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by - Monday, May 09, 2011

Step aside, J.Crew. Today's inspiration came from LOFT and Ann Taylor. I've had the LOFT image (below left) in my inspiration folder for awhile, so when Elle posted pictures from Ann Taylor's summer lookbook with the embellished floral halter (below right), I knew I had to recreate the look myself. I had actually worn a cardigan with this outfit for work, but off it went for pictures.

Off on a tangent -- has anyone else seen the floral halter in person? The flowers looked quite sparse and not at all like the ones in the photo.

flower pin: LOFT (similar, smaller)
top: LOFT
sash: J.Crew
skirt: Gap (similar)

*(Top left) LOFT image courtesy of LOFT; (Top right) Ann Taylor image courtesy of Ann Taylor

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  1. I like your look better than theirs! I LOVED that top (yours, not theirs), but tried it on and it just didn't work. I was so disappointed because that hot pink color is spectacular. I'm so glad you got it and look so great in it!

  2. very pretty! i love your bright colors. i rarely see those type of skirts work so well on people, you pulled it off beautifully.

  3. Looks fab! Do you live somewhere where it is warm now? It's still (and might always be too chilly) all year round in the bay area.

  4. Love the tulip skirt! I could never pull that skirt off (I'm very hip-y so it would make my bottom half look even wider). But on you its perfect, giving you the hourglass figure.

    Complex Cardigans

  5. Love this look on you! You did a great job recreating it and I definitely like yours better. :)

  6. I love your look even better than theirs! The bright top makes the outfit just gorgeous! Love it!

  7. BE-YOU-TIFUL! :))

    i saw this top on you in the other OOTD and didn't know it was a halter...!

    i saw the AT top in person, and wasn't too impressed...kinda figured the look was recreatable w/ my own flower pins so i didn't get it.

    anyhoos...i love your innovative ways of wearing everything. ur such an inspiration to me--more so than some of those magazines/models! =D

    <3 kimchi girl

  8. I love this look. That's a gorgeous color on you.

    Live Life in Style

  9. Your version of the outfit is ten times better than the original! I'm really not feeling the look of the material of the original flower shirt. Great job as usual!

  10. I like the whole outfit from the Loft inspiration picture better than AT's promo pic. I don't like the color and slinky-ness of that top since it reminds me too much of lingerie. Anyhows, you always manage to top inspiration pics so kudos! Your skills need to rub off on me. Hahah.

  11. Love your version, Cee. I did see the AT top in person and was disappointed the flowers were not even removable pins. For such a pricey top you'd think they make it a lil more versatile.

  12. Cee - this is so perfect!! I also saw the AT top and was very disappointed at how wimpy the flowers looked IRL. I definitely prefer your version!

    Still loving your "inspired" posts, they are such great interpretations and make the looks seem much more accessible than having to buy every piece in the original.

  13. *whistles* Dang!! I love the front slit of your skirt!

    I do prefer yours flows more...the other one is too mis-matchy for me.

  14. What a great re-creation! I like yours better... it has a bit more of an edgy and downtown vibe.

  15. So, I tried on three or four blouses last weekend at the Ann Taylor outfit, and I liked NONE OF THEM! I was so disappointed, too. I don't know if the outlet fitting is different than the actual store (because the sales people at my Ann Taylor are so pushy I avoid that place like the plague...), but nothing fit right at all. And I was so close to scoring a look-alike substitution for this blouse here. So sad!

  16. @Erin - I've heard others say the top fit them weird as well. What was off about it on you? I'll admit I do prefer the top with something covering it.

    @purses and puppies, @Jenn - I think my broader shoulders help balance out the hips, because it sure isn't my chest lol. I also cheated a bit and fluffed out the bottom of the top where it's tucked in, so I don't look as hip-py.

    @granola2glam_chris - Temperatures have been crazy lately, ranging anywhere from 60-80! Luckily this was one of the hotter days. Warmer the better, imo :)

    @Lilly's Style, @Tiffany, @Shasie, @b_ra, @overcaffeinated - Thanks :)

    @Kimchi Girl - Haha, probably because I think it looks better with a cardigan over it, so I don't wear the top by itself much. Good thinking on passing up the AT top -- can't wait to see your recreations :)

    @Jarucha - ME TOO. By the time I discovered the LOFT pic, all the items have already sold out. Otherwise, I would have bought everything the model was wearing lol.

    @PetiteAsianGirl, @SewPetiteGal - Yep, and I also didn't like how half the back was exposed. I suppose it is called a halter top, but would have preferred more coverage.

    @Michelle - I need to remind myself to safety-pin the front of the skirt when it's a windy day. Too many pictures came out NSFW lol.

    @Tara - Bummers! I had no idea the fit was different... I thought the outlet just used different materials. I'll have to pay closer attention next time. What about going to a regular AT on a crowded Saturday? The more people around, the less likely they'll be following you around?

  17. omg love! i so wish i could pull something like this off!

  18. how come i've never noticed this skirt before. new? well i think it goes quite well w/this shirt. man, I haven't seen my own shirt in a while. Time to do some laundry and break it out!!!

  19. @makeupandpearls - Give it a try? You never know :)

    @AubreyOhDang! - Nope, definitely an oldie. And the reason is probably cuz this is the... 4th time I've worn the skirt? =X I'm so bad at remembering what's in my closet.

  20. Adorable look! I love that top, wish I had picked it up when I had the chance!

  21. I never even thought to add another flower to that halter top! Love your look 100x better!


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