The dreaded taxes

by - Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Raise your hand if you're like me and hate doing taxes. I'm such a goody-two shoes when it comes to doing everything else early... except this. Tax season is the worst. I always wait until the last possible minute. My excuse? I end up paying the government every. single. year. Not chump change either, so no extra shopping cash for me. Time to get married? Buy a house? Have kids? Take a pay cut? All of the above?! But now I can happily say... this year's are finally DONE. I can now enjoy an entire year full of tax-free thoughts. Yay!

PS - I added a FAQs section above. What else do you want to know? Ask away and I'll try to answer.

belt: Express (similar)
ring: H&M (currently sold in stores)
bracelets: Forever 21 (similar)
wedges: Nine West (currently sold here)

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  1. cee, your f&a section is hilarious! and i'm waiting for the day when you reveal yourself! :)

    btw, this outfit is very anthropolog-ish-esque! very girly and feminine! i like! :)

  2. Yeah... I still haven't done my taxes. Oops.
    Soon it'll happen!

    Very cute outfit, I love the colours!


  3. You really brought that dress into day time wear! I initially thought it would only be appropriate for the winter holiday time (the fabric was luxuriously thick and jacquard-like I believe) but totally lushly spring forward here. Niceee shoes too.

  4. One of my favorites among many...I have nothing bad to say! I went to H&M and saw they had the Conscious collection out already...nothing caught my eye although I liked a lot of pieces in the catalog. Oh now I must jump on the Amrita Singh jewelry bandwagon...wanted a red piece but they were all sold out on Hautelook that time.

  5. HEART HEART this dress on you Cee!! it's so gorgeous!

  6. Oh, Cee. If only I could see your beautiful face in this beautiful dress!!! LOL! I like it so much better the way you style it today than with the leggings. The brown cardi and belt really works wonders with this floral dress.
    I hate taxes too. My husband does all the dirty work, and I do the approval at the last minute. :)
    Oh, you look so lovely with this dress and the nude heels!

  7. I love how you turned that Zac Posen dress and made it your own! And your FAQ section makes me even more curious about you and what you look like. LOL. =)

  8. Lol, Cee, I too hope for a day when you might come out of anonymity! Might that day be coming soon?

    I love how you styled this Target dress. I haven't picked up anything from their collaboration lines in a while. And oh, I also hate doing taxes because I always owe the gov't money. I was happy to hear about the deadline extention. Another blogger said to think of it like at least you weren't lending the government money for free over the past year. That's not too comforting though when I see friends go on sprees with their "refund" : )

  9. I saw some Zac Posen for Target dresses at Target on the weekend....I was like...what the...these dresses are a year old! but they didn't have the one you were wearing! i definitely would have bought it! yours look great on you. and florals, just in time for spring!

    I love your FAQ section! I've always been so curious about what the other bloggers do in real life. I was surprised to find out a lot have engineering backgrounds!


  10. I am raising my hand :) LOL. I just sent my taxes today even though I've done with it weeks ago because of the same reason. I hate tax season. Anyway, lovely outfit, Cee! I think I am going to stop by the mall tomorrow and check out your shoes. Are they comfy? They look so gorgeous.

  11. First, I've been waiting for you to pair this dress with that cardigan :) and it looks spectacular together!

    Second, love the FAQs and like you, I like maintaining a certain amount of anonymity (I can spell this but not say it). BUT, I want to see your hair!! Can you do a shot from the back or put a dot on your face? Pretty please? :)

  12. you're so skinny. do u work out? what is your work out routine?

  13. Oh my goodness, Cee, you look great. When I first saw the dress, I was like, "eh, it's okay, you can only wear it to fancy places" but I really like how you dressed it down with a cardigan and belt.

    Anyway, I vote that you should install Disqus. You are the only person that I know that always responds to almost every comment, and it would easier to do that via Disqus!! :)

  14. I still haven't done my taxes :-( And I am getting more and more depressed thinking about them.

  15. i hate doing my taxes but fortunately adrian gets them done super early so it motivates me to keep up with him. and this year i actually got quite a bit of money back so it wasn't nearly that bad. :)

    oh, and this dress is absolutely gorgeous!

    cute & little

  16. a breath of fresh air! I almost thought you were a different person, since I'm so use to your pants and blazers. This outfit is just so pretty! Love it! And your FAQ is hilarious! It would be nice to you see you out of anonymity (especially if you become a famous blogger and get invited on a fashion talk show or something, hehe) But I hear ya, it's lots of work to make the face/hair look good for pictures. I've been trying to photoshop fake makeup on me since I started showing my face in my blog, cause I still can't put on real makeup right, haha

  17. hi Cee!
    oh I just ADORE this outfit! i'm a big fan of fun dresses so yes yes yes! :)

    awww i'm sorry to say i'm one of those who loves tax season. *RUNS* :P

  18. LOVE this dress on you Cee! The whole outfit is super cute.
    My hubby did our taxes already so I'm glad I no longer have to worry about doing it myself :)

