Thirty Items for 30x30 (Summer 2011 Edition)

by - Friday, June 10, 2011

It's time for another round of Kendi's 30 for 30! After the last round, I wasn't sure if I would participate again... and definitely not so soon. But I've acquired some new pieces recently, and figured it's time to buckle down and mix the heck out of those items.

I am using some of the same items from the winter round (a lot of the same tops actually, lol), but I've added heels to the list as well as bright colored items. Crossing my fingers that I won't have too much trouble for the next month :)

9 tops:

1) ASOS Wrapped Front Ruched Sleeve Blouse (currently sold here)
3) LOFT tie neck drapey blouse (similar)
4) crewcuts boys' popsicle gingham shirt (this season's version sold here)
5) Ann Taylor Cascading Ruffle Blouse - gift from Elle (similar - short-sleeves)
6) Gap striped cowlneck T (similar)
7) H&M basic jersey tee (similar)
8) H&M top with lace sleeves - gift from Elle
9) Ann Taylor sequin front tank (similar)

2 sweaters, 1 jacket:

2 pairs of pants:
13) Express flare jeans (similar)
15) LOFT Julie linen trousers (other colors currently sold here)

5 skirts, 2 pairs of shorts:
15) Forever 21 scalloped linen blend skirt (currently sold here)
19) ASOS spot tulip skirt (similar)
20) American Eagle washed classic shorts (this season's version sold here)
21) American Eagle washed favorite short (this season's version sold here)

2 dresses:
23) Forever 21 Chantilly lace dress (similar - sleeveless)

7 pairs of shoes:
26) Nine West Smooch wedges (currently sold here)
28) Mossimo Desta ballet flats (similar)
29) Old Navy faux-leather thong sandals (currently sold here)

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  1. yay, im so excited to see yours!! its only day 3 for me and im already wanting to shop. yikes. you have such great items, its making me rethink my choices! cant wait to see what you come up with :)

    Easy Petite Looks

  2. Awesome selections!
    I'm not sure yet if I'm participating. I know, I know, it's on Monday... I just haven't decided yet!


  3. Two lace dresses? I'm excited to see how your remix, you did so well last time! :)

  4. yah!! i can't wait to see your 30 outfits Cee!! i have the same forever 21 lace dress.. haha.. unfortunatly it wears more as a top on me ahahahaha.

  5. good luck cee!!! here we goooo!!!!!

  6. Good Luck............looking forward to seeing how you mix things up ;)

  7. I'm so excited for your challenge Cee! I'm getting a little tempted to do it myself. I have no temptations when it comes to shopping so that wouldn't be a problem. We'll see!!

    Have a great weekend Cee!!

  8. Seeing your choices is almost the most interesting part of the 30 for 30 for me. I looked at your shoes and thought, "That's not what I would have picked" (of course, I don't work). But now you've got me rethinking my choices!

  9. @purses and puppies - Haha, it's ok to shop! No rules, remember? :) I have a feeling I'll be trying hard but may eventually give in. A piece or two can't be that bad, right?!

    @Kelly - Do itttt. As I like to say, the more the merrier!

    @kimmie - Hahaha, yes I went overboard with buying lace pieces! My excuse is that I can only wear the F21 dress as a top cuz it's too short otherwise! So they're kinda different :)

    @Lisa - ME TOO! The dress hits me right below the crotch. Too indecent for work, lol.

    @b_ra - Do it! I'd be excited to follow your remixes :)

    @Erin - Haha, what shoes did you think I would pick? My work is very casual, so I can get away with wearing pretty much whatever I want, hence the odd shoe choices :) Don't change your items b/c now I'm super curious.

  10. OMG - you don't even know how excited I am that you are doing the 30 for 30 challenge again! Your last one was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for this round!!

  11. Wohoo! I'm glad you're doing this again! I'm still trying to pin down my last few items. =)

  12. I man I'm feeling behind. Great pics!

  13. I am very much looking forward to seeing you put together your outfits! Your last round was awesome Cee!

  14. just echoing other comments on here - looking forward to seeing your spring 30 in 30 as your last round was great! maybe one day i will get inspired!

  15. @SewPetiteGal, @Really Petite, @Anonymous - Thank you all so much for the support :) Let's get this party started!

    @Stylepint - Can't wait to follow you once again this time around :)

    @Emily - You're doing it too this time, right? Mon isn't here yet ;)

  16. awesome, aewsome selection you've got here cee! i love the pink heels you chose. they'll def. make a statement to any outfit! :)

    looking fwd to your remix...yaye! :)

    kimchi girl

  17. I love that polka dot skirt!!! Please wear them with those'd make me so happy! Haha:)

  18. Oh, I can't wait to see what you come up with! I've decided against the summer remix, because it is just waaay too hot for layers around here, and I think I'd fail miserably without the ability to layer :)

    But I'm excited to follow all of the participants and steal a few tricks along the way!

  19. It will be interesting to see all the great outfits you come up with..good way to be creative within your closet hopefully you can save some money and not shop for awhile.

    Cant see to see!


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