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by - Monday, April 04, 2011

The blurry photos today are what it's like seen through my watery eyes. For the last twenty odd years, I've felt invincible. Then bam! Seemingly out of nowhere, my immune system crashes. Allergy season is kicking. my. butt! So this must be what it feels like to be human; I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep.

I must've unknowingly changed some setting on my crapola of a camera, so bear with me while I work out the kinks. Yes, look at me blaming the camera instead of owning up to my terrible self-timer skills =D

jacket: Esprit (similar)
top: LOFT
belt: Forever 21 (similar)
skirt: LOFT (might still be in stores)
ring: H&M (currently sold in stores)
bag: agnes b - gift from cousin
wedges: Nine West (currently sold here)

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  1. Oh Cee!.....I'm so sorry to hear about your allergies! I have them too and they can make one so miserable :( On a happier note, your outfit is cute! I'm glad to see you bought this skirt too....can't wait to see all of the ways you'll style it ;)

  2. When I first saw "teary" I was afraid something terrible had happened to sadden our dear Cee. I'm "glad" it's just allergies...I hope they let up soon : /

    Looove those wedges on you for Spring! My eyes almost popped b/c I thought they were a nice patent nude shoe, but then I saw the wedge. Wedges are so comfy to walk in, and these look great with your LOFT floral skirt.

  3. eek!! sorry to hear about you allergies Cee!! i'm one of the lucky few that doesn't have allergies.. but my husband gets really bad allergies and it totally paralyzes him so i kinda know how awful it feels. :(

    but i have to tell you i just adore this ruffle red blouse of yours and your floral skirt!!

  4. Haha, glad to see the skirt worked into an outfit post. I did see it in one Loft I went to but I didn't try it since I did not feel it was me. I'm liking the nude high is it? 3 in?

  5. Ok, I was coveting that LOFT top, but it didn't look as good on me as it does on you. Glad you got it, though. This way I still get to see it :)

    PS Sucks about the allergies...I've had them for years (but oddly not this year (maybe we're allergic to opposite things)

  6. I love this outfit, Cee! I have the same skirt but it is a bit big on me. I am debating whether I should keep it or not. I agree with Jean, love your nude wedges. I hope you'll feel better. I am glad I don't have allergies. I've heard it is really uncomfortable.

  7. what a great blue jacket and i love how it brings out the pretty pinks of the skirt. i'm so glad you were able to make it work for you. and those nude wedges are lovely!

    my allergies have been kicking my ass lately too. i'm hoping it'll get better soon. :)

    cute & little

  8. Ugh Allergies are the worst! I got them for the first time this year and they caused an ear infection! =/ The pollen seems to be getting worse and worse each year.

    Anyways, I LOVE that flowery skirt with the nude wedges!!

  9. love love love your skirt!! it's soo fun and colorful and perfect for spring!!

  10. I hate allergies - I get fresh ones every time we move (which was a lot a few years ago) but thankfully die down the longer I live in a singular area. The nude wedges are so perfect with this outfit! Love it as per usual :)

  11. Allergies are my worst enemies..I am quite lucky this year that it has not bothered me too much (but I don't want to jinx it!).

    Your outfit today is so Spring-ey and refreshing. Cute wedges.

    P.S. I got your email, Cee. Will email your mini La Mer this week :)

  12. i'm an allergy sufferer too and it stinks! :( as for your outfit, you already know i love that rosette shell, but i'm really loving that printed skirt!

  13. aww, hope your immune system gets back into gear! I don't think the pictures are that bad at all! I adore adore adore your outfit today, the unexpected colors works well together! I'm loving the trench, since I'm on a trench mission, haha (shopping for trenches)

  14. I hate allergy season too! I only recently became allergic to spring...sigh. :(

    But you make me want to run to LOFT and grab this skirt...I keep walking pass it when I go to the mall and being very good about resisting but it looks so darn good on you!

  15. I've spent the last few weeks telling people that my allergies are more of the fall-type allergies than the spring-type allergies, because I am a disaster come Labor Day, but I'm usually ok before that. And then I spent Sunday at the zoo...

    And now I am a mess. Boo!

    I am definitely loving the action shots, though...and that skirt is sooooo one of my favorites. Love it :)

  16. aah...those wedges. wow! they look great on your legs, very lengthening. are they comfy? and re: the LOFT skirt, is that a size petite or reg ur wearing? thanks!

    p.s. sorry 'bout those allergies! i curse allergies! :(

  17. suffer from severe allergies too? OMG- mine are THE WORST! They got a lil bit better when I moved to CA but this year- it's really bad:( We can suffer together..LOL

  18. Oh, hate allergies. I've had them for the past 15 yrs...year around. I think I'm just allergic to this plant.

    Your outfit looks fab! Love the colors, so spring-y. :)

  19. Great outfit, I love that skirt! I wasn't sure how I felt about it on the hanger, but it looks great on!!

    Just started following


  20. Did you move to a new town/state? I got terrible allergies when I lived in Germany for a while. It must have been a specific type of pollen that did not exist where I previously lived that completely kicked my butt. Maybe your doctor can refer you to a specialist to get an allergy test.
    Good luck!

