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When I first started blogging, I didn't tell a soul about my alter ego. It just seemed weird to say out loud, "I take pictures of myself. Outfit pictures, and I blog about it." Umm... a bit narcissistic? :) When I finally told my boyfriend, he said the initial weirdness soon faded away to something that made sense. It's the ideal hobby for me, combining my two loves: clothes and web design.

Every once in awhile he'd joke about being featured and I would laugh it off... until now. So here's a rare shot of the two of us dressed up for no reason before heading out to eat. Just so we're going along with the M.O. of this blog, head guillotined, which kind of defeats the purpose :)

Some random tidbits: We're both engineers by background but neither of us really work in the field. I'm Taiwanese and he's Cantonese, so English is how we communicate. Then again, even if we both spoke ManTonese*, English would still be our choice (duh, if my French skillz are of any indication). He's about 3" taller than me... so my tall heels are saved for times when he's not around, or when he's got his "man heels" on (Nike Shox, anyone?)

*Mandarin + Cantonese

necklace: Banana Republic (similar)
cardigan: Old Navy (this season's version sold here)
dress: Bensoni
sash: J.Crew
flats: Valentino (similar)

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  1. OMGGGGGGGGGG i'm taiwanese and the hubs is cantonese too.. and he's only a few inches taller then me too.. but i wear my 5 inch heels with abandon BAHAHAHA.

    funny. we speak in english all the time too.. because i don't speak canto and he doesn't speak mando either :p

  2. cute!

    i'm canto myself. w00 h00!


  3. Love this photo, very cute! Your dress is gorgeous.
    And very few people know about my blog, but today a friend of mine told me she randomly found it. Very weird.


  4. cute! Wish the heads weren't cut off..LOL Okay just teasing ya Cee!!!

    I freaking LOVE and want that dress! Love the color and everything!!! Tell your man he's lucky! LOL

  5. hahah nike shox. cute.

    are you going to give us his initials like u did yours? cuz i can't call him Mr. TBMD yet.

  6. Even guillotined, you guys are a cute couple! :)

    You wear flats so well! I never feel right in flats. Maybe I just need new flats! :D

  7. Pretty snazzy dresser. You, too! :D I was going to ask if your bf is my cousin, but he's Filipinese.
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  8. Yay! We finally get to see "Mr. Cee"! You guys look adorable together. I love your dress. It's such a gorgeous colour!

    p.s. I had a feeling you were Asian of some sort...I guess some sort of Asian intuition! lol!

    Hope your hump day was good!!

  9. haha the bf was iffy about me posting outfit pics because he didn't want internet men lurking my blog. He got used to the idea though and even helps me take pics! Bf & I have the same height difference as you and your bf, but I don't feel at all limited with the shoes I wear. He doesn't mind because his ex-ex was taller than him... but even if he didn't know her, he wouldn't have minded anyway!

  10. P.S. I like the dividers/numbers/right aligned display pics you have for your comment section! How to? :D

  11. Awww, you two look so cute, even while headless. =)

    It took me some time to tell people that I had a fashion blog and they weren't fazed since they used to read my personal/college blog anyway. But the focus different now and I appreciate that they support my little hobby too.

  12. I haven't told many people about my blog either... I think it'll take a while before I share my little corner with more than my sister and a few close friends hehe... Your dress looks pretty, I love the color! And ni hao (?) to Mr. Cee!

  13. Cute! I loved learning more about you :)

  14. You look really pretty in that dress. Any special occassion since you both look dressed up?

  15. Never mind, my question was already answered in your post --- ah. So silly of me.

  16. What a cute couple!!

    Your dress is gorgeous!! Love the color.

  17. aah! you are the cutest "headless" couple! :)

    and what are *his* outfit details?

    is your BF into fashion, too?

    kimchi girl

  18. You guys make a strikingly well dressed couple! I love, love, love the color of that dress on you! You look so pretty in bright colors and I really like the contrast piping on his shirt!

    Both hubby and I are Cantonese but he is a whopping 11 inches taller than I am. My son was half my size at 9 months and is now 2/3 my size - I hope he gets Daddy's height! :)

  19. awe, you two look adorable! two extraordinarily well dress engineers! lol (i come from a family of not so well dressed ones)

  20. What a well-dressed couple! Love the shade of your dress.

  21. You guys are too cute!! My fiancee was uber supportive when I started considering blogging. He knew about my infatuation with reading blogs and he totally encouraged me to start my own. I think I was the only one that was weirded out by my having a blog.

