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by - Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm a huge fan of Old Navy, but their sizing leaves much to be desired. I'll still be order happy, but I really should not get my hopes up. Every item in my most recent purchase is going back to the store... unless you think otherwise?

I had high hopes for this Old Navy eyelet tie-Belt dress in white, size XS because it's so preppy but girly at the same time. Doesn't it remind you of Lilly Pulitzer at the Hamptons? The dress is made of durable cotton and came with a built-in slip. Right away I noticed how large it was. Nevertheless I tried it on, thinking that if I cinch the sash (also built-in), I could make it work. Nope, my hips look humongous. And not in a good way.

Next is the Old Navy Shiffli Shift Dress in white, size XS (currently sold here). Like the dress above, this one came with a built-in slip and is made of durable cotton. I'm a sucker for eyelet, can you tell? :) I wish the skirt flared out more like it did on the mannequin, so this will be a return for me as well.

The last item I bought was the Old Navy Lightweight Roll-Up Camp Shirt in olive green, size XS (currently sold here). I'm loving the pretty color as I've been on a military kick lately. It's super lightweight and great for the upcoming hot and humid weather. I thought it fit me pretty well, but I will wait for a super sale.

See a similar top on Honestly Kristen.

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  1. The white eyelet dress looks adorable of you. It would be a great look for summer. Too bad you're not keeping it. It's a great concept as a dress though. Thanks for the reviews, I should definitely check out Old Navy.

  2. I like the eyelet dresses! I just checked out Old Navy over the weekend and they had some great spring pieces! I agree with the sizing as well.. they run big at ON and Gap for me. Gotta purchase petite sizes for those brands.

  3. The first dress in blue is absolutely adorable. It's too bad that it's big. Even though it's Old Navy, I find that it's got a unique look to it.

  4. Too bad those dresses didn't work out for you. I really like the white eyelet dress. ON sizings run pretty big. Thanks for the review, Cee.

  5. the white dress looks great on you! i think you should keep it. it's a shift dress and they're constructed to look straight (which isn't so great for some who want to show off some shape) but it works on you.

  6. Cee, I'm with you. I think the concept of all the dresses (and shirt) was great, but they're def. too big. I have the same problem at ON. The funny thing is the IRREGULARITY of the sizing. Sometimes the size 0 jeans work perfectly and other times it's like they're children's jeans! I haven't tried the dresses recently...

  7. My favorite piece is the white eyelet dress...I think it looks great...Yeah shift dresses have the tendency to not be fitted but if you want you can belt it to give definition to the waist. I do not shop at ON because their sizing is too big.

  8. The white eyelet dress - I totally agree; it would look much better if it had a bit more flare at the bottom. It looks strange the way it is.

    The blue dress - I LOVE the colour, and almost everything about it except for the hip thing - what the heck!?

    Green shirt - loving army green right now. I might try this one myself =)

  9. I agree with you - there are nice hidden treasures to be found at ON! There are definite fit issues with both dresses. The white dress looks really nice on the mannequin - I think with those types of dresses, it really needs to have a good A-line shape where the top is fitted and the bottom flares. This one just seems to be straight up and down so unless it goes on super sale, I don't think it's a keeper.

    I do really like the olive shirt! It seems to fit nicely in the shoulders / top though a bit loose in the torso (but that can be fixed with belts / tucking in).

  10. I like the camp shirt on you, it actually reminds of Loft's Hidden Placket blouse. I agree with the return on the white eyelet dress. Love eyelet but not the cut of this shift dress. Though maybe belting/accessorizing could spruce it up? I do see some potential in the blue dress as a good beach cover-up perhaps...

  11. Just got that same exact green top! I ordered it too, I already have it in black and love it. I thought both dresses were super cute on the hanger however, I knew that once on they would just look like I was wearing a pillow case.

  12. I'm loving that green button-up shirt on you. I go through these phases where I want to dress up like characters in movies I love. That shirt reminds me of Bella from Twilight: I think I'm gonna check that shirt out too at my next Old Navy visit. Weird how the color looks darker on your pictures than the one on Honestly Kristen. Is your pics more true to actual color?

  13. i love the white eyelet dress on you as well as the green button-up. i have such a hard time finding things that fit at Old Navy that i usually don't bother looking, but you have me thinking otherwise!

    cute & little

  14. Thanks for linking to me! :) I'm waiting for a super sale to pick up that camp shirt in more colors, since I love it so. It's a little long/shapeless, but I try to combat that by tucking it in (although it's great for wearing as a tunic on lazy weekends with leggings). It looks great on you though!

  15. Initially I thought maybe you could belt the white dress, but then I didn't like how the sleeves flared out on the back view. I would probably only keep the shirt too... but for some reason I can never get myself to pay full-price for anything at Old Navy!

