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by - Saturday, April 30, 2011

A couple closeups of my recent jewelry acquisitions from the last few months. It's funny because I wasn't ever a rings girl... until recently. Thank you to all the bloggers I read that inspire me to purchase a couple statement rings of my own :)

1) J.Crew Layered pearl necklace in pearl (might still be in stores; similar) - The necklace is multi-layered and pretty hefty in weight. I like to wear them underneath shirt collars, otherwise on a bare neck, I feel like I'm about to be guillotined (gruesome image, sorry!) See it worn here and here.

2) Amrita Singh Sag Harbor Necklace in turquoise (currently sold here) - I bought this necklace during one of Hautelook's recently sales at a pretty good discount. I love how big it is -- such a statement maker! The turquoise color is absolutely gorgeous. I already own one of her Nello necklaces, and the richness of the color gets me every time. See it worn here.

3) H&M filigree ring in gold, size S (might still be in stores) - I had a hard time figuring out my size in this ring. The packaging didn't allow you to try them on, so I had to try on ones that others had already opened, and then eyeball the size against a new one. Turns out this method was a big fail. I really should have sized up because this only fits on my ring finger. I'd estimate size S to be a 6; size M is probably a 7. No complaints other than buying the wrong size, which is entirely my fault. See it worn here, here, here, and here.

4) Spotted Moth Busy Bee Ring via Kendi's giveaway (product info) - After the H&M debacle, I'm glad that this ring had adjustable sizing. It has a whimsical quality that I love and would be great paired with other plain rings.

5) Amrita Singh Deauville Ring in green turquoise/light coral, size 7 (currently sold here) - This was another purchase from the recent Hautelook sale. From what I remember of the product image, I thought I would receive a ring with two light turquoise stones? The two-colored stones turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I can now wear it with both my coral and turquoise jewelry. There are no complaints about sizing here; the 7 fits my middle finger perfectly. See it worn here.

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  1. I had my eye on the Deauville ring while placing my order on the AS website last week. Is it heavy, by any chance?

  2. @Dana - Nope, not at all. I find it much lighter than my H&M one, but that's a given considering the size difference :)

  3. They are soooooooooooooo pretty. I love accessories, there is no doubt about it but I mainly just collect them for no reason. I often find myself buying (hoarding) but rarely wear them until this year that I start putting them to good use.

    Your pieces are gorgeous and will be perfect for Summer.

  4. You've convinced me to pick up some Amrita stuff next time I see it on Ideeli. I saw a 50% of coupon code somewhere too!

  5. absolutely looveee that sag harbor necklace (#2)...favorite color combo EVER!


  6. My fav is the AS lovely in color and design. I'm not a ring person bothers me to have something on my finger, I'm just not used to it.

  7. I made a comment on the last post but it didn't show up??? I had so many issues with the comment box and some error code popped annoyed. But anyhows, I just wanted to sing you more praise for the outfit...the dress gives off a dressy vibe more than casual to me.

  8. Oooo I've always liked that H & M one!!! Always forget to look when I'm there- it's always so freaking chaotic that I just want to leave..LOL

  9. Some goodies here! I have the J. Crew pearls and love them. I sooo want to steal that little turquoise number.

  10. @Nelah - Can I request a collection post? Your accessories collection sounds amazing :)

    @granola2glam_chris - Definitely consider it! I believe Hautelook and Gilt have sales often too.

    @gold N turquoise - Me too! It's fast becoming my favorite necklace to wear.

    @Jarucha - I totally understand. It's kind of a hassle to take off rings when you're putting on lotion, or washing your hands, etc. I'm slowly getting used to it, one ring at a time. Perhaps moving on up to a few rings? :D

    I got your comment about the dress, but for some reason it showed up in the post prior to that. I think the dressed photographed better than it looks in real life. I'm pretty sure it's made of polyester, so it feels kind of casual, but could look dressy? Thank you for the nice thoughts!

    @Really Petite - I don't know if your small fingers will be able to fit in the H&M ring =/ I tried looking for a XS for Aubrey, but I couldn't (don't even know if they made it in XS).

    @Simply Bubblelicious - Hi pearls twin! Definitely keep your eyes out for AS sales on Hautelook, ideeli, Gilt, etc. I'll do it too!

  11. Turquoise and Coral! Yum such lovely colors! :) I need to invest in some jewelry. My wardrobe has been bland without it.

  12. it is definitely time for bright polishes. as study-avoidance, i've already switched to electric blue! :)


  13. I agree with you on the rings. I'd either always loose them, or they were annoying on my fingers throughout the day, but now I love statement rings, also inspired by fellow bloggers.

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