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by - Thursday, March 17, 2011

I went crazy at LOFT with all their sales/promos lately. As in making-multiple-trips-to-the-store and placing-orders-within-a-few-days-of-each-other crazy. But hopefully this is it for me for awhile, or you'll find me in line applying for a SA position.

I've been lusting after this LOFT Abstract Floral Print Pencil Skirt in violet tulle, size 00P (currently on sale here) for what seems like forever. 00P fits me perfectly everywhere except the hips/butt! I've never had a problem with tightness in that area of my body until I tried on this skirt. It's not too noticeable when I'm standing straight, but if I ever attempt to sit down, you can bet there will be a giant split down the back seam. I was able to pull up the skirt in order to sit down, but I'm sure it will get old and repetitive fast. So now my dilemma is: 1) Keep the 00P and have the tailors let out the back, 2) find a 0P and probably get it altered around the waist or 3) return and forget that I'm in love with this print?

See the same skirt on cute and little.

Update: I went and exchanged for a 0P (comparison pics below). I can now sit down without hiking up the skirt :) But it looks a bit big across the waist. Keep or return?

I went to great lengths to hunt down this LOFT Tie Neck Drapey Blouse in white, size XXS (currently sold here). Okay, it wasn't an epic journey, but I paid close to retail because I really wanted this blouse. It's a wrinkle mess out of the package, but hopefully hanging it up in the shower will smooth it out (still haven't gotten around to researching steamers yet). What I like: the airy-ness, the tie sash (me + sashes = win), can be dressed up or down (already have many outfits planned), the long-sleeves, and the fit.

I also ordered this LOFT Woven Ruffle Neck Dress in white, size 00P (currently sold here). The skirt is really pretty with a slight shimmer up close. I definitely have to go up a size -- the ribs and stomach area felt too tight for comfort. I think if the dress goes on further sale, I would seriously consider it.

See the dress on petite mom and little peanut.

This LOFT Pansy Blooms Ruffle Shell in vanilla, size XXSP (currently sold here) didn't initially catch my eye, but I thought I would give it a shot. The print didn't look as vibrant in real life (I cheated and played with Photoshop). I thought the top fit me pretty well, albeit a bit short, so I think the regular version would suit me better. The collar was kind of stiff, enough that I couldn't get it to lay open like the model. It's going back to the store.

See the top on Proudly Petite.

Finally, I ordered these LOFT Watercolor Flower Pin in all three colors, neutral, pink, and olive (currently sold here). See, I told ya I went crazy because I never order multiples. Originally I was going to pick my two favorite colors and return the third. Now that I have them in my possession, I'm torn. Help me pick two colors and give me a good reason not to keep all three!

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  1. Omg! You had me laughing with the coments about the skirt and flower pins! Maybe go try the OP in the store if you like the skirt that much to seek it out. Don't take it to the tailors because I don't think its worth the additional money. And I am going to hunt that ruffle dress down when it goes on a sale. And it has pockets - score! When I saw the top with the tie neck - I thought about you! I know - creepy. And I'm glad to see that you mentioned the pansy blooms shell since I was thinking about getting it. Did you order stuff when they had the big Spring Event with 30% off and the savings card??? I was so tempted but the basic denim shorts and the yellow skirt with the rope ties I wanted were sold out in my sizes so I resisted other things. How much were the pins? If 5 bucks each - keep. If more, I would just keep one.

  2. @Jarucha - I know this was a long post, so thank you for taking the time to comment! I did buy everything during the big spring event and saved 30%... so that means the flower pins were still ~$10 each =/ Which color would you recommend I keep?

    Duly noted about the floral skirt. I'm hoping the waist gap wouldn't be too horrible going up a size. Crossing my fingers!

    LOL @ thinking of me when you saw the tie blouse. Not creepy :) I'm just so easily pegged with what styles I love.

    What size do you take in the ruffle dress? I'll keep my eyes out when/if it goes to a huge sale.

  3. I seem to go crazy at LOFT far too often, Cee, so I totally understand!

    Love that floral skirt! I'd have to say maybe get a 0P and get it tailored?

    I saw the sales associate wearing that white tie neck blouse and suddenly I need one. SO CUTE. Can't wait to see how you style it!

