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by - Saturday, April 02, 2011

I've stayed away from the leopard print trend that's all the rage lately because I didn't think it was me. That is, until I fell in love with this Ann Taylor scarf a few months back. I liked the blue hue, even though it's white. But while waiting for a sale, I was gifted a black and white one. D'oh! Since it's non-returnable, I better make it work into my wardrobe, right? So here it is, the debut of my wild side.

coat: Express (similar)
scarf: unknown (similar)
top: H&M - gift from Elle
sash: J.Crew
pants: LOFT (similar)
ring: H&M (currently sold in stores)

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  1. i love how you styled this scarf! i have to admit i avoided the animal print trend too until i was gifted an item that was non-returnable. i like how you kept the rest of the outfit simple with black and neutrals to let the scarf stand out!

    cute & little

  2. I love leopard print! The scarf & ring are very pretty. <3 They really stand out!

  3. I love animal/zebra/leapord print scarves! Love your walking pictures Cee! BTW...My scarves from pearlbee came in the mail today...I love them but I have no idea how to really wear them with the clothes that I have =/

  4. Ahhhh! I love the ring, and the coat...and the scarf... AND THE SHOES! I love this outfit. =) I wish I had an H&M store near me =(

    The in motion pictures are just gawjus.

  5. love the ruffles on the classic camel trench! such a cute detail

  6. Love the scarf, but REALLY love that coat! Great outfit today. Love how the black doesn't look boring at all with the scarf and belt :)

  7. You look so cute, Cee! I love the coat and the pants and the shoes and the scarf. You always look so well pulled together!

    I'm now dying to own a pair of the AT perfect pumps.. even though I'd feel silly wearing those to work (everyone else wears sneakers).

  8. That scarf is so fun, and I LOVE your coat!!

  9. Okay, this has to be one of my favorite Cee outfits ever. Everything about it is head to toe perfect - it's feminine yet sophisticated at all once. I LOVE.

  10. @kileen - Hehe, I really should be more adventurous. Slowly but surely, I'm trying to move out of my comfort zone :)

    @The Little Dust Princess - The ring is a new acquisition as well. I was inspired by all the bloggers lately with their filigree ring -- I had to get one myself too!

    @Tina's Everyday Style - Yay! Were the scarves what you expected? What colors did you get? I've worn it a couple of ways, if you want to see them as inspiration. There really is no right or wrong. Stick them up against pieces in your closet and I'm sure you'll find lots of ways to work them into your outfits :)

    @Aubrey - If you ever want me to pick up something from H&M for you (like this ring), just shoot me a message and I'd be more than happy to do so. The mall is like my second home so it won't be out of the way at all :)

    @Carolyn, @Moms have style - Thank you!

    @kimmie - I hear ya. I'm guilty of wearing sneakers sometimes to work too, haha. Though those outfits won't ever make it onto the blog :) If you really love it, I say it's worth it, especially if you can find it ~$70ish on sale. They will go perfectly with your future Chane ;)

    @Tara - Thank you :) I swear I saw a spring trench version of this coat on Express' website only a few days ago, but I can't find it any longer!! Perhaps try the stores if you're interested.

    @Kristen - That's high compliments coming from you, girl! Thank you so much :)

  11. cee, you did a great job with the scarf! it really pops against the camel and black. tres chic!

  12. I adore your ring and coat and your outfit is soooo Audrey it!

  13. Your Express coat and scarf are simply gorgeous. You look like a million dollar lady here!! I love your Ann Taylor's pumps as well. Oh that coat...I want it!

  14. Ooooh - very pretty and va va vavoom! :) Did you by chance see the Saks Fashion Fix sale on RM? They had some pretty good deals but by the time I saw it, most items I would have purchased were sold out.

  15. I like this leopard scarf - the print is not the typical leopard colors so its a nice twist. Are we going to see you in heels more now that its spring?

