30 for 30: A problem with lint

by - Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My Old Navy black cardigan picks up lint like craaazy. I spent a good 10 minutes last night running a lint roller over it. Two sheets and an arm workout later, it's not perfect but acceptable. I just make sure I don't end up standing too close to people. Don't want them giving me the stink eye.

Would it help if I stick the sweater in the dyer? I'm pretty sure the fabric content is 100% cotton, so I've always hung it up to dry to prevent shrinkage. I don't separate my whites and colors when washing --- perhaps that would make a difference? Or I could just not buy any more black cotton items. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated :)

top: LOFT
belt: Forever 21
pants: Express
bag: Chanel

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  1. I am not sure how to prevent the sweaters from picking up lint. I used to not separate my whites and colors when washing either. It was pretty bad. All my nice stuff looked horrible after one wash. I am doing better now but I have no laundry tips whatsoever :(

  2. Oh my gosh you look awesome! I love this that scarf is to die for!!


  3. Oh you DEFINITELY need to separate your laundry. I do these piles: First separate into warm wash/dryer and cold wash/hang or lay flat to dry. After these are separated, the piles become whites, darks and colors. See, whites will dull if mixed with colors, colors will dull if mixed with darks and darks will pick up the lint of anything not equally dark. Good luck!

  4. ya i def would not wash sweaters with any white clothing. love the scarf!

  5. No laundry tips but I do use the Shout color catcher occasionally when I have a new shirt/pants that look like the color could bleed...I don't use it all the time though...sometimes, its just the material...

  6. Separating the dark colors from the light colors might help somewhat, but I have nothing to offer beyond that. Black cotton items are just bad news, I guess!

    Love the scarf with that blouse :)

    This Life, Redefined…stop by and say hi!

  7. I usually just limit black/dark clothing items that collect lint.

    I love the look you put together!! You have so many pretty scarves!!

  8. I separate lights and colors - but I also only wash cardigans every 2-3 wears unless I stain it or it's a jersey material to prevent pilling and color fade. Is your ON cardi a stretchy t-shirt type material? Those usually wash and dry very well.

    Great outfit as usual!

    What will you do when the 30 for 30 is over?

  9. I'm kind of obsessed with the high belt but with with this outfit the belt through the loops is perfect.

  10. I separate my whites and colors and don't wash my cardis much. I'm also careful about what coats I wear with it because sometimes there can be lint transfer. Maybe lint roll it more often so that it doesn't require so much lint rolling at once? Sorry, I have little advice for you!

  11. Technically, yes gotta separate the colors. Do I? No, I'm just too lazy. =0P However, I find that fabrics that have a slick surface, can attract lint. It depends on how tightly woven the yarn is. I'm guessing the only preventative is to separate the laundry as per the majority of your reader's suggestions.

  12. Wash them seperatly, not just color but by fabric type - cotton with cotton for example). It may sound like a lot of work (and it is) but it will help.

  13. I just use a lint remover since I have 3 dogs and it works wonders. they sell portable light ones that you can easily stash in your purse.

  14. I would definitely seperate whites and darks, as well as, by fabrics .......you'd be surprised how much it helps!...but also, you might want to buy one of those sweater shavers. I use mine a lot. They can keep your sweaters looking brand new for a very long time. Just 3 more days to go in the 30 for 30...Congratulations, you've done such a great job!

  15. You're so cute! I'm so picky with my laundry...I never let my husband do it as he tends to mix whites with darks which is a big no-no for me haha.

    Wow, you're almost done with 30 for 30 girl...great job! I wish I was more committed (aka not lazy) to do it.

  16. This oufit is classy and comfy love the blouse outfit27 you're almost there and concerning laudry tips i wash all my favourite stuff the old way put some gloves and get down to work it's the only way you can save them from machine damage :)

  17. @Erin, @Leena, @Tara, @Nelah - I had a feeling that's what most people would say =/ I need to stop being a lazy butt and take care of my clothes better! Thank you for the tips!

    @Jarucha - Hmm, that's the first time I've heard of that. Will have to keep that in mind when I run errands. Thanks!

    @SewPetiteGal - They're not really stretchy at all. I think they're also starting to pill pretty bad. Let this be a lesson that I should 1) take better care of my clothes and 2) maybe invest in higher quality fabrics.

    @Lisa Lisa Lisa - Any advice, small or large, is greatly appreciated!

    @Banhannas - Glad I'm not the only lazy bum around :)

    @Lisa - Yup, I bought a pack of portable ones. Maybe I should look into ones specifically made for pets -- those ought to be more heavy duty, I think?

    @Callandra - Sweater shavers is new to me too. Thanks for the suggestion :) This is why I love blogging!

    @katou - Whoa! Kudos to you girl. That takes so much patience and commitment. If my lazy bum can't even separate colors from whites... I think hand washing is too much for me, haha.


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