    He's about a half inch taller than me so we're pretty much the same height. I rarely wear heels but he doesn't care if I tower over him.

    Complex Cardigans

  22. Aww cute picture of you too! I'm an engineer too working in the field! Engineering by day, fashionista by night!

    Enter My Vintage Scarf Giveaway

  23. Cute!!

    It is weird to describe to someone, isn't it! Lol!

    What field of engineering did you study?

  24. I've been hoping no one ever asks me what my hobby is lately, since I seem to spend lots of my free time on my blog or viewing other bloggers, haha. Cute photo! I also agree that you have the best headless photos :) I'm loving how you styled this dress! I wasn't into it on your first review of it, but now I'm! I want I want!

  25. so cute! we're the same height and i'm not a fan of heels, so that works for us. ;)

  26. Your dress is great. Love the color. It's sweet that your boyfriend posed for you. Cute couple!

    I haven't told any friends or family (except my husband and sister) about my blog. It's just kind of weird.

  27. GREAT photo!!!!!! You guys are such a well dressed couple! LOL in our pictures together if I'm centred and nicely framed you'd only see my husband's chest. If he's centred and nicely framed you can barely see me :P

    I don't really tell people about my blog but I'm obviously not hiding anymore since the merge. I don't know if people think it's weird of me or not, but I honestly don't even think people in my real life read it LOL!

  28. Fabulous outfit!! The color of that dress is FAB!! :D I'm following! Great blog!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me! :)



  29. awwww you two are such cutie patooties. looks like Mr Mando is as stylish as Miss Canto. xx

  30. you look both amazing! beautiful outfits who match together.
    I don't tell my close friends I have a blog, they don't understand x

  31. omg you two look so cute together! now that you've introduced mister Cee, what's next? posting the rest of this photo with your faces? lol. and i adore how you're looking at him *lovingly* hehe. i can assume that right haha.

  32. ahhh that's too funny. and so cute that he was willing to be in the photo with you (guillotined, of course). Was it a relief to finally tell him about the blog?

    My guy is Cantonese too, but P has better Cantonese than me these days (and he can only say like 5 words). And my husband is like 3 inches taller than me (used to be 4, but I grew, LOL) so it's always fun to wear my tall heels and rub it in his face, "HAYYY SHORTIE!!"

  33. Oh, I love what you're wearing! The dress is perfect for spring and the boy cleans up pretty well! :)

  34. I read this post yesterday but was too overwhelmed the amount of cuteness in this post to comment (ok, the fact that I wasn't signed in to this account had something to do with it. :) )

    Gorgeous dress and even more gorgeous couple!

  35. @Lisa - If I hadn't already seen a pic of your hubby, I would be wondering if he's related to my bf somehow lol. If I had a CL collection like yours, I'd be rocking them too :)

    @gold N turquoise - Hehehe, before meeting him, I didn't know any other Canto people. Kinda surprising because my area is pretty diverse. I must not be as open minded as I'd like to think. Gotta change that!

    @Kelly - Ahhh! You just lived my worst nightmare o.O I think I'd be speechless for a good minute as my face turns bright red. Let's hope nobody ever connects the clothes I wear on the blog to the same ones I wear in real life, lol.

    @Really Petite - I remind him everyday how lucky he is. KIDDING! We're both lucky to have each other :D

    @AubreyOhDang! - Not to be even more confusing, but Mr. Cee works both ways. Adding a Mr. in front of my name and his initial is also C.

    @Bethany - Umm... I'm such an enabler it's not even funny :) Go get yourself some comfy flats, girl! I tried on a pair of J.Crew ones recently and they are actually super comfy. There is cushion underneath and material they used was super soft. My feet felt like they were in heaven. They definitely seem like much better quality than my designer ones.

    @Jen HaHA - Lol, thank you Jen! Your comment made his day ;)

    @b_ra - Like a gaydar, your Asian-dar was spot on ;)

    @The Little Dust Princess - Your bf needs to give mine some tips! We lucked out because he prefers to be taller and I also start teetering when heels are 3"+ haha.