  4. Wow, I knew I shouldn't have clicked on this...I was JUST at LOFT earlier and walked out empty handed and thinking...I want nothing from LOFT. But I (no joke) want everything you ordered..especially that tie neck blouse! I've never even seen it! Where have I been? :)
    I like the green and white pins...though I really can't think of a reason why you should return the pink...I know, I suck at being helpful. :(

  5. Everything looks great on you! I love the dress, it's super cute and I WANT IT (but I have absolutely no where to wear such a pretty dress to)

    The pins are really pretty, but since you said that they were around $10 each, I'd keep the olive and cream ones. I'm sure you can find big pink flowers at the craft store and make a pink one yourself :)

  6. @Kristen, @Elle - The tie blouse was sold out a few days ago so I didn't bother putting up the link. But when I checked again just now, it's up again (only in larger sizes though). But at least now you can ask an SA to search the database with the style number. Hopefully you can track one down :)

    @kimmie - I think the dress can be easily styled down to look casual. Definitely try it on in stores and see how you like it!

  7. No problem - I love commenting and seeing what other people buy. :) I like the cream flower best - I see it working with a lot of colors. Second fav would be the green one since I love green and you don't see this color often as a flower. Thank you for the offer --- very considerate of you. I still haven't gone to Loft to try it on but I usually wear 4P. I knew if I bought stuff at the spring event - I would go back and do twice the damage with the savings card! Great marketing tactic. aahah. It works for Loft addicts.

  8. Cee, I love this comprehensive review. You really did go all out at LOFT. Hmm, the material of the second and third items took me by surprise. The white blouse on the model almost looks silky, but it looks very cottony in the "real life" photos. And the's cute and sweet but it sure is wrinkled! My favorites on you are the floral items. I don't think the blouse is too short, but if you're not comfortable with it then it may be worth a try with regular sizing (though be forewarned, it's probably huge).

    Flower pins are a toughie. I gravitate towards green and ivory..but those two are both safe. I'd say keep ivory and pink?

  9. i had issues with the fit of the LOFT abstract floral print skirt too!! while my hips fit ok the waist was super roomy! i suggest to go try 0P and see how that works for ya.

    and i bought the LOFT watercolor pin too in the white and am kinda regretting i didn't get the other colors too. they're all so pretty so i say keep. :)

    cute & little

  10. My favorites are the first abstract skirt, it has that romantic feel. Those three flower pins are lovely, I would definitely keep all of them. LOFT Spring collection looks really good!!

  11. Wow! What great items at LOFT, I keep missing all these sales that everyone's talking about and when I do find them, my size is sold out. You look wonderful in those items and you should keep all your flower pins, they go with everything! =)

  12. I adore the concept of the white shirt - hopefully the shower trick works! The dress also has potential, but I agree- sale item for sure!

    Great finds, and thanks for the review!

  13. My favorite item is the white blouse. It's sophisticated and it's so you. I also tried on the first skirt in store a few weeks ago. I agree, it has a really weird fit. I didn't end up getting it. I have my eyes on the dress too. Hopefully it'll go on further sale. Thanks for the review, Cee.

  14. I make too many trips to The Loft as well :) I totally know what you mean about the fit of that skirt. I have one from the Loft with the exact same problem.
    The pins - I love ivory and pink. Both are bright colors and would add a nice touch to any outfit.

  15. Love the skirt and and dress the best! That white blouse is so you, you wear it so well!

    Ummm as for the flower pins I will be of no help because I like them all LOL! BUT if i HAD to pick I would say green then ivory, then pink.

  16. Cee, I'm new to reading your blog, but this is a great review of LOFT items! I went a little crazy last night buying LOFT cardigans online, but I'm worried about the tight arms issue in the XXS...we'll see!

    I'm commenting to let you know that I had the EXACT same problem with the floral skirt in 00P. The waist was good (maybe a little too loose), but my, ahem, behind was squeezed in like a sausage. It was horrifying! I'm sad to inform you that the 0P was enormous all around. For me, it would need to be taken in along the entire length of the skirt which gets very pricey at my tailor.

    On the up side, I love the white blouse! I got a steamer last year for my birthday and LOVE it. I think all women should have steamers. How else can you get wrinkles out of the gorgeous ruffley, silky things we wear? I'll check my brand when I get home and get back to you.


  17. @Jarucha - Thanks for coming back to answer my questions. I really appreciate the feedback!

    @PetiteAsianGirl - The blouse definitely has more silky feel in real life -- I blame my crappy camera for the bad photos :) It's funny that you thought the dress was wrinkly b/c I thought the blouse was MUCH worse! I believe top of the dress is made of cotton and the skirt has part linen, which probably attributes to the wrinkleness.

    @kileen - No fupa on me, but I had to stand up straight and watch my posture, lol. LOFT needs to get their sizing sorted out!

