Prep School

by - Thursday, May 19, 2011

The theme for this Bloggers Do It Better challenge is a style I love, preppy but with a menswear twist. I had an easy time raiding bf's closet for a tie because this was the only one I could find, hanging by its lonesome self next to two dress shirts, lol. I did help him pick out the tie, so it should be ok if I borrowed without asking... like how I "borrow" his side of the closet to put my things but eventually take over :D

I picture stripes when I think of prep, so I may have been a little too stripe-happy: shirt (even though it's hard to see), tie* (only choice), blazer cuffs, and belt. I'm glad the tie had shades of pink to make the outfit more feminine, but I also added my own touch with additional jewelry.

Have you ever incorporated a tie into an outfit before? How did it turn out?

*I really need to learn how to tie a tie

necklace: J.Crew
tie: Express (bf's - similar)
shirt: Hollister (similar)
blazer: theory (similar)
belt: Old Navy (similar)

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  1. Cee...why is that you can wear just about anything and always look so good? :D

  2. Oh and no I haven't tried a tie on with any outfits and I doubt I will because well I chicken and very boring...LOL

  3. Seriously. This is adorable. And yes, it takes guts, and I'm so impressed by yours! As for tying the tie...I thought you did it like that on purpose! Kinda like a lady-like take on the men's version!

  4. Oooh I love this cute with a touch of masculine/tomboyish look. You rock it girl!

  5. Seriously, you do lots of things that most ppl would not be able able to pull off and you do them soo wonderfully!
    I do not see too many stripes like you do in this outfit..
    I probably would not be able to pull off the tie thing but never say
    Have a great weekend Cee!!

  6. Lookin' good! This looks so cool and chic! Once upon a time, I used to have a lot of ties that I used for belts, head bands and yes, ties. Now, I'm not so sure I can pull off this look...

  7. lol! on borrowing without asking because you picked it for him! I think you did a good job feminizing it with the jewelry :) I personally have not tried a man's tie for any outfits...probably because I'm too lazy to figure out how to wear it or even tie one! haha

  8. Hahaha, guys don't need as much space as gals so it should be fine that your stuff creep over to his side. And I only wore a tie once and that was in HS...let's just say I never did it again. I used a clip on tie then. I don't think this look is meant for me...too intimidating.

  9. !!!!!!!

    this is adorable!! i love the way you made the tie so relaxed and cool.

    actually, i wear my boyfriend's tie as a belt A LOT. i'll steal one of his shirts (one that's long enough to act as a shirt dress) and pair it with leggings. the tie-belt is great for cinching the waist.

    i've been dreaming of pink gingham shirts and grey bow-ties.


  10. Very Serena Vanderwoodsen from GG =) xoxo

  11. I really like this...and your not to stripey, I was thinking the same thing about my jacket! I lovee your look! great job!

  12. haha interesting way of placing the tie ;) But loved the added accessories to the look!

  13. Omgoshomgoshomgosh I love this!! You pull off trends so well!! The blazer is amazing on you and the tie is so cute!

  14. but you're so good w/tying scarves, how do you not know how to tie a tie? hahaha.

    i like this edition of bloggers do it better.

  15. Very cute and very preppy. I bet you have the best outfits at work!

  16. cute look, love those trousers, they make your legs look super long

  17. I've never tried the tie, and honestly not sure I would have the guts look awesome though, totally rocking this!

  18. I love this, you look great!!


  19. @Really Petite - Good question. When I figure it out, I'll let you know ;)

    @Erin - I'll take that compliment :) Sometimes accidents turn out to be the best successes.

    @Nelah, @Inez of Style Chic....360, @Two Stylish Kays, @Kimberlee, @Sophie - Country girl - Thanks :)

    @b_ra, @Lisa - Thank you! I try to have as much fun as I can, and that includes trying out trends. Life's too short to not be "daring" every once in awhile :)

    @hurricanekerrie - I agree that ties can be so versatile. I'm kicking myself for not accessorizing with them sooner! You were way ahead of the curve :)

    @Olyvia - Haha, you and me both. I was a bit too eager to try out this outfit when I really should've taken the time to figure out how to tie it first :D

    @Jarucha - Ahh, but what about girly looking ties like this one with hints of pink? I never thought I'd work a tie into an outfit either, but I'm thinking of future outfits with it tied like a sash. You know me, having fun with belts is my thing :)

    @gold N turquoise - Yes! I can't wait to use ties in the future tied as a sash. Since bf doesn't wear his ties a lot, it's better that I use it rather than have it sit lonely in the closet, right? :D

    @Lisa - I heart Serena, so thank you!

    @AubreyOhDang! - That thought did cross my mind when I was struggling to finish off this outfit, hahaha. I blame it on the tie :D

    @JenlovesBal - On my lazy days, I'm probably the worst dressed at work lol. It's really like night and day when I want to dress "better". Hopefully my nicer outfits are what people will remember :)

    @Tara - A couple people mentioned using a tie as a belt/sash around the waist. I can't wait to do that sometime soon... perhaps you can see if that look suits you?

  20. you look amazing as usual. :) the color combo of this outfit is unbelievable: pink, grey, blue...and i love the "triple" stripes!!! IMO, the necklace and ring are the pieces de resistance! :)

    kimchi girl

  21. This outfit looks so good on you, the tie is lovely :)

  22. I have ALWAYS wanted to try incorporating a tie into an ensemble of some sort but never figured out a good way without looking like a waitress. This is fabulous and you pull it off so beautifully (like everything else!).

    As for tie tutorials, maybe check youtube?

  23. You look great. Boyish, but professional. I really like those pants... But I think they'd be to long on me.

  24. You look awesome! I love preppy looks :) I wish I could pull off a look so chic.

  25. For me, the pants make the whole outfit!!! Super cute.

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  26. Great outfit, i'm not a big fan of ties on girls but you definetely pulled it together :)


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