    @Stylepint - It's funny you brought up your old blog, because I used to have a personal website (that's how I got into the whole designing/coding aspects), and I wasn't shy about putting the link in my AIM profile (remember those days!? Gosh I'm old), so everyone knew and I knew they were reading it. But yet, a style blog seems a bit different. I'm not sure why, but once I figure it out, maybe I won't be so self-conscious anymore :)

    @hurricanekerrie - Is ni hao Canto too? B/c that's how we say it in Mandarin! Finally something I understand :)

    @Elaine - My life is so boring that there really isn't much to talk about lol. So I'm glad you enjoyed this post :)

    @Jarucha - Yup, we dressed up to go eat dinner at a restaurant because we had a Living Social coupon expiring soon hahaha.

    @JenlovesBal - Both Mr. Cee and I thank you!

    @Kimchi Girl - I couldn't stop laughing when I read your comment :D ...because bf isn't into fashion at all. Remember the BDIB post with a tie? This is one of two dress shirts that was hanging up in his closet, hahaha. The shirt he's wearing is from a street vendor in China and I have no clue about the pants or shoes. Perhaps Dockers for the shoes?

    @SewPetiteGal - Judging by your son's growth spurt, I think he'll be easily over 6'! Or perhaps grow to be taller than his dad... time to enroll him in basketball lessons? :)

    @purses and puppies - Haha, it's so true about engineer stereotypes. There are many days where I am a "typical" engineer, so there is some truth to that!

  36. @ShortBlonde - Thank you, Elizabeth!

    @Jenn - It's funny how we project our feelings/thoughts onto others, right? Even now, my bf doesn't think it's weird I blog, but I still get that weird feeling every now and then. I think I just need to analyze this some more and come to peace with it. Then all the chips will fall into place :)

    @Shasie - For me it's quasi-engineer by day and wannabe-fashionista by night :D

    @Michelle - Yes! When bf saw this post, he was all nervous b/c I hadn't given him the heads up, haha. Good thing his apprehension (don't even know why he'd feel this way. C'mon I wouldn't throw him under the bus! Not without a valid reason anyway :D) didn't last long. I was an Electrical Engineering major in college, but I certainly didn't find it all that fun. The Comp Sci side I do enjoy more.

    @Olyvia - Hehehe, it's ok if you tell me that you don't like the dress! That'll just make me more determined to find a way to make it work :)

    @makeupandpearls - Us too, in a way. I start to wobble some when heels are 3"+ (which would make me eye-to-eye with bf), so I hardly wear my tall heels :( But I'm determined to break them in!

    @Style Journey - Yes, when I was describing telling people about blogging, I felt weird! I can't imagine saying the words out loud, haha. Perhaps one day I'll get over it.

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - You and SPG both have such tall husbands. Good genes and better odds if you decide to have kids ;)

    @Sick by Trend - Thanks :)

    @Lisa - Hehehe, Miss Mando and Mr Canto :) That sounds pretty catchy, maybe I'll start using that on the blog :P

    @Fashion Mom - Yep, friends' reactions are one that I can't predict... so I'd rather the blog be my little secret for now :)

    @Sunshine - HAHA, yes lovingly :) No face revealing in the foreseeable future. Bf values his privacy even more than I do :)

    @kimmie - Hmm, good question. In a way, yes. I'm also not one to really talk about my hobbies... whereas he's a sharer. So there'll be random times when he'd work the blog into casual conversation and I still find it weird, lol.

    @Aney - Haha, you should see him wearing normal clothes. Kidding! It is fun to dress up every once in awhile.

    @Elle - Haha I've never been called cute this many times in my life (neither has bf I'm sure). And is that a hint that I should switch over to Disqus??? That really does make commenting easier for me during the daytime.

  37. This is so so adorable! What a lovely picture! You should frame it. I love how you are such a chic couple.

    I too don't tell people about the blog... It is hard to explain.. I used to do more outfit posts, but time and lack of a photographer has changed that a bit.

  38. Hehe...I speak mantonese at home : ) When I first read your post I was on my phone and thought Cee bf had on a super skinny tie! I knew guys these days liked skinny ties but I was like wow, that's the skinniest I've seen yet. Now I see it's a unique shirt detail. Love it. What a chic sharply dressed couple.

    I also think it's funny you call blogging an alter ego : ) I must be the opposite as all my real life friends & some coworkers know about blogging. So far no one has judged that it's narcissistic or weird - just a fun hobby!

  39. i just love that coral dress on you! Every time I ask hubby to take pix of me..he'll give me 'the look' like really? you want me to take pix of you so you can post it all over the internet for ppl to see "look"..and people actually care look lol So I ordered a tripod from amazon..did you get one?

    My hubby is chinese but he doesnt speak it but speaks Vietnamese..and Im vietnamese so it works out perfectly!


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