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by - Thursday, May 05, 2011

I'm such a copycat. After Jean and Vicky both picked up their citrine belts, I lucked out and found the last one in my store. Though it looked like it had been a store display piece because the ends weren't even. But, armed with a $25 off coupon thanks to Aubrey, I decided the belt was worth paying for, instead of hunting one down in pristine condition.

I heart this blogging community. From the amazing girls I've come to know, the inspirations I've gotten, the up-to-the-minute sharing of deals (hopefully my closet doesn't resemble others' too much), and the nice and constructive feedback I've been receiving. /End sappy Hallmark moment. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

scarf: Spotted Moth via Kendi's giveaway (currently sold here)
ring: Spotted Moth via Kendi's giveaway (currently sold here)
shirt: American Eagle (similar)
belt: Ann Taylor (other colors sold here)
skirt: LOFT
wedges: Nine West (currently sold here)

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  1. you look great Cee! So girly and dressy-casual. my style! I got the belt too but haven't played around with what to wear it with yet lol...

  2. I've had my eye on that skirt forEver! I love love love it!

    House of Shoes

  3. this outfit looks amazing, Cee!! did you end up keeping the exchanged 0P?


  4. Oooh I love this sweet outfit! And yes, lucky lucky to find the belt. With a coupon no less.
    That skirt is fantastic

  5. I agree! I have never been so inspired about fashion than I have been reading all these blogs. Magazines were cool but you can't relate to those models and celebrities, especially with the price of their clothes!
    Live Life in Style

  6. great picture shot! it really shows off the outfit. love your shoes too! are they comfortable? i'm easing my way into heels more at work (used to wear flats and boots) and i'm ok with 3 inch but 4 inch scares me!

  7. Love this remix! The belt is very versatile, isn't it? I'm glad you were able to get one. I'm LOVING the orange one too. Another fantastic spring color. The influence (good or bad) gets worse once you join the twitter, right? lol.

  8. You have become such a fashion inspiration to me! Because of you and other great bloggers, I have recently begun to tuck in shirts and I'm loving it!
    I was thisclose to getting that skirt when I was in the states. If I had seen this post prior to going I probably would have picked it up! Interestingly, one of my new shoe purchases are Nine West wedges very very very similar to yours. Great outfit once again!

  9. The skirt looks great on you, Cee! especially when pairing with the citrine belt. I love it! I heart the petite blogger community too.

  10. Hahaha, I think that's part of the blogging world....people end up with the same pieces in their wardrobe but its totally fine since you're not going to end up running into each other in everyday life. We don't live in the same area so yep, sharing is totally cool.

  11. Oh that belt looks lovely with a skirt. I just can't get over how pretty your skirt is.

  12. @Tina - Oh you won't be disappointed with the belt! It really goes with everything.

    @Sara Shoemaker - The skirt may still be in stores... The style # is 256473. Hopefully you can have a SA help you track one down!

    @gold N turquoise - Yup, this skirt is 0P. I like to wear it a bit higher up, but it's too loose, so a belt is actually being used for practical purposes instead of just looks, haha.

    @Lisa Lisa Lisa - Thank you! Coupons + sales always make my day :)

    @Shasie - I couldn't agree more. Everyday people like you and me are much more relatable. If I was 6 feet tall and reed thin, that might be a different story :)

    @annie - I eased into the whole heels deal by wearing wedges first. It's definitely helped my transition to regular heels after that. I top out ~3.5" for heels, but can go up to 4" for wedges. Any higher and I will probably start wobbling, lol. Please do share any tips/progress that you're making with heels b/c I can always use the help :)

    @Vicky - Twitter is SO BAD for my wallet. I don't know how you gals with smartphones do it. I'd constantly be hooked! But it's also so great to get to know everyone better :)

    @b_ra - Hehehe, I bet our closets are more similar than we realized. What can I say, we've got great tastes ;)

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Thank you! I'm LOVING this belt with EVERYTHING. Literally EVERYTHING.

    @Jarucha - So true. But can you imagine if there was ever a blogger meetup? I bet the pictures would be hilarious. Though my one biggest fear is to see a little kid wearing the same clothes that I'm wearing... like my crewcuts shirt lol. It'd be even worse if it was a little boy!

  13. aaww, i just read the tweet from Elle about her polka dot shirt and how she's willing to let you have it. There are truly good people out there!!!

  14. I love my citrine and orange belt! So glad you found one!!!

  15. I'm loving the blogging community, too!! :) And those wedgest are too cute. :)

  16. That's the good thing about fashion/style...even if you have a closet that's exactly the same as someone else's, it's how you put it all together that counts. And you put it together pretty freakin' well :)

  17. Cee, you're the only girl I know that can make a denim shirt look cute. 'coz Jay Leno practically lives in his denim shirts, I've always stayed away, but you make it work girl! Respect!

  18. @Nelah - Me neither :) Under the right lighting, the florals are so pretty.

    @AubreyOhDang! - Yes, and you are one of them, Aubs!

    @Really Petite - I think it was meant to be ;)

    @kimmie - Yes and yes. I couldn't agree more :)

    @Tara - Thanks, Tara! I'm seriously trying to limit my purchases now because half the fun is in remixing outfits, right? :)

    @Lisa - Hahaha never say never until you give it a shot :) I think paired with your feminine items, the denim will be a great contrast.

  19. Love your skirt Cee it's so pretty and feminie and I love that you added a citrine belt it really pops on your outfit!

    I must admit even tho I'm very excited to be moving to Europe in general I can't help but think living in england might be a bit easier then know the whole language barrier and all.. But can't look a gift horse in the mouth excited nonetheless!! All of my favorite luxury designers are Parisian so im going to (hopefully) be visiting Paris a lot!! And I'm exciting about discovering a whole new world of high street fashion shops that we don't have here.

  20. @Lisa - So true about the language barrier. Silly me, I didn't even think about that :P Ahh, I'm already excited about all the purchases you're going to be making! Both at high-end and street fashion stores.

  21. great remixing and the belt is so worth it! :)

  22. I never really thought I'd be lusting after a bright yellow belt but all of you ladies make it look so good - and even more importantly, VERSATILE. Love the outfit and glad that you're having nice (at least appearance wise) weather :)

  23. lovely look!!! i heart your style^__^ highfive, gabbie from


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