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by - Sunday, April 17, 2011

I had high hopes for H&M's new Conscious Collection, but on release day, only about half the collection was out on the floor.

The item on the top of my wishlist, the Recycled Fabric Blazer (#24) was nowhere to be found! I was beyond bummed when the SA told me they're expecting more shipments over the weekend. I still need to make another trip back out.

I did find and tried on the Organic Cotton Skirt (#36), but no matter how many times I rolled up the waist, it was still much too long on me. The fabric was also so sheer, it was see-through. I passed.

The last item on my wishlist is this pair of Tencel Shorts (#33). A size 2 on me fit just right, in fact maybe a tiny bit snug. Instead of an elastic waist, there is a side button to hold the shorts up. I don't know why I was drawn to them because they're not my usual style. I own mostly cotton clothing and with the thicker fabric, I can't see them going well with these shorts. The flowy and pleated fabric called for something loose and drapey on top and I had just the perfect one in mind. I still need to find more ways to wear the shorts though -- otherwise it's a bit silly to keep them only to wear this exact outfit over and over. How would you style these shorts?

top: LOFT
sash: J.Crew
bag: Chanel

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  1. I thought the black sash was connected with the shorts but you cleverly added that on there! I really like it perfectly how you styled it. I personally am a fan of opposite textures, so cotton vs. flowy shiny works so well. I would like to see it with some of your cotton button downs. Maybe with a sash like this here?

    One of the good things about only having half of the items is that the ones pending can't be sold out yet! Muahaha. I really can't wait to see what the organic maxi length skirt looks on you.

  2. Love the new layout, Cee! I thought the black sash was part of the skirt too. These shorts remind of a pair of J Crew's Georgette mini shorts I saw on Chloe.

    I love the way you styled it here and think it would look good with other long-sleeved shirts tucked in (especially a chambray one) or a fitted top and a boyfriend cardigan over it.

  3. The new layout looks so nice! the outfit looks pretty good, I wouldn't have thought those shorts came from H&M. If you paired the shorts with something fitted, it would still look nice! =)

  4. You styled those shorts perfectly, Cee. I love how you added the black sash to define your waist. I have tried on a few items from this collection but it was disappointing.

  5. The shorts are really cute...I wish shorts looked that good on me lol!

  6. This outfit looks absolutely classy! I'm clueless when it comes to wearing shorts. The way I wear shorts always makes me look like my summer/beachy childhood/teen days. I've been loving the way Juley from wears her shorts and looks so fashionable! You're right on spot with the white button-up blouse. I also agree with Stylepint on it looking good with fitted top too (I'm thinking 3/4 fitted sleeve tee with some fancy gemstone necklace to make it look classy? yah?) I'll go back to looking at other blog sites for more ways.. (so I really do like those shorts on you!)

  7. I agree with everybody..your new layout is really pretty.

    I went to H & M today and saw the collection. I thought it was meh but the shorts look really good on you!

  8. @Banhannas - I thought the sash might be too matchy-matchy with my flats, but what the heck, sometimes matching is good :)

    @R.L. - Ooh! Thanks for the Chloe link. I will have to steal some styling tips from her :)

    @Stylepint - Haha I think my blurry camera made the shorts look nicer than they are :) I would say they're pretty consistent with H&M quality.

    @PetiteLittleGirl, @b_ra - Oh no... not you too! Did you by any chance find the scalloped blazer Jean reviewed and passed on? I really, really want to get my hands on that.

    @Tara - Give it a shot because shorts don't normally look like this on me! (I usually go for the lower-waisted kind).

    @Olyvia - Great idea! I think my H&M lace top would look great with these shorts. Will have to try that soon. And thank you for linking Juley's blog. She wears shorts so well!

  9. I adore this outfit! The shorts look amazing on you. I like the way you added the sash for a belted look. (Oh, yah, forgot you were the sash queen.)
    BTW, the new layout is nice!

  10. The shorts look great on you! I like the way you styled them as well.

    It was also a fail for me. I bought the tank but it's going back because I don't love how it fits on me. I wanted the lacy dress but it was no where to be found in my store. :(

  11. eeek love the new layout!! So jealous that you can change it up so easily ;)

    I love the shorts on you - you have great legs! I'm sorry I can offer no advice I stay away from shorts. I only have 2 pairs - one I actually wear out sometimes and the other is for wearing on top of my bathing suit while snorkling :P

  12. Cee, I am in love with these shorts! And your legs look A-MAZING. I'm on the hunt for non-boring shorts and these are totally inspiring! Hmmm, H&M, huh?

  13. cee, those shorts are PERFECT on you! man, i would kill to be able to wear shorts and short skirts :(

    as for styling, you could throw on a black blazer, lol!

  14. I have yet to pop into H&M to check out this collection but I really REALLY want to. So jealous you already scored a piece from this collection already! It looks GREAT on you!

  15. nice layout cee! :)

    damn, girl those shorts are HOT! i think they can be styled in a lot of diff ways...perhaps a peachy silk shell w/ the black sash tied around the neck's see what else...a floral long sleeves shirt...blazer?

  16. Cee you look so so gorgeous and classy as ALWAYS. I absolutely LOVE your flats. I remember seeing them in another post - a dressing room post I believe? I wish they weren't so dang expensive. :(

    Love your new layout, too. :->

  17. the new blog design is lovely!! and i really like those shorts on you. i think you did a great job styling it with a white linen shirt and think it would go great with just about anything since it's a wonderful neutral color. and you have the most amazing legs too!

    cute & little

  18. I love how you styled the shorts! I actually saw them in H&M's window display today but passed on them. Now you're making me wish I didn't! I don't think it would be wrong to wear the shorts with just a plain black or white crew neck tee and a statement necklace. Or maybe a fitted nautical or patterned top! They seem pretty versatile to me and like you could style them with a plethora of things. Looking forward to seeing more of how you do it!

