Wrinkles in Time

by - Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Linen is such a comfortable fabric to wear, but holy moly, what a walking disaster I was -- or should I say, sitting disaster? Every time I got up, I run my hands over the creases, trying to smooth it out. It doesn't help much, but something is better than nothing. Now next time I just need to photograph these in the bright glare of sunlight... or cheat a bit with Photoshop :)

Do you take the gamble with a high-maintenance fabric like linen (white or colored)?

jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch (similar)
ring: Spotted Moth via Kendi's giveaway
top: Gap
tank: Old Navy (currently sold here)
belt: Ann Taylor (other colors sold here)
flats: Old Navy (currently sold here)

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  1. This looks awesome! I love that you are so brave wearing white :) I agree, items that wrinkle easily are so annoying, but at times I do still wear them if I really love it!

  2. I think wrinkles are soo worth it for things like those white pants! I like the colour combo in this outfit.

    Hope you're having a great day!

  3. I would love to get a pair of linen pants, I just haven't found the right ones yet.
    But I love these! I think you just have to live with the wrinkles, unfortunately :S

  4. This outfit is lovely!! I want it all. :p

    The Old Navy shorts I reviewed most recently are linen (actually 55%, the rest is rayon), but only wrinkle slightly...barely noticeable. Perhaps go for a blend?

  5. I love the look of linen pants but for the reason that almost always they're see thru (or unlined...what's up w/that?) AND they wrinkle from u just touching it (slight exaggeration hah!), I don't buy linen apparel. Sad bc they look like such fashionable comfort wear.

  6. I love the idea of linen but can't get past the wrinkle factor. I think you are pulling the wrinkles off beautifully! Looking oh so nice and relazed in this goodie.

  7. are those the same ones i tried on!?! i think they look great on you (my legs are bigger than yours i think). very cute and casual. i must find some.

  8. I always do a wrinkle test before I buy anything....i.e. grab a handful of the garment and ball it up with my hand to see if it'll wrinkle.

    As a consequence, I have only one linen dress.


  9. From the pictures, the pants don't look unacceptably wrinkled. I actually like the way it looks! In fact, I think it gives the pants a casual vibe as opposed to say having stiff pants with that formal crease down the middle.

    After years of ending up with clothes I no longer wear, I've learned to stop buying linen that wrinkles too much and black anything that's a lint magnet. I just don't have the patience to iron or lint roller, lol.

  10. I haven't worn linen in a long time and all you other bloggers remind me why... hehe I commend you for wearing linen. It's so high-maintenance! And to top it off, it's white! Kudos...

  11. I don't have any linen items and perhaps that's a good thing since I'm not too careful with my clothes. I think the wrinkles aren't too awful since it gives the whole outfit a more casual vibe.

  12. Nothing looks as easy breezy as crisp white linen. I am on the search for the perfect over-size linen shirt for summer. You ARE brave for rockin' white linen pants - but I think you look great!

  13. @Tara - Only on good days where I know I won't be around messy things ;) Otherwise, back to the closet it goes.

    @b_ra - I tend to be pretty predictable with white. White + stripes = nautical = can't go wrong with that!

    @Kelly - If you've had luck with LOFT pants in the past, I would highly suggest these. If white isn't for you, I think this pair also came in 2 other colors. Another one I was considering was from VS. Ultimately I wasn't keen on the drawstring so I passed on those. Good luck on your hunt!

    @Michelle - Good point, I should pay more attention to the label :)

    @AubreyOhDang! - This one is definitely lined (love that), but is still semi-see-through... like the pocket area. But, I can get away with wearing dark underwear, so that's good enough for me, haha.

    @Simply Bubblelicious - Thanks. I definitely felt relaxed and comfy in these pants :)

    @purses and puppies - Yes! Same ones you reviewed. The sunlight probably hid the see-through pockets, but otherwise I really like the overall look and fit.

    @gold N turquoise - Haha, I think this may be my only linen clothing item too. Scratch that, I recently bought a linen skirt. Ok, make that two items, but no more :)

    @R.L. - The creases are mostly around the thighs... but I guess that's natural from normal movements. I think they look worse up close. I need to stop sitting funny at work, haha.

    I second black! I haven't bought any more black items ever since my last experience with the lint roller. I swear, my arms just about fell off. Puny muscles :(

    @hurricanekerrie - Hehe, high-maintenance but oh-so-pretty!

