Unexpected Surprise

by - Sunday, May 01, 2011

I finally found the scalloped blazer at the third H&M I visited. I tried on both size 2 and 4, but neither felt and looked quite right. From reading reviews beforehand, I've already braced myself for the thin material, but was surprised by the fit. Size 2 felt tight across the shoulders and the sleeves were too short for my liking. Size 4 wasn't horrible, but the jacket sort of just hung on me, shapeless, like a coat hanger. I stood in front of the mirror debating for the longest time, but ended up walking away from both.

While in the city, I also made a stop at Zara. There were so many cute items I saw online that I wanted to check out in person. I either couldn't find them or the items didn't look as nice in person. Instead, a Jacket with Zips, which I glossed over online caught my attention while I was at the store. I tried on both size S in black and a M in beige. The black fits perfectly, and with this type of jacket, the tighter the better, right? But... I had trouble moving my arms around. Boyfriend noted that my arm flopping just looked plain unnatural, so it shouldn't even be an issue. The best part? This jacket didn't squeak! In the end, I decided on the beige, even with the looser fit. The color just appealed to me so much more (wrinkles and distressing was very apparent in black). Now I'm wishing for cold weather again.

top: LOFT
belt: Forever 21 (similar)

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  1. I love this bright top with the white skirt. Very current :)

  2. Oh ok, so it did show up but somewhere else. Gee. OOO, a find from Zara. I think this jacket has potential but it seems like its too big for you considering its size M. And it doesn't hurt to have a looser jacket in your closet.

  3. Forgot to say, yep I knew the H&M blazer would disappoint. I'm glad you decide against buying it. I'm sure you can find something much better in the future. Sometimes you have to see things for yourself esp since you really wanted it.

  4. Is that the zara jacket in action? I like the fit, especially since you will be wearing it on cooler days with layers underneath.

    The white skirt is so lovely!


  5. Why do you look so good in a skirt and flats and I look so awkward? :P Your outfit is put together so nicely - I've just added "white skirt" to my spring shopping list. :) I wish I lived anywhere near an H&M or Zara.. but I'm pretty sure the closest one of either is 2 hours away, in Chicago or Detroit. :(

  6. hmm. i never thought to pair the olive color w/ the red. very lovely combo tho. i like the looser fit of the jacket. tight fits look good but aren't user/wearer friendly. thanks for sharing your find! :)

    p.s. i have a white mini similar to yours, same length...do you have trouble sitting in it?

  7. i love the cardigan skirt combo! so pretty, and the colors are lovely.

  8. very cute jacket!! i love the lighter color for spring. great Zara find!

    cute & little

  9. I remember you saying at one point that you mostly had darker colored clothes in your closet but look at you now mixing colors with ease and grace! That J. Crew cardigan goes with everything! I love how you paired it with the rosette top and mini skirt!

  10. @hurricanekerrie - Thanks :) Bright white makes everything seem so modern, right? That's one of the reasons I love summer.

    @Jarucha - Do you mean size M sounds big or does the jacket look big on me? I actually think the jacket in M looks best across my shoulders (darn big shoulders!), but the torso does seem big (size S torso is slimmer).

    @gold N turquoise - Oops, forgot to mention it, but yes, I'm wearing the Zara jacket in the left pic.

    @Bethany - Pssh, girl I bet you don't look as bad as you think :) Perhaps Zara will surprise us one day and open an online store a la H&M. One can hope, right?

    @Kimchi Girl - The skirt hikes up when I sit, but thankfully it's not too short that I'm flashing anyone lol. I do think the skirt fits differently on me now as compared to when I first bought it. It sits up higher on my waist now and I find myself tugging on it when I'm walking... boo!

    @Leena, @kileen - Thank you :)

    @SewPetiteGal - Another reader challenged me to wear this J.Crew cardigan more. So I've been trying to pair it with all the "color" clothing that I own, hoping it won't clash too badly. If I ever do, you'll have to let me know!

  11. I love that top! If I had seen it in the store, it would've come back to Canada with me. I noticed a lot of the petite bloggers live in warmer cities. I get sooo jealous cause you guys don't have to wear winter jackets during the spring!! lol..
    Great find with the Zara jacket!

  12. Sorry for not being clearer - I think it looks big on you when its not zipped up. I don't think it hurts to have some looser fitting jackets though.

  13. Great jacket decision!

    Your legs look great!!

  14. You look way better in that top than me Cee!!! What a cute Spring/Summer outfit!!!

  15. Ohh see your new moto jacket is so cute! I actually have a moto jacket in a dark charcoal Gregory/ black but I've been really wanting one in a brighter color for spring I will def have to go to Zara's to check out your beige one.

    Ps. I'm so totally obsessed with your pink rose chiffon top it's so pretty I love it whe you wear it!!!

  16. OMG autocorrect corrected "cee" to "see" I effing hate iPad autocorrect!

  17. oh ok, it's not just me then, hehe. i used to LOVE mini skirts w/ a passion but have slowly been "retiring" them in favor of short dresses instead--easier for me to sit/walk in LOL.

  18. oooh I love zara posts. I would love to see more, esp fitting room pics.

  19. love the outfit! refreshing to see a white skirt...and cardigan love!

  20. @b_ra - It's funny you should mention that, because I think I live in an in-between climate. I do follow lots of Canadian bloggers as well as west coasters. It is fun to see what they're wearing compared to me during the same time of year.

    @Jarucha - Don't be sorry, I'm slow :) I do think the jacket looks better zipped, but might still be a tad loose. I'll try to take a picture next time.

    @Michelle - Thanks :)

    @Really Petite - Psshh, what are you smoking ;) You know you look good in the top!

    @Lisa - Haha! At least you have an iPad! I would be too happy to be angry :)

    @Kimchi Girl - ME TOO! Short shorts too! I feel so old...

    @AubreyOhDang! - No fitting room pics this time :( I'll remember to take them the next time I'm in the city though!

    @annie - It's the hard-to-style J.Crew cardigan ;) Thank you for challenging me to wear it more often!

  21. love this color combination. The color of the top is fab.

    Live Life in Style

  22. First of all, I still love that blouse. So much. Between the gorgeous color and the pretty details, it's a favorite. Second, we can no longer be friends if you start wishing away our warm weather before it has even fully come out, yet. So keep that in mind :)

  23. Great outfit, I love the top!



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