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by - Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lately, I've been catching myself tugging on my shorts to make them magically longer. I'm taking this as a sign that I'm... maturing (sounds so much better than old). Though I'm finding it hard to completely phase these shorts out of my wardrobe. I think at least for this summer, I'll just continue to pair them with loose, flowy tops, possibly layered. That should help balance out the bottom half.

Do you have any do's or don'ts when it comes to short shorts?

jacket: American Eagle (similar)
necklace: J.Crew
belt: Ann Taylor (other colors sold here)
shorts: American Eagle (this season's version sold here)
socks: American Eagle (similar)

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  1. cee: ur so so so adorable in this! when wearing short shorts or short skirts, u must wear a conservative top as not to look scandalous.

    p.s. u should try wearing thos argyle knee socks w/ heels on non-rainy would look tres cuuuuute too! :)

    kimchi girl

  2. Loving the shorts and the outfit!

    I think that during our 20's, we should get our fill of short-shorts. Even after, it would be appropriate depending on how loose or sophisticated your tops may be.

    I love that JCrew (for example) has a wide selection of shorts, at a variety of lengths; perhaps add an inch per decade? I plan to play it by ear when I hit the big 3.0.


  3. I think longer, flowy tops are a great way to balance short shorts! There are also the classic standbys of blazers and button downs too but I always say that LOL.

    I love that you paired these with your Burberry rain boots (w/ a peek of argyle, no less) - the whole look is such a sophisticated take on weekend casual. You have such great legs, Cee!

    And your necklace is near completion :)

  4. DO: Look as adorable as you do in short shorts!

    DON'T: Wear jean short cutoffs that fall just above the knee (especially in black) But I don't think anyone would really do that anymore...hopefully...

  5. Cee, you look great in shorts and I love that you layered so many pieces on top to balance out all the leg you're showing. My worst pet peeve is when high school girls wear spaghetti strap tank tops and then short shorts. Too much skin, girls!

    And I have a pair of shorts that I bought when I was in Vegas a few years back, and they were perfect while on vacation, but then once I got back home I realized how short they were. And now they just sit in my closet.

  6. Cute outfit you have here. I guess my big no-no is wearing shorts that are too short that one can't even bend down comfortably (no pet peeve, please). I have a few pairs which I never realize how short they are so I just wear them around the house but not in public.

  7. Hrrm, I'm 28 and I'm thinkin those shorts are definitely NOT too short! :) You styled them well. I do understand though, my tiniest shorts from college now make me feel... naked in public!

    Oh my goodness, those socks and those boots are SO awesome looking, they shouldn't be sexy (argyle? rain boots? sexy?), but somehow they really are!

  8. I love this look! They are definitely not too short. I think the rule is as long as your butt cheeks don't hang out? lol..


  9. I hear you about "maturing" and wanting to tug on your shorts. Wearing longer/flowy tops is a way for me to still wear shorter shorts, but still feel like an adult. I think your shorts look great on you.

  10. Cee, I think you did a great job in balancing out so called "short shorts" with great layers. I also really love the femininity of the white top.

    I was also beginning to miss that great jacket of yours!

  11. These shorts look great on you! Don't worry about them being too exude classiness with the way you styled them. I wear short shorts, but never tight and short...and never with skin-showing tops (I'm a 32 yr old Mom of three) And to be honest, I don't like to put an age cut-off on certain pieces. A pair of short shorts may look beautiful on the right 45 year old woman but horrible on a 19 year old. It depends on what your personal best assets are. My legs are definitely my best body-part.

    Thanks for sharing the outfit! very cute :)

  12. LOL, Cee. I am much older than you are and I haven't started tugging on my shorts yet. Your maturity level is passing mine. :) I love the MAM on you. Do you still like it as much as when you first bought it? Hautelook is having a RM sale tomorrow, I'm thinking of taking a look. The red clutch I got from Bluefly didn't work out, so I returned it. I'm on the lookout again. :)

  13. I'm so torn when it comes to short-shorts! Anything short on the bottom looks GREAT on us petites...and unfortunately, shorts that are more mature/modest just aren't as flattering. I like your idea of wearing loose tops with short shorts, it does create a modest balance.

  14. I also find myself tugging on mine. But I have tried longer shorts and they just arent flattering on me. These look great, I dont think they look too short :)

  15. I'm sooo not a shorts girl, they make my legs look so stubby :P

    You pull them off well, but I agree there is a find line b/w shorts that are too short and ones that are an appropriate length. I think the ones you're wearing are fine!

  16. @Kimchi Girl - Socks with heels, what a novel idea. What type of heels? I'm running a mental list through my rack of shoes, but can't figure out which ones would look weird and which ones would look ok :)

    @gold N turquoise - Great rule of thumb! I have a few years yet before I hit the big 3 uh oh, so this pair may last me awhile longer yet. Now that you brought up the playing by ear, I think it also helps that we're relatively thin -- short shorts don't look as scandalous.

    @SewPetiteGal - Haha, you and me both. Blazers and button downs seem to always be our go to ;)

    @Erin - Lol! The "don't" made me laugh out loud and go google for an image :D

    @kimmie - Even when I'm wearing pants, I feel so awkward wearing strapless/spaghetti strap tops by itself -_- Re: your vacation shorts... I think that just means you need to take a trip soon so you can bust them out again! :)

    @Nelah - Good call. That bending down trick instantly reminded me of that scene from "Legally Blonde" -- where Reese Witherspoon was teaching her beautician the snap-and-bend trick to attract the UPS guy lol.

