Longchamp LM Metal Tote

by - Saturday, May 07, 2011

Whee! Or should I say, yikes?! I went and bought another bag. So much for staying true to my resolutions for this year. But from now on, no more new bags unless I part with an old one. In with the new, out with the old. This obsession of mine has got. to. stop. before it spirals out of control.

I fell in love with this Longchamp LM Metal Tote in white, size medium (sold at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's / large version sold at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks) at first sight. Yes, yes, I say that with every one of my bag purchases, haha. I've been on a white streak lately, and the subtle silver pattern is just too gorgeous.

A couple thoughts since I've started using this bag:

- Thumbs up to the price tag. It isn't astronomical (Chanel lovers will know what I'm talking about).

- Perfect size for everyday use. I was initially set on the large size, but after much debate, I felt the medium size suits my needs better and doesn't overwhelm my frame. The large size would be perfect if I traveled a lot though.

- It's white. Pretty as it is, folds and creases are very apparent, especially under bright lighting. I'm not a bag babier, so I'm hoping it doesn't start looking worn and old with just a few uses.

- I do wish there were more inside pockets -- or at at least make the existing one bigger. I'm used to at least two, one for my cell phone and one for my magic wallet. The single compartment does get weighed down with heavier things, which doesn't help with keeping the canvas smooth.

- The bag screams spring/summer to me. I'm not sure I'll be using it when the cooler weather hits.

- Love the long handle drops. I don't know how I've been putting up with measly 4" ones.

Do you own a Longchamp bag? How has it held up over time?

*The lighting wasn't the best when I took these pictures, but the bag is really a true white in real life.

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  1. Pretty!! I really like the pattern. I have the classic medium in Fig. It makes a great throwaround bag, but the corners get worn after a while. Everything else looks good though!


  2. This is a great bag. I agree that I have a bag addiction too, but I need to pay more attention to the interior of the bag details. With all the gadgets we carry around now adays I need more inside or outside pockets. I hate rummaging through a bag trying to find everything in a bottomless pit.

    Live Life in Style

  3. i love it!
    where did you purchase yours?

  4. Yup :) I just bought my first Longchamp bag last month in the Bilberry color :) I got the medium size as well and I am loving it.

    One thing about it is that the bag doesn't stay on my shoulder very well when I wear my wool jacket :( Other than that, I love it. I cut up a piece of cardboard and slipped it into the bottom of my bag to keep the bottom from sagging if I put in heavier items.

  5. @JenlovesBal - My agnes b is a nylon tote and the corners have also worn after much use =/ I suppose this is just something we have can't avoid. Though my Longchamp is canvas (I think?), I can also see the corners wearing down after awhile. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to be more careful :)

    @Shasie - Yep, my bags are a black hole if there aren't enough side pockets, lol. I've been trying to cut down on what I carry because some of my bags are smaller than others, and it has definitely helped alleviate some of the problems. Plus, my shoulder is much happier now :)

    @Anonymous - I bought it last week at Nordstroms and had them price match Sak's F&F 20% off. Bloomingdale's also sells it. Good luck with your hunt if you're looking for one!

    @Money Pincher - Thank you for sharing your Longchamp experiences! I think my shoulders slope sharply downwards because sometimes the straps don't stay on when I'm not even wearing a lot of layers. But if I sort of tuck one strap under the other, it definitely helps. I have noticed the bottom sagging, so I may have to hunt down a piece of card board too :)

    1. Hi Cee,

      Can you give an update on your bag condition as of 2013? I.e. color, metallic fading, white handles, corners & interior, plus how have you been maintaining this pretty white tote

    2. Hey, I'm embarrassed to say I haven't been babying the bag nor have I been maintaining it =/ The good news is that there hasn't been many signs of wear. I'd say the white color has probably turned a bit yellow over time but it's hard to discern to the naked eye -- only if you put it next to something that's bright white. The metallic stamping has not faded, nor has the metallic handles. The handles do show creasing with wear, but they're even throughout. The corners are still pretty sharp but I see some blue ink from what I assume to be denim transfer. There isn't noticeable creasing on the bag either, just normal signs of wear. I'd say the bag has held up pretty well in 2 years time. Hope that helps!

  6. Oh, Cee! I think I became a bag lover since I started blogging. Not a good thing for my wallet. How beautiful is this bag! Are you going to use it as your everyday bag, or weekend bag? I try to stay away from white because I know I can't keep it clean. I've been staring at a picture of a white Chanel reissue 2.55 for a LOOOOONG time, and talked myself out of getting one. haha. You know I'm a Chanel loyal now. Blame it on dear Jean. lol.

