30 for 30: What a pair

by - Saturday, February 26, 2011

I've noticed that whenever I wear these bright blue tights, I always pair them with the same shoes. This goes against my shopping philosophy -- only buy items that I'm able to style in three different ways. D'oh! I think I was blinded by the brightness and couldn't think clearly. Yes, that's what I'll continue to tell myself. Are there any items that you're always constantly pairing together?

jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch
shirt: American Eagle
sash: J.Crew
necklace as sash: J.Crew
tights: Forever 21
flats: Miu Miu (similar)

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  1. Yes, whenever I wear polka dots I can't seem to stop myself from adding a leopard print accessory somewhere. I so love that skirt btw!

  2. I love your blue tights and get so excited when I see them! I recently bought some pairs of colorful tights too thanks to you but haven't been brave enough to wear them out yet! :)

    I only recently noticed that I pair my uggs with everything...though that's only because they are comfortable. hehe

  3. Cool new layout Cee! I know what you mean by buying stuff that is hard to style diff ways. I have a few things that just sit in my closet.

    Speaking of tights, I'm started to like the textured pattern ones!!

  4. I'm too scared to wear brightly colored tights, but you are rocking yours so well! I can see why you pair those tights with the cute flats, they are adorable together!

  5. @Callandra - That is such a daring combo, mixing prints. Thank you for sharing!

    @Elle - Hehe, can't wait until you start wearing colored tights. Trust me, since you can pull off printed tights, colored ones will be no problem at all :)

    @JenlovesBal - Ahh, I'm so fickle. Tweaking this layout is driving me crazy! But in a good way :)

    @Lisa - respect the shoes - Hehe, I was scared awhile ago too. But you won't know until you give it a shot.

  6. Your bright blue tights make me want to wear my bright raspberry colored ones and we can go as twins! I'm not such a huge fan of the blue shirt with the blue tights, but I DO love it with the flats ... they make the flats just pop even brighter with them.

  7. I love that you can pull this off Cee..the blue tights...how come I can't do that? LOL I would look crazy!!! Hehehehe

    I just want to say how much I enjoy your posts :)


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