Better late than never

by - Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm always late to designer collaboration parties. Well, no more! I bought this Zac Posen for Target Brocade Tie Dress in floral print, size 1 from Elle's blog sale (check it out if you haven't yet) because I fell in l-o-v-e. I know I was supposed to stop buying useless dresses this year, but if I was to make an exception, this dress is it. And I will be making up occasions to wear this dress, whether boyfriend likes it or not :)

What drew my eye was the print. It is absolutely gorgeous. It's made of a pretty brocade material that I can see being worn all year round. Because I couldn't wait to show off this dress, do excuse my navy blazer with black tights/shoes pairing -- I had to make do with what I had in my closet. Though would this be the perfect excuse to go shopping for a black blazer? I digress.

The fit did worry me, but after asking for measurements, I was pretty sure I'll be ok. The bust area wasn't a problem for me; in fact there's plenty of room. What ended up being an issue is my ribcage. That area was kind of tight! Now I find myself touching my ribs periodically -- to do what, I have no idea because I can't make them magically shrink. I think I'll be able to live (and breathe) alright for a few hours in this dress. Anything more then we might have problems.

I did have a wtf moment when putting on the dress. I couldn't zip up the back by myself, so I twisted the dress around until I could reach the zipper. Then, not realizing there is a small zipper in the chest area, I forced my arms through the straps. I was ready to take pictures until I looked down and saw that the top half of the bow had flopped over. Eep! Luckily, it'll be an easy fix with some thread and a needle. Even a newbie like me should be able to "sew"... right? I ended up sticking a piece of tape on to keep the bow up for these photos. All in all, I happy with the dress. Thank you Elle!

Next up on my list? Perhaps getting my hands on something from Lanvin hearts H&M... and not just in my dreams.

blazer: theory
tights: American Eagle

*Zac Posen for Target stock image courtesy of College Fashion

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  1. I love that dress! Very pretty! The bow is lovely! It looks fine with the blazer and black tights...the pockets is like cherry on a sundae!

  2. That Zac Posen for Target collaboration was so great! I've seen so many bloggers running around in beautiful pieces and I'm so bummed I missed out on it. You look fab in it, and I'm sure you'll be able to stitch that little bow back in place in no time. ;)

  3. I remember staring at the dress on her blogsale too! It is ultra dreamy, I saw it in the stores (in like XXL) and the fabric is truly dreamy. Love how you brought it together with a navy blazer! The dress is pretty versatile. The fabric is just right for the colder days but the print is cheerful enough for the warmer days. =0D

  4. Cute Cute Cute! Did I say that dress is Cute! Nicely done.

  5. That dress was splurge worthy of all Target's capsule collections. You did a great job of making it a day dress with the blazer. It is a great color combo. Bravo!

    (Couture and Crayons)

  6. ohhh this dress is so gorgeous cee love the bow!! i love how you styled it with the tights and blazer tres chic!

  7. This dress is incredible! I love how you toned down the girlishess of it by styling it with a blazer - brilliant.

  8. I love this dress. I was also convinced I'd never wear it, but have already worn it to two weddings since I bought it. Never would have thought of wearing a blazer with it - will have to try that!

  9. Love everything about this outfit. The dress is so girly and cute. You've managed to winterize it SO well. I wouldn't have the guts to put such dark tights with such a floral dress, but it looks perfect. Balanced just right. Great job!
    Moms Have Style, Too!

  10. oh i love the beautiful print and cut of this dress! and it looks like the bow will be an easy fix. i can't wait to see more of you in this dress!

    cute & little

  11. Cee, that dress is oh-so-pretty. The color and pattern are so Spring and Summer, and that bow is beyond cute. I love how you wear black tights with it, I will have to copy your idea because I feel naked wearing anything above knee length.

    Elle has the cutest collection of dresses.

  12. Love it! It looks great on you Cee!

  13. Really love this dress you look stunning in it and great combo with black blazer and tights amazing purchase!!!!

  14. This dress looks a million times better on you than it ever did on me! And I vote new black blazer too...hehe want to go Theory outlet shopping together? :)

    Eek, sorry to hear about the rib cage issue and the bow...I have some pretty oversized rib cages for my build and didn't notice it too much with this dress. Maybe it's because I am shorter so my waist falls higher up. le sigh.

  15. I myself wouldn't have occasion to wear that dress but would have bought based on the unique bow and lovely print. I may just have to settle for that floral LOFT blouse that many petite bloggers have been sporting. From the looks of it, the dress seems to fit you quite well, I would have never known about the top bow, and I love how you "winterized" with the tights and blazer. And thank god for tape! I secretly think it can fix everything :)

  16. @Jarucha - I've recently discovered pockets in clothing and couldn't believe what I'd been missing out! Definitely love them :)

    @Alterations Needed - Oh man, I hate missing out too :( I'll keep my eyes out on eBay, but I honestly don't know how the fit will be on you b/c you're at least a size smaller than me. Have you checked out the re-releases from Target's designer collabs? I wish they could have put out more than 2 items from each designer. Yeah, wishful thinking on my part :)

    @Banhannas - Did I snatch it up while you were considering it? If so, I'm sorry :(

    @Simply Bubblelicious - Hehe, I couldn't agree more!

    @Couture and Crayons - Thank you! I keep thinking about what a dum dum I've been, missing out on all of Target's collabs!

    @Lisa, @Kristen, @JenlovesBal, @katou - Thank you! A blazer is my answer to any fashion dilemma ;)

    @Anonymous - Hi dress twin! I had weddings in mind when I bought the dress too. Now all I need are my friends to get married, haha. How have you styled the dress?

    @Erin - Thanks for the honest feedback! I wasn't sure about these dark, dark tights either. But the other colors in my closet just didn't seem right, so I took a chance. Glad you like it!

    @kileen - My final resort would be to take it home to my mom. But really... if I can't sew this bow back together, I should get my female card taken away.

    @Nelah - Hehe, copy away! I'm the opposite... if I wear sleeveless or strapless tops, I feel naked without something covering my shoulders haha.

    @Elle - Pfft! We are the same size, woman! Therefore, if it looks good on me, then it looks good on you. I'm going to hold you to that, if you're ever in my area or if I'm ever up north, theory will be our first stop :)

    @R.L. - My closet consists of a lot of solid colors, and I figured it's about time I branch out into prints. So I think I know which LOFT floral blouse you're talking about... it's definitely worth considering. Twitpic if you ever do get it? :)

  17. ADORABLE Cee! Love it! It's so fresh and unique!!! Loved how you paired it w/the blazer:D

  18. That is a beautiful dress and the print is stunning! You of course styled it beautifully too :) My Target never has any of the designer clothing collabos but did get those Cynthia Vincent wedges last summer.

    Have you tried J. Crew blazers? I found that my 0 was pretty much true to size and the material is nice and thick.

    I'm also curious how this would look with that dark olive cardi!

  19. @Really Petite - Thank you Annie!

    @SewPetiteGal - You just read my mind! I'm waiting for the warmer weather to pair with the J.Crew olive cardi :D Great minds think alike!

    I haven't ever tried J.Crew blazers (not sure why), but I'll be keeping that in mind. Thanks for the suggestion!

  20. It actually looks better when its paired with tights. Its like given an upper-east side/ gossip girl look vibe in it. Plus its great for cold weather, and cold offices like the call centers.

  21. Ah... I completely missed this collection, but I'm glad you were able to get your hands on one! Very cute, and I hope you get lots of wear out of it! :)


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