  21. Love that floral skirt! Perfect for spring!!

    Monique xx

  22. wow nude patent almond toe wedges. never seen smthg like that in real life. but nice to see you in heels missy! well well! this shirt goes great w/this skirt. if this skirt goes on major sale, i'd consider tailoring it down.

  23. @Callandra - Have you worn the skirt yet? I remember seeing you in the top with the same print... but I don't recall a skirt. If not, can not wait to see how YOU style it :)

    @PetiteAsianGirl - Good call. Teary didn't sound right, so I changed it to "watery" haha. I think patent nude wedges are more up my alley... I'll leave the CLs to you and Elle ;)

    @Lisa - How did you grow up in MoCo without suffering from allergies?! I think you left the area just in time for mild SF weather. Lucky you :)

    @Jarucha - I would say somewhere between 3.5-4", but check their site to be sure. It doesn't feel that tall and is comfy to walk in. I can see myself wearing them with pants too, so def recommend it.

    @Erin - Another blogger said the same thing about the LOFT top looking odd on her. I say you gals are just too critical :)

    @PetiteLittleGirl - My skirt is big on me too, but I hid it with the belt and tucking in the top. I'm still debating whether I should take it to the tailors or gain some weight. Maybe time will decide for me lol.

    @kileen - I'm so sorry to hear :( For some reason I thought it's mainly an East Coast thing. Boo for allergies everywhere. But I'll say you don't ever look it from your pictures, so whatever you're doing, keep it up!

    @Tiffany - This is the first year for me too. BOO! I think this is karma's way of getting me back for bragging about my invincibility the other years. No biggie, misery loves company :)

    @Sandy a la Mode, @JenlovesBal, @Miranda, @Monique Zuman - Thank you girls!

    @SewPetiteGal - It's the opposite for me. I've been in the same general area for a long time, and it's happening NOW, of all times. Think I'll solve the problem if I move? :)

    @Nelah - Thank you! *knock on wood* that allergies will be good to you this year... by staying far, far away!

    @Leena - I _still_ haven't washed the top yet. Ewww, right?! Sorry, TMI :) But when I do, I will report back.

  24. @Olyvia - Trench is a must for spring. Best of luck with your hunting -- can't wait to see all the different styles you try out along the way!

    @Elle - DO YOU NEED ENABLING? Cuz you know how good I am at that :D

    @Tara - Oh no!! Do you think it had something to do with the pets? Pet fur? Pray for rain, that usually makes everything more bearable for awhile :)

    @Kimchi Girl - I find wedges in general pretty comfy and these are no exception. I have semi-wide feet and Nine West has treated me well. Definitely try them out in stores to see how they would fit you though! The skirt is 0P; I think by the time I saw it, all the regular sizes were sold out, so I have no basis to compare. Let me know if there's a size you're interested in and I'll keep my eyes out for ya.

    @Really Petite - Yes, misery sure loves company :) My allergies aren't that severe, I'm just being a big baby about it. I can see it getting worse over time, but I'm hoping it won't...

    @Lilly's Style - Lol! I think you're secretly another species ;) I'm sorry to hear, but I will say you always look great in your photos -- no red/teary/squinty eyes!

    @bella - Nope, been living in the same general area for a long time now. I think it's one of those things that people develop over time... at least that's what's happening to the people around me. Right now it's not too bad, I'm just being a big baby and whining :) But I will definitely be visiting a dr if/when it gets much worse.

    @AubreyOhDang! - It's me, isn't it?! Though I'm starting to get more used to wearing regular heels, so I hope these don't get relegated to the back of my closet any time soon. How much would you be willing to pay for the skirt? I got it down to ~$25 after a few price adjustments. Lemme know and I'll keep a look out for your size -- 00P? (And can you tell I'm wearing the 0P without alterations?! I'm so lazy...)

  25. Oh... no you dih'nt. PATENT NUDE WEDGES? Must. have.

    You look gorgeous, as usual. I love all the colours together and I'm sorry to hear about the watery eyes!! Haha, I totally get the 'invincible' thing. I was just hit with the mortal slap in the face a year ago and it's no fun! Feel better, my love!!

  26. I am so sorry to hear about your allergies getting the best of you. That is no fun! But oh man do I love this skirt. And your wedges.

  27. Allergies are not fun :( But I love your styling of this skirt, reminds me I need to wear mine again soon!

  28. So I was just over at Kendi's blog and saw that someone named Cee won last week's giveaway. WAS THAT YOU???

  29. @Erin - Hehehe, yes that's me! It feels like I'm rolling in luck right now. Hoping it won't end anytime soon!


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