    Have a great week!

  19. I'm surprised you actually came out with something....wished there were more fitting room pics. I think I saw that blazer at the store I went to - not 100% positive though. The fabric was very meh. The shorts do look nice on you though --- I think you can wear a bright color shirt to bring more pop. I think cotton would look fine with it.

  20. I too went to H&M a couple of times but came out empty handed. (I was searching for the scallop shorts.) I saw the ones you're wearing but they're a little sheer so I didn't even try them on. I agree with Jen @ herwaisechoice...a fitted nautical top would look really good. :)Since it's a billowy/flowy on the bottom, I would keep the top more fitted. :)

  21. Love the new layout and the shorts! I personally love more formal items paired with shorts (your blouse is perfect) to off-set the general casual feeling of them. I think blazers or button-downs would look great with it!

  22. Those shorts are amazing, actually i love the whole outfit so feminine and simple and fresh and looove that black sach :)

  23. I'm so jealous of how naturally tan you are, Cee. Those shorts look amazing on you!

  24. @Vicky - Hehe, the sash was a last minute touch. I was afraid it might look too obi-like, but ehh... where else can I try out new things if not on my blog :)

    @JenlovesBal - Which lacy dress are you eyeing? Link or #? And what size are you? I'll keep my eyes peeled for you when I go back to find that blazer next.

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - Before this pair of shorts, I own two pairs too! They're both khaki-type material and I would wear them the same way you do. I'm determined to try out new styles with them this summer though.

    @Erin - That's so nice of you to say. One of the girls I lived with in college once told me I have fat calves. Oh man, was I super self-conscious after that. But I outgrew that phase and learned to love my skinny thighs and fat calves :D

    @Leena - Ahh yes! The blazer is the solution to everything. In fact, I think my navy blazer would look great with this :)

    @Elle - I don't know Elle... I think you should put off that trip as long as possible... because I have a feeling you'll buy out all the dresses ;) But really, there are so many that is your style! I can't wait to see which ones you end up with.

    @Kimchi Girl - Thank you for all the styling suggestions! I own 1/3 that you mentioned, but it's definitely given me more ideas :)

    @Aubrey - Yeah, my flats are the most expensive pair of shoes I own :( I have a tendency to splurge when I fall in love with something though. I haven't been able to find them for cheaper elsewhere (50% off is what I bought it for) AND I can't find any dupes for less $! But if I do, I'll be sure to send them your way :)

    @kileen - Thank you Kileen for all the compliments :)

    @herwaisechoice - Great styling tips, Jen. Everything you mentioned I have in my closet, so I'll definitely be trying them out!

    @Jarucha - I can't help it *sheepish* I can forgive shoddy worksmanship if I really like the design, ie: these shorts and the blazer (which Jean also said looked and felt cheap, but I have a feeling I'll end up buying).

    @Sunshine - Hmm... in the fitting room the shorts didn't show anything underneath, but I wonder what would happen if I wear darker undergarments. I should give that a try before finally deciding. Thanks for letting me know!

    @SewPetiteGal - Yes, that's what I'm thinking too! Will definitely be trying out your styling tips :)

    @katou - Than you Katou!

    @kimmie - Say that again at the end of the summer, hahaha. You will NOT be jealous of how dark I get then. It only looks "nice" now because I haven't been out in the sun much.

  25. ahhh i wish i lived closer to an h&m!!

  26. You look amazing here!

    Monique xx

  27. omggg those shorts are SOOO freakin' cute on you cee!! and i seriously cannot get over your valentino flats they're just so classical looking but the bow makes it so feminine and prettty!!!!

  28. I just discovered your blog. I love this outfit! Thanks for the inspiration. One question for you though - why in god's name would you round down on your height?? I am 5' 3.75" and I always round up to 5'4."

  29. The whole outfit is adorable! Would look amazing for a night out with a great pair of pumps!

  30. OMG- freaking love this outfit on you! Everything is perfection IMO:)

  31. @Sandy a la Mode - Ahh... that's horrible :( Is there anything in particular that you're looking for? I can try to find it for you.

    @Monique, @Really Petite - Thanks :)

    @Lisa - hahaha your excitement is making me excited about these shorts all over again! The flats are SO YOU. I think you need a pair next to your CLs ;)

    @Petite-ish - Good question. I suppose for the longest time my mom and I were the same height, and she always said she was 5'4". It wasn't until I was measured at the dr's office did they tell me I'm 5' 4.75". But by then I had been so used to telling people I'm 5'4" that it just sorta stuck.

    @Cher - Thank you for the suggestion. I'll have to remember that when I'm in need of dressy outfits in the future!

  32. The shorts look great in your outfit! The black belt is genius. I think the shorts would also look great with any evening tops, since its flowy and almost looks like a skirt.

    I also tried on a bunch of stuff from the Conscious Collection last was disappointing. Only bought a pair of tencel shorts.


  33. After seeing how cute they look on you, I went to H&M today to try on those shorts (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?) they didn't have them in my size but I ended up purchasing the white eyelet ones that are sort of in the same style. Because they have a bit of poof to them, I think they would look totally cute with a fitted white tank or simple ivory colored t shirt and a long-ish cardigan or blazer :)

  34. Great find. And I love the way you styled it with the flowy top and black sash. Very chic and feminie. I never have good luck when shopping at H & M:-(


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