  7. That's very pretty Cee! I've actually never seen one in that pattern. I really like it!

  8. Yay! I heart Longchamp and love how yours has a unique print to it compared to the typical solid Le Pilages. I have a beige Victorie and the black Le Pilage with an Eiffel Tower printed on it (which I tell myself makes it somewhat unique). It's smaller than the typical Le Pilage, probably closer to the dimensions of a Planetes so a good large tote for petites.

    I also dislike that it only has one small pocket, but the silhouette of Longchamp totes are so classic and they go well with casual or slightly dressy attire. Love the way thin straps but I'm weary of putting anything heavier than a DSLR for fear the straps will break.

  9. yayyyy!!!

    i've had a few longhcamp le pliage bags over the years, and i love how well they hold up.

    a while ago, i had a light green-apple tote and the edges and body did pick up a bit of wear. i've stuck to black & graphite since then.

    as to how long they last, i kept my large black tote for several years and used it every day. after many beach trips and rinsing it out for several summers, the inner plastic layer finally separated in certain spots from the outer nylon layer.

    they are definitely worth the little bit of money. i just got a chocolate one during the Bloomie's friends & family sale for 25% off!


  10. *maybe the F&F sale was only for 20%... :)

    one last thing: the bags are so light, i just use a cosmetic bag or another bag inside to partition the space. it's definitely a lot easier to find my keys & essentials that way.

  11. SO gorgeous! Don't worry about splurging on bags. Think of it as an heirloon. For instance, I bestow upon my kids a "death satchel" will and they can carry on using my bags forever and then leaving it to their kids and so on. . .

  12. You know what? I like it!

  13. OH MY GOD how am I only finding this blog now??? How?!?! It's gorgeous, the outfits are gorgeous, you're gorgeous! Love your style.

    As a first-time commenter on your blog, I wonder if I can ask you a bit of a creepy-pervy question... what's your inseam measurement? All your pants seem to fit you so well in length - do you get petite or regular length pants?

    Keep up the great work - I'm off to start reading this whole thing through from the beginning...

  14. White scares me...I just got a light cream colored bag last month and I haven't even used it b/c I'm scared its going to get dirty! Eyy! I don't baby my bags either but now I might have to start. Never thought about getting a Longchamp but I never seen anyone use the one you just got.

  15. I love the idea of a white bag, but I don't trust myself enough to get one. :( I love the size of the bag though! It's a perfect bag to go shopping with. ^_^

    <3 Irene
    Couture Petite
    Twitter: @CouturePetite

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  17. The bag is gorgeous, Cee! I love white but I would be so scared to use it often. I'm in need of a tote too...I sold my Chanel gst a few months ago because it was too heavy for my shoulders. I don't own any Longchamp but I'm curious because so many people i know do. If I get one, I would probably go for the larger size for travel :P congrats on your new purchase...I think. haha :D

  18. @Vicky - Welcome to the dark side ;) I'm going to continue using this bag as an everyday bag because it's the perfect size and I don't go on weekend getaways all that much, haha. Was the white Chanel reissue the one with the dark black chain?! Because THAT IS GORGEOUS. I probably say that about so many bags, but that truly is. I really considered that one when it first came out years ago. So, so pretty, but I think you made the right decision. I'd be scared out of my mind about not getting such an expensive white bag dirty.

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - I *think* this pattern is one of the limited edition releases. I'm so glad my online window shopping paid off :D

    @R.L. - I didn't know you're the resident Longchamp expert! I'll have to remember that and run things by you in the future :) I googled the different styles you mentioned and LOVE the Eiffel Tower print. Hmm... I really shouldn't consider any more though, haha.

    @gold N turquoise - Thank you for all the tips! I'll be keeping them in mind :) I *think* mine is canvas and not nylon, but I could see the seams coming apart after awhile too. But it sounds like the bags are durable and worth the $. Whew!

    @Lisa - So true. And hopefully by then, the prices for certain brands will have multipled 100x over and if nothing else, our kids and their kids can sell it for a hefty profit, muahaha.

    @Francesca R - Thanks :)

    @Anonymous - Thank you :) Going through my older posts shouldn't take too long, but I have to warn you, some of the photos from the early days were pretty crappy *cringes*

    Feel free to ask questions and I'll do my best to answer, especially since I try to be as helpful as I can. My inseam is around 30-31. Most of the time, I'm able to fit into stores' Short or Petite lengths. I do remember LOFT's petite jeans are too short for my liking, so I went up to the regular and folded the hems under. Though my most recent LOFT linen pants in petites fit me perfectly. Ahh... stores and their inconsistent sizing!

