Not quite chambray

by - Thursday, April 21, 2011

With all the chambray madness going around, I'm feeling inspired. Talk about a versatile clothing item! I already have a blue oxford-type shirt in my closet, so I can't bring myself to justify the added expense for something so similar. But perhaps one in a different color* if/when it goes on sale :)

*A male coworker complimented my outfit today. I was about to respond with the standard "thank you" did I then realize he was wearing the same colors -- blue oxford shirt with black pants. Duh, of course he liked my outfit.

necklace: J.Crew (currently sold here; similar)
flower pin: Old Navy (similar)
shirt: American Eagle (similar)
belt: J.Crew
clutch: Jenny Yuen
flats: Miu Miu (similar)

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  1. you look so cute! very preppy-professional. :) maybe you and your male co-worker could've taken a pic together for a OOTD duo. ;)

  2. This is a classic look that is timeless. Love the touch of pearls and pink flower pin. It keeps the whole outfit from being too boring. Yep, I was looking at chambray shirts too since I do not have one...I don't have an oxford shirt too so maybe it could be justified. But I already overspent my budget this month.

  3. Nice outfit, Cee. Oxford shirts are hard to dress down though. I see why you think they are similar but they really aren't. I like the J.Crew version as well. Maybe the pink one is the way to go. They are called boy's shirt, so it might mean very boxy. The AT shirt is more fitted.

  4. Love the touch of pearls in this outfit, looking good girl :)
    I loved the chambray shirt I saw at J.Crew but not the price. The cheaper version I found at Target is pretty fab I must say and you can't beat the price.

  5. A floral is so pretty. Your necklace and flower add a feminine touch to a shirt.

  6. But I bet he wasn't wearing that gorgeous flower pin! I really love how it takes the outfit up a notch! Love the outfit!

  7. Oh Cee...I want to see ur face! Lol love how sassy this outfit is and u look great in skirts:)

  8. Again, I love this outfit. It's soo classy and professional. I love how you take things from American Eagle (which is one of my favourite stores) and incorporate them into nice outfits!

  9. i'll bet your co-worker didn't have bright pink with his outfit! you definitely one-upped him. :)

    cute & little

  10. lol on the male co-worker! interesting to think about what other color chambray shirt would be possibly as versatile as the blue ones...

  11. You look so nice and pulled together, and I love how you accessorized with a huge flower. I don't think I'm brave enough to pull those off yet!

    Anyway, I had the most random dream last night. We were at this blogger conference or something (like TxSCC but it was on the beach) and you came, but wore these huge sunglasses the whole time because you didn't want people to see your face. And then toward the end, you were like, "okay guys, I'm doing the big reveal! TA-DA!" and you whipped off your sunglasses so we could all see your eyes. And then we all cheered. And then this one girl was rude to me, so I was really mean to her, and then she wrote me a note saying that she was going to contact Blogger and have them delete my blog. And I got really worried. Yeah.. looks like I've been thinking about blogging way too much before bedtime.

  12. @Kimchi Girl - Haha, taking a picture with him briefly crossed my mind much later, but it would've been awkward to bring it up again :)

    @Jarucha - I was thinking the huge flower pin might have made this outfit too over-the-top. But ehh, now's the time to experiment :) Do let me know what you end up with, oxford or chambray, or even both?

    @Vicky - My solution to dressing down anything is to roll up the sleeves, haha. The deliberate-but-messy look is probably my M.O. I went looking for the AT chambray, but couldn't find any small sizes. You and Annie wear it so well though!

    @Lilly's Style - Have you noticed that whenever J.Crew comes out with something outrageously priced, another store will come up with their own cheaper version a few weeks after?! Gotta love that. I do remember your Target shirt. You wear it so well!

    @Nelah - Not too overwhelming? I bet if I fluff the flower pin some more, it'll be as big as my face, haha.

    @Tiffany, @kileen - It would've been funny if he had a pink handkerchief in the shirt pocket. Then we would've definitely matched, lol.

    @Really Petite - Too shy. Maybe one day :)

    @b_ra - As a teenager I used to covet A&F and wouldn't step foot inside AE. But now, it's the complete opposite. I heart AE for their non-logoed items, but still quite affordable at the same time.

    @Olyvia - I think blue will probably be the most versatile color, like how blue jeans are the most popular shade. But... I might be able to make the pink work :)

    @kimmie - HAHAHAHAHA BEST. STORY. EVAR. Perhaps I will start easing into this reveal process by wearing sunglasses :) And you, mean?! No way, I can't picture it. But I can picture the worrying part, hehehe. Thanks for the laugh, it made my day!

  13. I love the flower so much! I have a big coral colored flower that I bought at H&M last year, thinking that I'd find a way to work it into my wardrobe somehow, but I've never been brave enough to try it. I feel like I maybe need to change that sometime soon :)

  14. CEEEEE!!! omg i LOVEEE how you wear flower pin embellishments.. i have like a whole box of them because i buy them all the time and i never end up wearing them because i always feel so prissy.. but for some reason on you it always looks so relaxed and effortlessly pulled together.. WHY?! tell me your secret!!!

    oh as for the chanel sale.. it usually happens early december.. and only season items go on sale.. never classicals.. very few bags are ever on sale they're usually gone by the time the sale rolls around.. (the one's left over are really fugly) but i've heard some stories of people being super lucky and scoring a nice bag on sale..

  15. I love this classic look and how you made it pop with your accessories! you always create such fab preppy looks. =)

  16. Lol! about your co-worker!! I am assuming he did not have the pretty pearls and flower! :p Such a cute idea!

  17. Beautiful shirts Cee and I love the range of colors!

  18. Loving the preppy outfit w/ the fun and feminine touches; I'm pretty sure I'm going to do an "inspired by" you outfit. ;D


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