    @Bethany - I have a weakness for patterned knee-high socks, mainly argyle. I've always been called cute in them, but now I won't see them in the same light again ;)

    @Kelly - Quite true. Now I'm afraid to look at my back in the mirror haha.

    @Style Journey - That's all the excuse I need to go out and pick up more flowy tops :)

    @b_ra - Hopefully I'll be getting more wears out of this jacket before the summer humidity hits! It's definitely an item I will miss a lot.

    @Anne - So wise, I loved reading your comment. If I had to pick, I probably would pick my legs too. Time to learn to embrace my worst and best features :)

    @Vicky - Ahh, I'm sorry to hear the Belle clutch didn't work out! I love my MAM. It's the perfect size and shape for me (I love satchels) and my go-to bag most of the time. It is on the heavy side if you're picky about weight. I came across this MJ bag today and I'm seriously considering selling my MAM to buy this baby :O I just can't justify 2 black bags, but there really is nothing wrong with MAMs.

    @ShortBlonde, @purses and puppies - When I was shopping for these shorts a few years ago, I realized a few extra inches on the inseam simply looked horrendous on me. So I totally get where you're coming from. I wonder if I went shorts shopping today if I would feel the same way.

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - What?! How?! I refuse to believe it until I see a pic of you in shorts :)

  17. You look adorable in short shorts, Cee! Pairing a flowy top with shorts is a great way to balance the outfit. The length of your shorts is perfect. I love the contrast between your top and your shorts.

  18. I'm going through the same crisis as you! I used to have tons of tight short shorts and I used to wear them with tight tops. Now I've started wearing looser and longer shorts now. Also, when wearing my short shorts I pair with loose tops and sometimes even pantyhose.


  19. Hot, hot, hot!! :p For day wear, definitely pair short bottoms with conservative tops. But if you are going all out at night, who cares. :p

  20. Sweetie, the shorts are workin! Nice!

  21. I love short shorts. I say wear em now when you can otherwise when you're 50, they're no longer acceptable. Wow, you've got loooooong legs! you rock this outfit!

  22. i love this here from j.crew's paris catalogue. i can't pull this off but u def. can! please do! so i can wear this vicariously thru you. :))

    kimchi girl

  23. Look at you! Rainboots and shorts? You are too adorable :)

    I think these shorts look fantastic, and if you can wear them (and you obviously can!), you absolutely should. I do like the idea of keeping the top loose and flowy, though, to balance out the short length. But as I am slightly...let's call it 'curvier'...than you are, short shorts have been out for me for quite awhile. It's just not a flattering look for my leg shape. Now, add an inch or two to the hem length, and I'm definitely in!

  24. I think you can go as short as you want, so long as your cheeks aren't hanging out. and it's not too tight like daisy dukes. you dont want them so long that you look frumpy. otherwise, just go for bermuda shorts.

  25. Um....can I have your legs Cee? Because they are like a mile long and super slim! You look fantastic in I can't pull it off- I have stubs..LOL

  26. Black shorts + gingham + army green = LOVE!!!

    I'm so jelly that you can look that gorgeous with shorts and flat boots haha.

  27. you definitely have the legs for short shorts! i've found that i'm veering more towards longer shorts myself. i guess i'm "maturing" too. :)

    oh, and that military jacket is still my fave!

    cute & little
    come check out the Color Brigade!

  28. I don't really think those are short. At least... not booty shorts, you know?

    I guess I still own a few pieces of short shorts but I do try to pair them down and make sure my shirt isn't tight as well.

  29. @PetiteLittleGirl - Thanks, now all I need are more flowy tops ;)

    @Petite in the City - Pantyhose -- I haven't thought of that. Perhaps even tights in the winter time? I'll have to remember both.

    @Michelle - Hahaha, spoken like a true Vegas girl :) Thanks Michelle!

    @Simply Bubblelicious - :D Thank you!

    @Lisa - It's all an illusion ;) I'll give credit to the great camera timer skillz

    @Kimchi Girl - AHH! SO, SO CUTE! I don't know if I can pull it off though, at least right now... don't have the perfect shoes in mind. Perhaps in the future :)

    @Tara - So true, I better wear these while I still can before the clock starts ticking!

    @AubreyOhDang! - I liken bermuda shorts to your aversion to cropped pants for some reason, hahaha. But, I'll admit I've never given them a chance before, so I really shouldn't judge before I try.

    @Really Petite - Pshhh, you have a great figure, Annie, as evidenced by your YouTube video intros!

    @Lisa - And I'm jealous that you pull off heels like nobody else. Wanna trade for a day? :)

    @kileen - It feels kind of odd to me because nothing in personal life has changed... no major milestones have happened I mean. So this maturing came outta nowhere it seems.

    @aki! - Quite true. I would hope I'm sensible enough not to walk out of the house in booty-shorts-level shorts!

  30. this is such a hot outfit! love it..just became ur new follower too girlie!!

    btw: I think you should definitely invest in a DSLR. If your just starting out..the xsi that i owned is really nice..if you dont care to do any video recording.

    :) Simplyvonne

  31. I say as long as you have the legs to wear shorts, then keep em coming! These look great on you!

    Live Life in Style


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