30 for 30: Wingin' it

by - Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For the most part during this 30 for 30, I've been planning my outfits in advance. There are some nights where I'm just swamped though (nope, can't give up watching TV live! Online just isn't the same). So on those mornings when I have no outfits planned, I seriously stand in front of the closet for what feels like an eternity... trying to wake up my sleep-deprived mind by dreaming about how delicious a McDonald's caramel frappe tastes... and hope I pull out items that don't clash. I'd then mix in some tried-and-true accessories and voila, the morning has officially started. Today is one of those days.

Do you plan ahead or are you a wing-it-as-you-go kind of gal?

scarf: American Eagle
sweater: Forever 21
tee: H&M
pants: LOFT
flats: Miu Miu (similar)

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  1. You look snuggly chic with that plaid scarf! I know what you mean by staring blankly in the closet, wondering what a delicious coffee drink will taste like. I've sooo been there! This morning though, the things that I pulled looked seriously crazy.

  2. I loooove this outfit. I also need that scarf. Real badly. Send it to me when you're done, k?

    And I'm a 25% planner outter, 75% wing it kinda girl.

  3. I am just a wing it gal. And Cee, you do 'winging it' very well! :-)
    p/s I just sent you an email.

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  5. Gorgeous bag and lovely scarf! I swear, a scarf can make ANY outfit complete!

  6. Gah, I am such a planner. I have a spreadsheet of options, because I am a nerd. I wing it when I feel like it, but I have to have a back-up plan, just in case.

    Love the scarf and sweater combo :)

  7. The good thing is that even when you wing it - you still look fab :) I do a partial planned / unplanned type of thing. I hung an over-the-door hook set and placed all my new clothes (I still have things purchased in Sep '10 I haven't worn yet so thank goodness for my New Year's Resolution!) on it as well as some items ready for re-rotation. Each morning I just choose something from these hooks and it makes my hemming and hawing much more streamlined.

  8. Your outfit came together nicely!

    I used to plan my whole work week on Sunday. I would have all the items hanging together and ready. These days I pick out my work attire the night before.

  9. you look comfortably chic! :) i'm a wing it gal. in the mornings, i'll just stand and stare at my closet until the outfit of the day comes to me :P

  10. i love your scarf it's sooo cute and matches your miu miu flats so well.. i'm a winging it kind of girl.. but i do plan out outfits for special occasions haha.

  11. Sometimes I plan ahead, sometimes I wing it. Depending on the occasion lol. I love your scarf! And that bag matches your outfit so well. Will follow you and would love if you did too! Hope to keep in touch :D

  12. Love the way you combined the grey sweater with THAT LOVELY grey balenciaga bag!

    Squeeze The Pug

  13. I rarely plan ahead i dot only for meetings or important appointments otherwise i stand staring at my closet hoping that some outfit will pop up and present himself as The outfit of the day :)

  14. @Banhannas - Crazy, huh? I bet it's crazy good :)

    @Kristen - Nah, you don't want an old, smelly scarf. Oops, did I just say that out loud?

    @Lisa - I can say the same thing to you :) Let's hear it for wingers!

    @stilettodiaries - I can't agree more! It's definitely my go-to.

    @Tara - Haha! You are a girl after my own heart. Another spreadsheet lover here, but I haven't (yet?) ventured out to planning my clothes on there. Hmmm... :)

    @SewPetiteGal - That sound like a nice system. I may have to give it a try with my new clothes. Next month can't come soon enough!

    @Michelle - So jealous of your planned outfits AND short commute. Imagine how much sleep you're getting!

    @Leena, @katou - I wish certain items would just light up. Then it'd be so easy to pick out. Instead I have to go to them :( haha.

    @lisa - Interesting you would say that. I only have a couple dresses, so it's quite easy for me to get dressed up. In a way it makes decision making easier, but I don't like repeating dressy outfits.

    @Sharon @ Fun and Life, @Squeeze the Pug - Gray is my new neutral. I seriously wear it with everything, so my Bal gets a lot of love :)

  15. When I was in high school, I used to have a notebook where I tracked my outfits, to make sure I wouldn't re-wear the same clothes too close together. A spreadsheet was the next logical step for me, unfortunately.

    Although I haven't really resorted to using it for daily dressing (beyond the challenge, that is), you should see my packing lists. Ridiculous :)

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