What's Old Is New Again

by - Monday, May 30, 2011

Today's outfit was from a few weeks back, when temperatures were much cooler. Before skinny jeans, all I wore were bootcuts/flares. Nowadays, all I seem to wear are skinnies. With all the 70s looks floating around lately, it's the perfect time to bust out these oldies once again... plus I paired them with heels! *pats myself on the back* To think all I used to wear were flats with the hems tucked in *shudders at the mental image*

Do you have an old item that you've recently reincorporated back into your wardrobe?

top: LOFT (similar)
belt: Express (similar)
jeans: Express (similar)
shoes: Nine West (currently sold here)

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  1. Your blouse is so pretty! Haha, I never wore skinny jeans, so all the jeans I've been wearing for the last few years are bootcut. I have begun rotating full skirts back in, though!

  2. Ooh an action shot with your new Longchamp bag! Very nice! I love that Zara jacket and have always loved your LOFT top :)

    Hmmm, repurposing? I repurposed my wallet but I don't think that counts LOL. I do eventually want to clean out my closet and cut up some things to make NEW garments but it's been a little hectic lately.

    And I know I've complained about this before, but I MISS the cool weather. Today is supposedly 93 degrees but my car says it's a whopping 98 degrees - talk about sweltering heat! Sorry for the mega-comment!

  3. hmmm, i dont think i ever stopped wearing flare/ boot cut jeans. i have a pair that was in the sell pile for over a year that i recently tried on and fell in love with. very cute look, so classic. i cant wait to get my amrita singh necklaces, someday.

  4. I stopped wearing boot cut jeans for a while and only recently brought them out again. Its a funny feeling to put them on...now I feel like I look better in the skinnies. And yep, I used to do the same thing. I still wear flats with jeans and not heels since its not practical for me. And back then, I used to fold my jeans up instead of tucking in the ends in b/c they would always come back down. How unfashionable....ahaha. Blogger is giving me trouble....keep wanting me to make a blog when I try to log in my google account.

  5. I am a fan of flared jeans too, Cee. I wear skinnies once in a while but I don't think they flatter on me. Very nice outfit! and yes, the weather is crazy hot in the past few days.

  6. Aww, this is lovely,
    great post !

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  7. You look so chic in this outfit! I always catch on to trends with pants late... I take a while to buy into them.. But I think I need to find a good fitting pair of relax denim boot cuts soon. They are perfect.

  8. Very nice change Cee! I think they jeans are a perfect fit on you: not too too skinny nor too bell bottom/flare. I went the opposite today and wore skinnier jeans instead of my usual bootcut/flares.

    Hope you have a great week Cee!

  9. I really love the tie on that blouse...I love unique details like that!

  10. I have the same vests for years, and I always re-wear them!

    Live Life in Style

  11. Love that blouse! The tie really adds a nice feminine touch to it. The heels look great with flares too.

    Unfortunately in my area.. it has been in the 80s and humid ugh...

  12. I love that jacket, especially with the blouse. And I am BEYOND excited that flares are starting to come back, because I've kind of missed having about half of my jeans in the rotation :)

  13. @questforfashionsense - Full skirts is one style that I've yet to try... I just don't think it flatters my body shape. But I'll be looking forward to your outfit posts with them!

    @SewPetiteGal - Yes! Can not wait to see you rework an old garment into a modern one. Please show us both before and after pictures :)

    @purses and puppies - It may be because I have AS jewelry, but it feels like there are a lot of sales lately on Gilt, Hautelook, etc. So definitely keep your eyes peeled!

    @Jarucha - Haha! You're not the only one! I fold up my jeans too! Namely on this pair. So, so unfashionable when it's not done with skinnies :D

    @PetiteLittleGirl - It's funny because I used to feel the same way as you... until I found skinnies (they're really straight jeans. True skinnies look kind of weird on me).

    @Henar, @Tara - Thanks :)

    @Lisa Lisa Lisa - Boot cuts are probably the most universally flattering kind, I think. Definitely let me know how your hunt goes b/c I could always use more jeans too :)

    @b_ra - Hehe, this pair looks nice from the front and side on me, but the back is kind of loose. I deem this my comfy/baggy pair :)

    @Shasie - Yup you wear your vests so well. I need to find the courage to wear them :)

    @JenlovesBal - It's in the 90s in my area :( And weather.com is predicting 100 tomorrow! W T F

    @Tara - Hahaha... or you can always just wear whatever suits you and be "ahead of the curve" before trends come back :)

  14. wow, these jeans look amazing on you and i'm so in love these nude heels! and i need to dig out my old pair of boot cut jeans too!

    cute & little

  15. Your blouse is so versatile, it goes with everything and looks great. Very casual yet cute.

  16. Cee, I love bootcut jeans on you! You look so long and lean in them too. I love my skinnies but I'm adopting other silhouettes to give me more variety. =)

  17. the flare isn't too extreme, so it's flattering and works in any era.

    timeless and adorable outfit!


  18. Seriously obsessed with your long champs bag!! It's so chic and so perfect for spring and summer! I want your leather jacket!!!

  19. I went camping last weekend and wore my boot cuts for the first time in forever. My calves didn't know what to do with all the extra space.


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