Summer 2011 30x30 Wrap-Up

by - Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The last thirty days have been a blur. A good blur, akin to watching your favorite athlete win a championship, but having a hard time savoring the moments until you know it's a win. Then you're left wishing you could relive it again, but it just wouldn't be the same because you already know the outcome. Ok enough of my roundabout sports analogies :) A few thoughts to wrap up this past round:

- I'm glad I forced myself to include a few pairs of heels this time around. It gave me the chance to break them in only to realize: 1) Ann Taylor perfect pumps are the most comfortable heels ever. This is saying a lot coming from a wobbly-walker. 2) One of my feet is bigger than the other. I need to find inserts for my rsvp Tarans now.

- I did end up wearing every item at least once, but many were not worn more than that (failed goal). I definitely played favorites because the J.Crew blue indian shirt and ASOS hot pink blouse both made numerous appearances.

- I should have included more dresses (Forever 21 lace dress didn't count since it's too short, so I really only had the Ann Taylor crochet dress) because wearing dress-as-a-top and dress-as-a-skirt is so fun and versatile.

- My favorite look is from day 30. On the flip side, my least favorite look is from day 6, but mostly because of the bottom half. What are yours?

- I didn't do so well with the shopping ban :( Darn these spring sales and my lack of willpower! I ended up buying: an Ann Taylor necklace + skirt, a Forever 21 necklace + ring + skirt (still debating about keeping), Zara wedges (returned), H&M maxi dress (returned), and Old Navy shirt for a grand total of $81.

- I'm not as much of a scarf lover as I led myself to believe. It feels like I only bust these out during the 30x30s to make similar outfits look "different," hahaha.

- The best surprise was rediscovering my Express bootcut/flare jeans. How have I not paired jeans with heels until NOW?! Well, I guess I haven't found comfy heels until now.

Picture recap with my thirty items:

day 1   -   day 2   -   day 3   -   day 4   -   day 5
day 6   -   day 7   -   day 8   -   day 9   -   day 10
day 11   -   day 12   -   day 13   -   day 14   -   day 15
day 16   -   day 17   -   day 18   -   day 19   -   day 20
day 21   -   day 22   -   day 23   -   day 24   -   day 25
day 26   -   day 27   -   day 28   -   day 29   -   day 30

Thank you for taking the time to follow along the last thirty days. Feel free to leave suggestions on how I could improve the next time around or just comments in general.

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  1. Oh! Day 14 and 21 are my faves!!

    $81 for all those items is not too shabby!

    You assembled your re-cap so nicely!! Glad you discovered a new love in the Ann Taylor pumps!

  2. Great job Cee! My faves are #5, 7 and 15 and 30...LOL clearly there are too many good ones...Hehehee

  3. congrats on finishing your challenge, Cee! you did a beautiful job. most of my favorites include the red scalloped skirt and your crochet dress worn as a skirt. :)

    and you did so well on your shopping ban too. i admire your willpower!

  4. Congratulations! I love numbers 5 and 7! I don't like scarves for summer...too hot. But I actually think you did a lot of creative things with your scarves for this challenge. :)

  5. Congrats on finishing the challenge! My favorites were 1, 4 7 and 25. I give anyone credit who does this, because I lack the discipline to something like this. Good job!

  6. My absolute fav is day 15. I've always loved the way you do the dress-as-a-skirt thing and this one is the best! Love the bright, blousy top .

    Complex Cardigans

  7. i love 18 and 27!!! the slinky skirt, the lace top and the orange scalloped shirt LOVEEE those 3 pieces!

    hahah yes i'm def gonna do a show and bag post(s) but i'll have to wait to germany because part of my collection is already in germany haha.

  8. congrats on your big finish! I hope to be there soon! :)

  9. You did such a lovely job on the 30 x 30, and the best part is that you learned so many things.. about your style, remixing pieces, etc!

    1, 10, and 27 are my favorites!


  10. My fave is Day 4! I could never wear that this time of year in DC though. I would be absolutely DRENCHED in sweat even at night! And you totally make me want white shorts now.

  11. You did a WONDERFUL job on this 30x30. My favorite by far is look # 7. The combo of your brightest pieces and the new greenery/background made for gorgeous visuals.

