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by - Monday, March 14, 2011

Being able to shop again is a wonderful feeling :) Stop #1, J.Crew.

First is the J.Crew Double-serge pencil skirt in bronzed ochre, size 00 or 0P (currently on sale here). Silly me, both sizes I tried on were too big and now looking back, I can't remember which size I was wearing in the photos. I wish 00P was available when I ordered, but even if it had fit, I probably would have returned the skirt. In person, the color didn't seem as vibrant as on the model, so I was disappointed. I did like how the material was nice and thick though.

See the same skirt on cute and little and Extra Petite (did I miss anyone?)

Next is the J.Crew cotton bell skirt in mauve morning, size 00 (currently on sale here). I love my J.Crew wool bell skirt so much that I wanted to try out the cotton version too. I remember the 00 in wool felt a bit tight on me, so I went home with a size 0. I would recommend sizing down on the cotton version because the elastic didn't feel as tight. I ultimately returned the skirt because I noticed this color also comes in J.Crew's pencil skirt version*, which I decided I would rather own. Now I just have to cross my fingers that this color makes it to sale.

*On an unrelated note, the citron pencil skirt color looked so promising online, but in person, not so much. So buyer beware!

See the same skirt on SewPetiteGal and Vicky's Daily Fashion.

Lastly, the J.Crew Perfect-fit mixed-tape cardigan in bronzed twig, size XS (other colors currently sold here). I first saw it on the chloe conspiracy and was smitten with the various ways that she styled this cardigan. It's a color that I don't own in my closet, so I took a chance even though it's final sale. After trying it on, I'm iffy about the color on my darker skin (darn it, Chloe makes everything look so good!). The fit is fine (I would probably prefer it to be a tad looser), but because it's final sale, I'm determined to find ways to make it work. Any recommendations on good color pairings?

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  1. I did try the double serge skirt in the same size but different color! Mine was the boring grey color lol! You and I must be very similar in sizing because the waist was just a smidge big on me too! I don't think I need to slim down the hips though.

    OMG I saw that citron skirt in the JCrew catalogue ... looks so GORGEOUS! Glad you said it wasn't good in person so now my temptation doesn't bother me any longer. I really love the wool bell skirt on ya! Just be careful too about the cotton skirt because it isn't as wrinkle resistant as the wool one!

  2. I got the serge skirt in the same ochre color in a 00P and it was too big. I just don't know and can't decide if I want to shell out money for alterations....decisions decisions!!!

  3. I never realized how tiny you are, Cee! not that I thought you were big by any means, I just thought we were close to the same size, but um, I'm a whole size or two larger. haha, silly me.

    You know what that cardigan would go well with? MY NEW TOFFEE BELL SKIRT. Yes, you should just send it over to me right now and we can just call it even. Plus, it would look better with my pale skin, right??? :) hehe, j/k, I think the color looks good on you!

    And good call on waiting for the morning mauve pencil skirt. That is just lovely!

  4. I really love the color of the cardigan. I too fell in love with it when I saw it on Chloe. It's such a different color. I'm sure you'll come up with something great when you wear it. And good call on returning the mauve bell skirt for the pencil skirt. The pencil skirt looks amazing.

    Complex Cardigans

  5. Haha, shopping is hard to resist after a ban...I like the color of the double serge skirt - too bad for the fit. Is this dry clean only? The cotton skirt doesn't look as good as your wool version...perhaps the color? And the cardigan looks fine on you - maybe with a light pink top? It looks great with your white tank too - refreshing on the eyes!

  6. Yay for shopping :) I really like the color of the Bell Skirt on you! Hope you can get this same color in the pencil skirt! I think I saw Chloe wearing the cardi with contrasting colors like grays, roses, turquoise - maybe try that out?

  7. The "bronzed ochre" didn't work for me either... I was slightly horrified at the colour when I pulled it out of the box. Looks great on others, though, but not me!! The cotton bell skirt is adorable. I wanted that colour but it sold out so quickly. =) And I agree with the colour on the last cardi - not so amazing. Thanks for the reviews!

