I also only paint my toenails in the summer and always keep my fingernails short and bare (but because of my habit from childhood violin-playing days), and I can't remember any song lyrics for the life of me too! Well, most of the times, it's because I can't hear the lyrics very well, I never know what the songs are saying. Love the outfit today with the lilac scarf!

  8. Can someone pls link me an article about this sign changing thing? I heard it's like a hundred yr old urban legend they have invented and it's not actually true. that everybody is still the same.

    I'm a Cancer. 7/15. I effin hate being a cancer!!! I'm not into astrology, but when I read about cancers, I relate too well. but then again, they have the least identifiable characteristics out of all the signs and different cancers can vary from each other.

  9. Ok I checked the "new" dates for signs. supposedly I'm a gemini now, but I refuse, I'd rather be moody than have dual personalities. hahahaha.

  10. Cute post! You have virgin hair? It must be super healthy! Leave it alone and don't do anything! I wish I never colored my hair- its finally all grown out-thank goodness!

  11. I'm a number 7 too lol. I stopped since having my son. I would hate to be washing his bottles and have my nail polish chipping near the stuff he eats.

    Thanks for sharing these cute facts!

  12. @Michelle - I debated whether I should let the world know I'm a weirdo for naming my bags... and well, the secret's out, haha.

    @Brittany D'Lynne - Hehe, glad you enjoyed it :)

    @Elle - Haha, you and I one day should buy a box of 50 nuggets that McDonald's sell over Super Bowl weekend and have a food fest ;) And I LOVE the name CoCo!

    @Tara - I can picture you doing that, Tara lol. It sounds a lot like me except my feet wasn't touching the floor and I was swallowing water up like crazy.

    @Vicky - Yay! Nice to meet another Leo-turned-Cancer. Both Cancers, both engineers, what's next? :)

    @Jarucha - Good question! I haven't named my RM. Working on one at a time :)

    @olyvia - Do you think there's a correlation between playing instruments and not remembering song lyrics? Cuz I think so!

    @AubreyOhDang! - Lol, embrace your Gemini side, Aubrey! Now you don't have to use PMS as an excuse during those moody days.

    @Really Petite - It would be if I took better care of it, lol. I've been thinking about straightening it, but I'm scared of all the harsh chemicals. Eep!

    @JenlovesBal - Good advice! I have so much to learn before becoming a mom. Not that I plan to any time soon :)

  13. I used to have Virgin hair until a few birthdays ago, i decided to have it 'colored' -- though it's not obvious since i dont have it bleached and my hair's so dark so there's no point lol. one day i hope you get to try something out.

    love that cardigan and the bow! i love how this bow is popping up everywhere. so pretty!!!

  14. Ok, we have a lot in common. First, same height! I'm not as skinny as you, though, weighing in around 119 (I thought I had trouble finding clothes small enough in the adult section...sometimes size 0 is baggy on me. You must have a real problem!)

    I also can't drink caffeine (coffee, specifically) after 11am (you're such a swinger if you can drink it till noon :)

    Tony and I are also perfectly content with our boob tube tv (we even snicker a little at people who have monster flat screens in their living rooms).

    I'm a neat freak, not a clean freak. The difference? I require everything to be in its place at all times (and yes, everything has a place), but I could care less if the kitchen floor gets swept everyday. Fortunately, the hubby is a cleaner, so we have a very clean and organized house.

    I also only paint my toes, but my reason is because my fingernails are built in such a way that nail polish flecks off within 1 hour of application, no matter who does it. My toes, apparently, are designed differently.

    I also have a horrible memory. Not just about lyrics...about everything. I use my smartphone calendar and notes apps to cover up this fact.

    I have two questions for you, if you've read this far. 1) How is it possible that you don't have to have your license renewed until you're 33? 2) What is virgin hair? Never been cut? Dyed? Blow-dried? Not trying to be obtuse...I just really don't know.

    Ok, so now you know a lot about me that you didn't ask for. I just felt like we had too much in common to pass up sharing :)

    1. Ack! Sorry Erin, I don't know how I missed this :( Forgive me for answering your questions TWO YEARS LATER.

      Oh geez, I didn't even think about the distinction between clean vs neat freak. I guess I can now add neat freak to my OCDness, lol.

      I think licenses in my state are renewed every 6-8 years but you're only required to re-take your photo every other time. So my photo will be over a decade old!

      Virgin hair as I understand it has never been chemically treated. I cut, blow dry, and wash, but that's it.


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