30 for 30: I need driving lessons

by - Monday, February 07, 2011

I ran a red light today. Thankfully I didn't hit anyone. But my god, I felt so guilty the rest of the drive home. I couldn't stop checking the rear view mirror, as if a cop would suddenly appear. It was completely my fault. I just became impatient because everyone was making a left turn and I wanted to go straight. It's like my brain KNEW I needed to stop, but my body was too slow to react. I'm sure everyone from all four directions was wondering who this lunatic driver was. No excuses, I need to get my head together when I drive. I hope your Monday was better than mine!

shirt: Hollister
top: Gap
necklace: H&M (currently sold in stores)
belt: Old Navy
jeans: LOFT
flats: Mossimo

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  1. I've run a red light before--not on purpose but when I'm going at that speed that's just too fast to slow down and stop for the red. I always feel bad too. Hope your Monday gets better! It's not over yet!

  2. Asian Female Driver! :)

    I'm a terrible driver, and my husband hates that I run into stuff (I swear the rock jumped out from the curb!) and drive too fast in the school zone and drive too slow on the freeway. :(

    At least no one was hurt and you didn't get caught!

    Love your outfit as usual!

  3. LOL at Kimmie's comment! :P

    I ran a red once too and I TOTALLY didn't realize until the light was right above me! I was lost and was paying attention to the street names rather than the lights - I felt totally guilty too!

    ...ummm at least you looked cute right?

  4. Hope you have a relaxing evening, Cee. You seem a bit intense. A little bit of red wine would help. :)

  5. Oh! I agree with Vicky! Get some wine! Thanks for the reminder, Vicky! ;)

    Love your outfit! So fresh!

  6. I accidentally ran a red light a few months after I first started driving, and I totally did the paranoid rearview mirror check the whole ride home. Happens to everyone! Just don't do it regularly. :)

    That green belt is the perfect pop of color for this outfit. Love it!

  7. It happens to everyone! I did that too once...I didn't know because there were two lights that were less than 30 feet apart from each other!

  8. You're making me feel like I MUST HAVE that necklace in my life. Too bad they don't have a H&M store where I live. I wonder why they don't sell it online. Dammit.
    Another casual chic outfit. And girrrrrrl, Asian female drivers I tell ya, you're just feeding more fodder to the stereotype, hee-hee. Just like I do.

  9. I totally understand the guilt. Very cute belt.

  10. great casual look! and i hate that feeling of making a mistake on the road! thank God you are safe :)

  11. Aw Cee, don't feel too bad. We all have our "off" days when driving. Well if you did get pulled over, you'd be looking great in one of your 30 for 30 outfits. LOL!

  12. I've run a red light on accident before and instantly felt flush with guilt for a full 20 minutes but thankfully nothing bad happened! I love the pop of green with the peek of the striped tee!

  13. This is lovely!! I like the belt!

    ... OH MY VOGUE!

  14. @Liz - Oh man, I've got you beat then! If those red lights count, then I've done that too many times to count *ashamed* Yellow light here means 5 cars can still get through and red means another 1-2 goes.

    @kimmie, @curls-and-pearls - Oh god. I swore I would never become an AFD!! And to think I used to make fun of them. Shame on me, lol.

    @Vicky, @Michelle - Haha! I really should keep wine around the house for this exact reason. Instead I went and gobbled on yummy ice cream. It helped :)

    @Kaleido Mind, @Mama Marshmallow, @Carolyn - Can we say I overreacted? lol. Rereading the post now makes me sound like a drama queen.

    @Kristen, @Stylepint, @SewPetiteGal - Whew, glad to see I'm somewhat normal :) Thanks for sharing your stories!

    @Lisa - Do you want me to pick up the necklace for you? I wouldn't mind at all! And there's good news about H&M. They'll begin to sell online at the end of 2011/early 2012!

    @JenlovesBal - Lol, good point!

    @Henar - Thanks :)

  15. I really enjoy how you put outfits together...you always look so fantastic! And I agree...a trip to H&M for that necklace is a must.

    I hope you're feeling better now after the little light incident. At least nobody was hurt!

  16. I like seeing all these diff outfits you put together! And those Mossimo flats- are they comfy?

  17. @Tara - If you can't find the necklace, let me know and I can pick one up for you :)

    @Really Petite - The Mossimo flats are actually my comfiest and cheapest flats I own! No breaking in required, the faux (?) leather is buttery-soft. I bought them many years ago though, but I'm sure Target comes out with variations every year. I remember this pair had really good reviews, so look out for that too. I really hope you find a comfy pair of flats soon!

  18. i just had to tell you i really like your belt and how chic and casual you look in this ensemble!

  19. There’s no room for mistake in driving. It’s either you’ll get yourself into an accident or you will cause the accident, and both aren't good. Lucky for you that nothing bad happened when you beat the red light. Just be thankful that you weren't pulled over and promise yourself that you won’t do it again.

    -Marvis Carswell


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