    @Nelah, @Stylepint, @curls-and-pearls - Ahh enablers! I may just end up keeping all 3 flower pins :D

    @Aubrey - I ended up wearing the shirt wrinkled out in public today. Totally forgot to stick it in the shower but really wanted to wear it in the nice weather. Hopefully I didn't come across as a wrinkled mess :P

    @PetiteLittleGirl - No prob! I'll be waiting patiently to see what items you end up with :)

    @Lilly's Style, @Lia - I'm so glad I wasn't the only one with the skirt issue! I ended up going back to LOFT earlier today and found one in 0P. It feels a bit looser in the waist but the hips was MUCH more comfortable. I think it looks alright and I'm leaning towards keeping it. I'll try to upload comparison images later to get more opinions :)

    @Lia - Thanks! Alterations Needed gave a rec too but my lazy butt has yet to go read reviews and do cost/benefit analysis :)

    @AubreyOhDang! - Straight and to the point :) Thanks for the thumbs up!

  18. You are too funny...I love the reviews you've been posting...they're so helpful!

    I love the tie blouse, and I hope the shower steam does the job for you. If you ever do get around to investing in a steamer, you'll have to let me know how it works, because I absolutely need one, too. I am allergic to the iron, but I think I could handle a steamer :)

    On the flowers? The green is by far my favorite!

    This Life, Redefined…stop by and say hi!

  19. Bah, LOFT needs to really work on the fact that ladies have a waist. A waist that is separate from the hips and that measurements needs to differ! I think the 00p looks great on you but I totally understand what you mean by it moving up when you sit down. You have a tiny waist and I think it will be good if you just asked the tailor to take in the 0p at the waist only. It does look like it is too big and not conforming at all to your body!

    I really like the summery white blouse on you. You can be feminine and pretty without a stuffy polyester or satin blouse.

  20. Thanks Cee! Also, thanks for the pairing suggestions re: the seersucker skirt, I'll be trying the white shirt thing. I don't have loads of necklaces though O.O lol So I may have to look for some this weekend. I'm horrible at accessorizing. Going to be looking to try on that white top you reviewed this weekend! Have a great one, gorgeous.

  21. Sorry Cee........I think you should keep all three flower pins!...(am I helpful or what? ;) hee hee

    1. Definitely prefer the skirt in a 00p on you for sure.
    2. Cute drapey blouse. didn't even notice it in the store or online.
    3. I fell in love with that woven dress in the store it is so flattering! What I don't like is how wrinkely the material gets in a flash!!
    4. I so love the print on that ruffle neck shell, but just like you, I did not like the stiffness of the collar.

    Great review - Thank you!

  22. My favorite is that tie blouse! I've had my eye on a few blouses hoping that they would make them in petite sizing... but so far, no such luck. I think I prefer the look of the 00P skirt on you, but if it's not comfortable to wear then it shouldn't be a keeper. What kind of material is it? I wonder if the 0P will shrink any in the wash to make it a better fit. As for the pins, I love them all! If you haaave to decide, then I tend to go with safer colors like the ivory or green, but I can see how the pink would add a nice pop of color to your outfits.

  23. petite girl here.

    loving your blog and following :)

  24. I love the flower pins- def keep them all. I've been eying that pink one but haven't seen it in my LOFT yet. Waiting for it to go on sale..LOL

  25. @Tara - Hopefully one day (sooner rather than later), I'll put up a post on steamers. But if you end up buying one before me, please do a review :)

    @Banhannas - I'm still on the fence about what to do with the 0P skirt. I'm leaning towards having it altered, but I bet it will be costly :( Ahh... I'll have to sleep on it.

    @Aubrey - I hope you'll be able to find that white top! When I looked a week or two ago, the SA had to place a store search.

    @Callandra, @Really Petite - Haha, I've come to the conclusion the flowers are too pretty to choose! Now I'm thinking of keeping 1-2 and waiting for a big sale to get the third.

    @PetiteXXS - Good point on the material. I hadn't thought about shrinking it, but I'm pretty sure it's machine washable. Hmm... that might be a risk I'm willing to take. Thanks for the suggestion, Liane!

    @silviasiantar - Thank you. I'm off to check out your blog now :)

    @Dilan Dilir - Thanks :)

  26. I like the 00p skirt on you but if the 0p is much more comfortable it could be worth it to try and shrink it. I love the print. It's the one that reminded me of your Zac Posen dress, which inspired me to buy the matching top to this today. I found that it matches with my Perfect-fit mixed-tape J. Crew cardi in bronzed twig, which I see you have too! Perhaps tucking that cardi into the skirt would help with the loose waist. And as for the flower pin, I would go with the ivory one :)

  27. I think I would either alter the 0P skirt or see if belting it helps any. The print is so lovely on you! My second favorite is white/khaki dress - it looks so good on both you and Petite Mom - definitely worth considering if the price drops.

    Thanks for the reviews!!


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