  8. Just put your giveaway button on my sidebar. I didn't want to leave the comment in the giveaway post because I didn't want to have an extra entry accidentally :)
    Moms Have Style, Too!

  9. i purchased the double serge skirt in bronzed ochre and nightfall blue (posts coming soon). i did post an outfit on my blog with the vintage wisteria color. i would not say the 00 is a perfect fit on me, but it is doable. geez, you are skinny woman! lol. as for the cardigan, i love the color. darn that chloe, she makes you want to buy everything she wears! lol. i would pair that color with anything really--navy, gray, black, even coral!

    The Classy Confidante

  10. I love the little fashion show, and I'm a little jealous now (and sad that I'm on a shopping fast again!), because I absolutely want that bell skirt. Although, now that I think about it, it might make my rear-view a little wider than I'd like, so maybe it's a good thing I can't run right out and get it?

  11. I think the cardigan looks really nice on you! I don't have anything in my closet of that color either, but would love to wear it someday; especially in fall! I think it is a gorgeous color and seems like it would match a lot of things. :)

  12. @Banhannas - Yay for being around the same size. I've always had a hard time with other petite reviews because they're teeny tiny. I guess now I think about it, if it works for them, then I know it'll work for me too, haha.

    The catalog version of citron was PERFECT. The right amount of brightness and yellowness. In person it looked much more green and not as bright. I had to even ask an SA to point it out to me b/c I passed over that shade the first time!

    @Really Petite - I think alterations might be costly with the side zipper. The color is truly unique, so if you love it, it might be worth the cost :)

    @kimmie - You are so right about the cardi with toffee skirt!!! If I truly hated it, I would send it over in a heartbeat! But I do like challenges, and this might mean that I make another trip back to J.Crew to try on the toffee skirt :D

    @Jenn, @♥☮Renee - Thank you for your vote of confidence! After mulling it over for a few days, I don't think incorporating the color into my wardrobe will be too bad :) Hopefully.

    @Jarucha - Yup, double serge skirt is dry clean only. The fabric content has wool. There is a cotton version out for spring which might be machine washable.

    @SewPetiteGal - Thanks for the color suggestions! I will be rummaging through my closet and holding up items because picturing outfits in my head just isn't working, lol.

    @Aubrey - Me too! I hate J.Crew and their misrepresentation of colors! I'm glad I'm not the only one because for the longest time I thought it's my monitor, lol. I'll keep an eye out for the bell skirt for you. I think we're similar in size, so 00?

    @Erin - No problemo! Thank YOU for entering :)

    @Leena - I remember the vintage wisteria color and LOVED it on you. Oh, if only I had discovered pencil skirts earlier :) You wear pencil skirts so well. I think the bronze ochre will look so much better on you than it did on me.

    @Tara - How long is your shopping ban? Cuz I've got a lot more things to review the next few days, lol! I don't want to be the reason that you give in to temptation :)

  13. I love the color of that cardigan! I would probably pair it with my navy polka dot blouse and light green necklace....or my blush colored oragami shell.....or my salmon colored dress and rhinestone necklace. (I'm beginning to think I might need that cardi ;) Lol

  14. I love J.Crew Double-serge pencil skirt but too bad it is still to big on you. These skirts are gorgeous and of high quality. They are sure expensive even when on sale.

  15. I love how J.Crew has such unusual colors, and I agree that Chloe makes everything look so good! I've been to the double-serge skirt page so many times (every time I see a blogger mention it), only to have to talk myself down from ordering because I knew that there's no way it would fit me. Thanks for the pics because now I'm glad I held back!

  16. Ugh... I hate it when things don't fit right. I have both of those skirts and I should have bought the 4's as the 6's were just not fitting right. I should always remember I should go in the store rather than shop online.

  17. Great items you have there love the colors and the cuts too bad they don't fit well but you've got great alternatives though go for it and try different sizes ;)

  18. i happen to be searching for the ochre pencil skirt... any chance you are looking to sell?
    please email me
    chrlee76 AT yahoo DOT com



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