    @Jarucha - I'm scared too, so hence I got a white one that is relatively cheaper. I won't feel as guilty if this one becomes busted and worn, haha. Definitely use yours! You'll get so much more enjoyment out of using them as opposed to having it sit in your closet. Besides, I bet by the time your cream one is worn and old, you'll be ready for a new style anyway :)

    @Irene @CouturePetite - Yep, yep. I think white is just a scary color for everyone. But... this was just too pretty to pass up :D

    @Sunshine - I think R.L. summed it up perfectly. Longchamp's shape and style is classic, so I can see how it's popular. The affordable price is also another plus. Are you considering anything as a replacement for your GST?

  19. Ohhhh hot bag!! I'd like to see modeling photos please :) Did you fall in love with this in store or online? I still have my lavender Longchamp but haven't used it yet but I've heard that they are perfect for any kind of weather / travel and are super durable / easy to maintain.

  20. Oh and BTW - I only saw turquoise for that H&M necklace. Were you looking for a particular color?

  21. @SewPetiteGal - You betcha, modeling pics coming soon :) I saw the bag online first, then googled for every possible pictures I could find of the bag, lol. I tend to go overboard with research and then if I like something enough, I go check it out at the stores.

    I knew the J.Crew bubble necklace came in a couple of colors, but I didn't have my heart set on any one. I'm gonna try another store near me and make sure I'm on the lookout for it this time. Thank you for letting me know!

  22. I love this bag!!! I've been online window shopping for longchamp bags too, I'm thinking of the pliage, but they're so common! But I heard the store does repair frayed edges. For now I'm waiting for my next trip down to US to purchase it (save money with the exchange rate and taxes!). I'll definitely need to consult with you before I buy mine! I can't wait to see photos of you in the bag!


  23. So pretty, Cee! I've never really paid much attention to Longchamp before, but I really love this bag.

    I promised myself a little purse-shopping hiatus this year, too, because I was getting a little out of control, but I haven't done so well. BUT! The husband bought me the green and white Kate Spade I so desperately wanted for Mother's Day. And now I have no excuse to go shopping any more :)

  24. @Petite in the City - Ooh, good to know about stores offering repairs. Though, this might just give me more reason to not baby this bag even more, lol. I'm not sure why Le Pliage is their most successful line because they all sort of look the same to me? I think the shape of the totes might vary somewhat, and probably the fabric too, but while you're deciding, I'll keep an eye out for any sales or deals in the meantime!

    @Tara - Haha, receiving bags as presents doesn't count towards the shopping ban. Not technically anyway :) Can't wait to see you carrying your KS!

  25. Ohh see congrats your new white longchamps is gorgeous!!

    I purchased this exact shape, size, and handle drop in navy blue w/ a white eiffel tower on the front of it last year when I was in Paris. I wouldnt worry about the creases they go away when you unfold it and put stuff inside!! I use mine a lot when I'm traveling and have to go through security I unfold it and put my chanel bag in it because I don't want my channel bag to get dirty a hahaha. I know I sounds nuts.. But the longchmaps is so easy to clean just use a baby wipe and everything comes off!!

  26. Ugh elfin he'll I meant Cee again and it changed it too see.. Look in the future if it says see you know I'm trying to type your name I elfin hate iPad autocorrect ugh iras giving me iPad rage.

  27. Ok that last statement made no sense HAHAHA sqkkejnfrkejrnfrkejfnkedjf sigh

  28. I own 2 longchamps, one was a custom le pliage slightly larger than the small size but with long handles, I used it as an every day purse but after a few months all 4 corners ripped and made large enough holes for a pen to fit through. I don't understand how they ripped though because it was a small purse, couldn't fit much in it, and I only carry a wallet and my phone.

    When I retired that one I got the medium size lepliage which is about double the size, I've started carrying more in that bag and it has held up very well, which is surprising to me considering the smaller bag that I carried less in ripped.

    Your bag is gorgeoussss - it looks like if it gets dirty you can just wipe it down with a cloth though

  29. Ohh. The White LM is just gorgeous! I'm seriously considering buying one!! But I was kinda worried that it might stain very easily. Does yours stain easily? Or the stain can just be easily cleaned with a babywipe?

  30. @Lisa - No, I totally get it. NOTHING (and I really mean nothing) is to touch our Chanel babies :D I would freak if she got scratched one day, lol.

    @Elissa - Thank you for sharing your experience! I'm so glad I got the medium, even though this line doesn't come in a small, I don't think. The big one was huge and I was worried about the handles ripping if I put too much. But I see I should've been worried about the corners instead :)

    @Erin - Hmm, good question about staining. And I don't know what to say because mine is still pretty new. I've been more careful than usual about keeping it clean. The material is made of canvas (?), so I want to say babywipe should be able to clean the surface. Sorry I'm no help :(

  31. Hi Longchamp lovers/users,

    To prevent your bag from sagging you can purchase a bag organiser with compartments for different things. This helps to make your bag neat and easy to locate your items. If you not sure where to get it I can assist (if you want, no obligation). Enjoy your Longchamp bags.


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