  16. Aww :D You're so sweet, Cee!! Even though I don't NEED it, it would go nicely with my new coral necklace... If you happen to see it in a 6, I'd love you forever and ever if you'd pick it up - so long as it's under $15! I wouldn't want to spend more than that. But seriously, don't go JUST because of the ring. Haha

    I can't get over the scarf paired with the camel - sooo ...fierce. (I think I channeled my inner gay man for that word)

  17. I NEVER get sick of that coat. Ooooh I LOVE it! Of course you always rock the scarves, I like that it's black and white ;) And the clutch! And the shoes! LOL I don't know what element of this outfit I like the most!

  18. I was also somewhat resistant to try the animal print trend, but Ann Taylor makes it look so nice! I bought a blue silk AT dress with a leopard print that looks so classy, and not at all what I think of when I think of animal print. I love your scarf!!

  19. Wow!! Gorgeous! Great eye!!

    I agree with the scarf with the camel coat!

  20. @Leena, @Callandra, @Nelah, @Michelle - Thank you!

    @SewPetiteGal - Oh boo!! Was this sale from last week? I missed it too =/ Though to make me feel better, there isn't anything I really wanted. What were you eyeing?

    @Jarucha - Maybe :D At least more wedges (I initially typed out wedgies lol)!

    @Aubrey - Bad news :( Silly H&M doesn't have the ring in numerical sizes. I bought a S, and according to ring size charts online, I *think* that's a 7. So I'm guessing if they have it in a size 6, it would be in XS... but I couldn't find it in the store. Boo! I'll keep my eyes out when I stop by other locations in the future though.

    @curls-and-pearls - Thank you :) It's funny I'm wearing a winter coat one day and in shorts the next. This weather needs to make up its mind!

    @ShortBlonde - I think I know exactly which dress you're talking about. A few season ago they came out with something similar in purple. I LOVED it. But I couldn't find it in my size by the time it hit sales, so I've given up.

  21. I wasn't sure if I commented on this post or not but leaving another one just in case...I think I have come to a conclusion- you are the scarf queen! LOL

    Love this outfit and the ring is so cute! Does it fit ur finger?

  22. holy crap, excuse my french but i love your style! i never imagined buying animal prints myself until i saw how good it looked on other fashionistas/bloggers. just subscribed and will now be coveting all your looks, lol.

  23. You wear leopard REALLY well and I think it actually suits you because your style is so "clean" and I think the animal print goes well with it! Love your outfit, as always! :)

  24. What an interesting scarf... the black & white makes it a little different from the usual animal print I think.

    Btw, since you're the scarf queen, you must see this Youtube video (if you haven't already)! It blew my socks off... so helpful and fun to watch too.

  25. So classy, Cee. I love this outfit so much. The scarf adds just the perfect amount of pop to such a simply classic outfit. I love the ankle pants with the heels more than I can say :)

  26. Instead of a scarf ring, you can use a regular ring! I added more pics to the post so you can see :)

    For more ideas, go to the Hermes site:

    I saw this tuts a while ago and I'm pretty sure it was an older version of their scarf guide (but I never had a scarf to try it on!).

  27. Love this outfit, Cee. The animal print scarf adds just the right amount of animal in you. lol. It didn't come out right, but you know what I mean. Still loving your camel coat and the AT pumps are gorgeous! Great buy!

  28. @Really Petite - I actually wanted the ring to fit on my middle finger, but it's too chubby. Who knew the rest of me is skinny but I have chubby fingers?! So it's relegated to the ring finger, which is fine.

    @Kimchi Girl - Thank you so much for your kind words <3

    @Elle - Clean. I like that description! I think I'll have to change my short bio to include that adjective. Thanks Elle!

    @PetiteXXS - THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO! There's too much going on TV tonight, so I'll have to try out Wendy's looks... hopefully tomorrow :)

    @Tara - Thank you! The ankle pants are actually folded under because they're way too long otherwise. I'm actually thinking maybe I can go up another cm or so... show some skin between the fake hem and shoes? Yeah?

    @SewPetiteGal - You are the best! It just so happens I recently bought a ring, so now it will come in handy. So excited to try this!

    @Vicky - Haha! Thanks Vicky :)

  29. love that scarf!

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