    I just got my very own Vista Explorer tripod from Amazon. It's got so many features--I wasn't expecting nearly this much for the price. Thanx for the link/recommendation in your previous posts.


  12. I'm so glad I found your blog this time around! You did a fabulous remixing job...I just love your style so have a hard time picking my favorite outfit.

  13. Congrats on finishing the second time around, Cee! I honestly can't believe that it's 30 pieces of clothing! I am so impressed and inspired!

  14. Congrats girl, you did so well!!! I love 5,7,24 and 30. Job well done!! :)

    xo Nav

  15. congrats darlin'! funny you say your least fave is #6 b/c i loved that outfit, hehe. i loved all your remixes actually. and nope, no suggestions for you...not a one. ;)

    p.s. heels w/jeans is my fave combo! :)

  16. wow! congrats on completing the project! i wish i could dedicate myself to doing something like that... but i know i cant. my favorite outfits are all the ones of the red skirt. it is so bold and makes a statement. i also love #26, its so chic! xx

  17. ok kinda hard to pick which one is my fav since i love most of them..but here it is!

    i love #1 bc u look sassy with that pose :) Love the colors on number 7 together. I love how you style your scarf on 28 and i want to steal your 5 dress ;)

  18. What a great accomplishment finishing this challenge! I love all of the outfits you made with the AT crochet dress, so versatile!

  19. you have an amazing way of putting together chic, classic yet effortless outfits! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wish I could have you come over to my closet to put some outfits together for me, lol.

    My favourites are outfits numbers 7, 11 and 12. In fact, I love number 7 so much that I think I may have to copy...err...take inspiration from you. Love the fusia and red together!

  20. Thank you all for the feedback! I'm glad to see there are varying favorites for everyone :)

    @Cher - Lol, notice how the jeans never made another appearance after the 1.5 weeks?! Ahh, the wonderful humidity that is DC weather ;)

    @gold N turquoise - I'm glad you're liking your tripod! Initially I didn't like how long it takes to "assemble" the tripod (aka, lengthening the legs, etc), but now I love it. I usually don't fold it up all the way and just leave it partially already assembled in my car. It saves me so much time when I take pics.

  21. alright, i have a lot of favorites. hahaha. here goes: 4, 5, 7, 10, 14, 15, 17, 22, 24, 25 & 29.

    surprisingly, day 30 was not my fave, but agree that day 6 was my least fave.

    great job girl!

  22. My faves are 1, 5, 13, 15, 22, 28 and 30 :) Another fabulous job with this challenge and you still did pretty well on the shopping ban front! Will you be participating in the next challenge? You should - I love all the inspirational looks you come up with!

  23. Nice job Cee! You are truly a fashion icon! I love ALL your looks.

  24. great job with the challenge, cee!! i love all the different ways you wore the J. Crew blue indian shirt and it's giving me so many ideas on how to wear my chambray. and $81 is a really great deal for everything that you bought!

    cute & little
    Sproos Hair Accessory Giveaway

  25. My favorites are 1, 7, 14, 17, 22, 25 and 30! I liked number 6... except for the boots. I was surprised that you included them in your items, seeing that it's the summer. I guess you know now for next time!

    And.. I really REALLY want a pair of the AT perfect pumps now. Maybe next year :)

    I love all your remixes! And you're such a pro with scarves and accessorizing. I need to take notes!

  26. I much prefer re-watching my sporting events after I know they've already been won. A few years ago, when my beloved Colts beat the Patriots in the AFC championship game (on their way to winning their one and only SB), I was too worked up to fully enjoy the game. Now, they replay it all of the time, and I still get goosebumps every time I watch it...but I'm weird like that :)

    My favorites from this round of 30x30 were definitely numbers 4 and 26, although I really, really love the 'scarf as shirt' look in #28, too.

  27. Love this post!!! So many good ideas!

  28. Just found your blog and I LOVE it! Your style is similar to mine and I love all the varieties of options of wearing things. Do you do petite modeling? B/c you totally could. Great blog!

    1. Thanks :) No I don't model. Trust me when I say that I'm pretty awkward in front of the camera, haha.


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