  16. I know what you mean about Old Navy. I always order a bunch of stuff (or grab a bunch of stuff to try on), but nothing ever sticks. The fit is usually Plus, I hate that none of the clothes on the website are on actual people. It makes it harder to judge...

    But, I have (AND LOVE!) the green shirt, and I really want to get more colors, if they still have some after I get back to shopping.

  17. I have the same problem with Old Navy and sizing. Everything there runs so large! I love the blue dress. You could always get it tailored to fit.

  18. I like oll of them! But the navy looks a litle big? I don't know it depends how you want to wear it. Like the white one alot.
    I follow you, hope you can follow back ;)

  19. @Jenn, @PetiteLittleGirl - I was so hoping it would work too =/ I think I need to pick up some sewing skills... letting the hem out into a flare shouldn't be too hard I think?

    @JenlovesBal - I agree! ON needs petite sizing on all their items. Unfortunately both of these dresses only come in regular sizing.

    @b_ra - You and me both! The dress definitely has more of a higher-end look to it than typical ON stuff.

    @annie, @Jarucha - You guys are making me reconsider :) Is it a keeper even with the tapered-in hem? I wish it would stay straight or even flare out a bit.

    @Erin - The last time I tried on their jeans I couldn't fit into their smallest size, haha. But dresses seem to be another story.

    @Aubrey - I think my hips tend to be bigger compared to the rest of me, but not THAT big. Pictures don't lie though :)

    @SewPetiteGal - It so helps to get feedback from someone who sews :) Thank you!

    @R.L. - I agree, I think the camp shirt is a great alternative to LOFT's. Better pricing too, I think? Though with LOFT's sales recently, I'm not so sure.

    @Mama Marshmallow, @Tara - I couldn't find the shirt on your blog. Have you worn it yet? If so, I'd love to add your links to this post!

    @Olyvia - Hehe, bad lighting. Or crappy camera :D I think ON's stock photo is pretty true to color.

    @kileen - I do think their petite line has potential, but the regular sizes might be too big for you. It's always worth a shot though!

    @Kristen - Yes, ON needs another mega sale. This is the only color that caught my eye, but for cheap, I would reconsider :)

    @PetiteXXS - Haha! Me too! Cheapos ftw :) I think it's cuz they have coupons/sales SO OFTEN, that it's just not worth it unless I really think something is going to sell out.

    @GorJess Fashion For Less - Alterations did cross my mind... but I wonder if it's worth the price. Watch it cost as much as the dress itself!

    @De Vero - Yeah, big, and it makes me look too hip-py. Thank you for the feedback :)

  20. I feel you could make the white eyelet dress work w/a brown belt.

  21. I think its only worth to keep if the dress is less than $40. It needs a belt/sash due to the shape of it. If you only want to wear it as is, you should return b/c you're not totally happy with it. I'm on the minority but I don't think the green shirt highlights your shape well. I think you can find a better alternative.

  22. I think Kristen's shirt was a different one, hers was a more silky material (because i saw it in the store and wanted it but they didn't have my size). and the pockets look different too.

    The white eyelet dress is really cute, and I would totally just belt it (with a wide brown belt, yeah???), but then belting would make the hem rise higher, and that would be way too short.

    I love Old Navy because their stuff has gotten really cute these days and they always have awesome sales going on, but I know that if I wear XS there, you tiny ladies are going to have trouble finding stuff that fits right! I don't think they carry the XXS in the stores, do they?

  23. I think the white eyelet dress is super cute and can see you wearing it with a brown belt and cute wedges :)

  24. @AubreyOhDang!, @Jarucha, @Really Petite - Both dresses did end up being less than $40 each, but I went and returned both today. The styles are pretty simple and should be common, so I will be holding out for one that fits me perfectly :)

    @kimmie - SIGH. My eyes are losing it. Thanks for the shirt correction, I've updated the post now :)

    I wish ON carries XXS! Or at least I haven't seen them. XS in petites usually fits me pretty well. They need to come out with these dresses in petite sizing!

  25. Cee, from the pictures the white eyelet dress doesn't look like it's tapered so maybe it doesn't look like that to others?
    it's still a great dress on you and i agree that wearing a belt can help it define a waist. but keep it if you feel comfortable wearing it because at the end of the day, you're the one who's wearing it =)

  26. oh i just read your comment above, lol.

    anyway i just wanted to add that i love your blog! i always look to it for inspiration about my work wardrobe because you always seem to mix professionalism with casual but great style with your outfits.

  27. Totally agree with you. I think the concept of the dresses is nice but the fit is off. ON is hit or miss with me. Since there is no XXS more fitted items will look more loose on me. I got lucky with my yellow coat and a cute summer dress I have. Other than that and a cardigan here or there the fit is usually to big.


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