  19. This dress is so gorgeous on you! I owed a lot of money too this year, it really sucks!

  20. So adorable...I freaking love it!!!! I love how girly this whole ensemble is! :D

  21. *raises hand* i liken taxes to having a term paper due on monday and it's sunday night and you haven't even cracked open the book all semester and you have that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach (nerves, fear?). but this year, luckily, we finisehd right in the nick of time (2 days ago, hehe)!

    thanks for sharing another absolutely gorg. outfit! :)

  22. i share your pain for tax season. i really need to get married and/or have kids because the gov't isnt giving me any breaks.

    cute dress! love how you paired it with nude pumps. xx

  23. @Leena, @Stylepint, @PetiteAsianGirl - Oh man, all the pressure! I don't want to get your hopes up though... I probably won't be coming out of the closet anytime soon :)

    @Kelly, @Kari - Hehehe, you procrastinator! It's ok, because there is now a deadline extension... until April 18th. If I had known I would've put it off until this weekend!

    @Banhannas - Yup, thick brocade fabric makes me think of winter too. But I think the lighter-colored floral print helps ease the transition to spring. I like this look much better than the previous one.

    @Jarucha - I couldn't wait to get off work to visit H&M. But... my local store only had maybe half of the pieces out! Boo! A SA I talked to said they're expecting more tomorrow, so I may have to make another trip out. I tried on the long white skirt and it was completely see through. There was a pair of pleated shorts in beige/pink that I liked, but I'm not sure if it's my style -- still thinking of ways to incorporate into the wardrobe. But the one piece I really wanted, the scalloped blazer was nowhere to be found. I must must visit every store within my area to hunt it down hahaha.

    @Lisa, @Really Petite - Thank you for the kind feedback!

    @Vicky - I need a SO to do my taxes for me. Oh wait, I have one, except he doesn't even do his own, let alone asking him to do mine :P Lucky you!

    @Petite in the City - Are you another engineer too? How come there weren't any engineers who liked fashion when I was at school?! :) I think the dresses you saw recently are from their anniversary collection. 1-2 pieces from all the designers that have collaborated with them in the past. This dress definitely should have made it over the one that I got chosen, imo.

  24. @PetiteLittleGirl - Haha, I couldn't resist linking the picture of the little girl. Too adorable and studious. Bf likes to tease and say that's probably what I was like when I was younger -_-

    @SewPetiteGal - It's about time, right?! I should have just worn this cardigan with the dress the first time around :) Here are pictures of my hair straightened from awhile ago. It's about as nice as it gets without going to the salon. Usually it's so frizzy and wavy/curly that I just pull it up into a ponytail cuz I'm so lazy. I really should get my act together because nice hair makes a big difference!

    @Anonymous - Updated FAQs, 2nd question/response

    @kimmie - You never told me the dress was ehhh the first time I wore it! I understand everyone's tastes are different, so I don't mind hearing it :) My lazy butt thinks Disqus is a pain to install... but instead I'm itching for a new layout hahaha. So I'll probably get around to that first :D

    @kileen - Dare I say this might be the last year you file taxes on your own? Cuz starting next year you'll be a married woman! One of the perks should be having your husband do your taxes :D

    @Olyvia - Haha fat chance of me becoming famous! I like this blogging bubble that we're in :)

    @Sunshine - Hi Sunshine! Can I hire you to do my taxes next year?! :)

    @Lilly's Style - I need to hurry up and get married so I can push off my taxes onto bf! Lucky you :)

    @Taramixandmatch - Boo! Like Jean said, the gov isn't stealing interest off of us, so that makes it more okay.

    @Kimchi Girl - Lol! It's actually a perfect anology for this year because taxes have been extended until Mon. the 18th! Gosh, sometimes I think taxes are worse than school. Is it bad I'd rather take a test?!

    @cryskay - I feel your pain! Though buying a house might be first on my to-do list :)

  25. I adore this look so that brown belt and cardigan, they match the color of your dress beautifully.

    Luckily, my husband is the one that does the work lol. I would hate it if I had to do it myself.

  26. You have successfully transformed this dress from a special occasions dress to an everyday dress...incredible job! I am in awe (bows)

  27. your dress is adorable, i loved the zac posen x target collection!

  28. Wow I love this dress on you and you styled it amazingly!

    I always pay taxes too - which is why I always procrastinate. That and taxes are due near my birthday and if I had to shell out for taxes I probably wouldn't treat myself to anything :P I know, not logical but in my head it works ;)

  29. I love how you styled this dress! I looked at that dress and had NO IDEA what to do with it. This is perfect. Jeez, I wish I had your creativity!

  30. Haha, I didn't mean that I thought the dress was "ehh," it was more like, it's a cute dress, but how many different ways can you wear that thing? You have definitely proved me wrong.

    Disqus is actually really easy to install! It really only took less than 5 minutes, and then maybe like half an hour for the comments to sync up in blogger and disqus. I'm sure it'd be super easy for you, Miss smarty software-developer pants.

    PS. Love your new layout!


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