    @Jarucha - Good point, I must keep in mind not to wear these pants with dressier pieces... or just always wear them with flip flops to dress them down (which is what I've been doing lately). Need to change it up!

    @Lisa - respect the shoes - I don't think I can handle any more high maintenance linen items... but linen blends would be ok. So I can't wait to see what catches your eye :)

  14. I think it looks hot!! I think the wrinkles are probably more exaggerated to you because you see them and they bother you. I love that yourndaring enough to wear that much white AND thatnyou can seamlessly pull it off!

  15. I just want to say first that your Longchamp bag looks gorgeous in these pictures, haha, cause it makes me want one now! I don't own many linen things, but the few shirts I've owned in the past were lame when they went to the wash (shrunk or wrinkled like crazy). I also think you're brave for wearing white pants. I own one AT white pants, and I have not worn it in public yet in fear of pen marks and unwashable dirt.

  16. Yea! I totally have clothes like that, that wrinkle if you breathe wrong. No matter how much you iron them, there's nothing to be done about it! But great look nonetheless.

    Live Life in Style

  17. I wear linen in the summer and I think wrinkles with linen is acceptable. You look great in your outfit w. your new bag =)

  18. Though they wrinkle so easily, I'd love to have a pair to wear over a swimsuit! But, alas, I never go to the beach.

    Maybe there is a way to "wrinkle release" on your lunch breaks?

  19. what a perfect casual spring/summer outfit!

  20. I love this outfit! And yes, I definitely take the gamble with high-maintenance fabrics like linen. I personally think it's part of linen's charm...but what do I know?? ha ha I'll even do white linen and I have three kids under the age of 7, and no stain-removing sense whatsoever. Dry cleaners and I are very tight. LOL

    Again, adorable outfit. Thanks for sharing :)

  21. Great outfit Cee! Linen wrinkels are perfectly acceptable :) And I'm not saying that just because I'm wearing a linen skirt today haha

  22. I like wrinkels in linen, it's the only acceptable fabric to have wrinkles in :P

    Love this look, so summery!

  23. Totally acceptable - especially for linen and THIS outfit!!!! We should submit your photos to J.Crew..seriously :D

  24. i have a couple pair of linen pants in the "to-donate" pile but after seeing you rock yours, i'm gonna have to pull them out! sigh Cee, you're really not helping me with my closet makeover :P

  25. I love this look, but I don't think I'm brave enough to do the linen pants :(

    I have a hard enough time keeping regular fabrics from looking sloppy...I am currently wearing a skirt that, every time I catch my reflection in the bathroom mirror, makes me think it wouldn't be the worst idea ever to sneak a steamer into the office with me, just for periodic touch-ups. No fun!

  26. @Lisa - I try :D I'm a sucker for anything white so taking the plunge wasn't too bad.

    @Olyvia - Although I don't have the Le Pliage, I can see how so many people love Longchamp for its shape and size of the bags. Hopefully you can take a look in person somewhere and see if you like it :)

    @Shasie - Haha, so true! Let's not talk about my lack of owning an iron, let alone ironing... :D

    @Lisa - Glad to have your seal of approval :) I can only imagine how hot and humid Malaysia is and what a relief wearing linen must be!

    @Lisa Lisa Lisa - Lol you sound like me! I love casual, beachy wear... but can't even remember the last time I stepped foot near water, let alone sand. Sigh :)

    @Leena - Thanks :)

    @Anne - Now, YOU are brave. I pride myself in my hand-eye coordination, but around kids, all goes kaput. Kudos to you for wearing white and linen!

    @Lilly's Style - Us linen twins have to stick together :)

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - Umm... you haven't met my closet, because all sorts of clothing and fabrics have wrinkles, lol.

    @Really Petite - If only J.Crew would even look one sec my way, I would be so flattered :)

    @Sunshine - Yes, pull them out! And do an outfit post because we can help you decide if it's in the wrong pile :)

    @Tara - Aww, B would probably think it's a blank canvas to draw on? ;)

  27. Everytime I see white or white linen, I'm like LOVE, SWOON, MUST BUY!!! Then when I'm wearing it I'm cursing myself. Oh well kind of accepted it as a fact of life now! Great outfit too and I love your new longchamp bag too! Looks like summer's there wherever you are!


  28. I've fallen in love with this outfit! Loove the layers...perfect for the weather where I live, in the Bay Area. Super look with the one pop of color.


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