Day 16/30: Sandy Shoes

by - Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It was a beautiful day for picture taking along a "beach." Regardless of my better-suited-for-the-office-outfit, I wanted to take a jumping picture. Because sand = soft landing. Or so I thought. Not only did the self-timer not capture my jump, I lost a shoe! It did however, capture the moments after my spectacular fail.

From left -> right: (1) Err... just my luck, camera is still going and I lost a shoe. At least I didn't land on my butt (2) Huh, the shoe is a lot farther than I thought *scratches head*  (3) Uh duh, hop on one foot of course. So what if I'm flashing the world, one step at a time (4) Eww, there's bits of sand inside (5) Ahh well, lesson learned. The camera is still on?!

Do you have tips for a newbie jumper?
sunglasses: Old Navy (currently sold here)
tank: Ann Taylor (similar)
shirts: Ann Taylor - gift from Elle (similar - short-sleeves); J.Crew (similar)
belt: H&M (may still be in stores)
skirt: Gap (similar)
flats: Mossimo (similar)

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  1. lol, oh no! i hate sand in shoes! i love your different backgrounds your testing out!! you're perfectly put-together, as usual :)

  2. haha! Fun photos, I mean well, you know? :) I think jumping photos are easier if there was another person behind the camera only because they can count you down.

  3. {*AwwWw} It looks like you had quite some fun trying to take a jump photo. Pretty cool that you posted pictures of your attempts.

    Did you layer a scarf under the shirt or something? I love the polka dots and the flowy-ness of your top/ accessory underneath.

    <3 S.

  4. LOL. I love your blog. This entry was hilarious! :D

    Fashionwise, I love how you incorporated the polka dots in with the blue, mutes the polka dot pattern so it's not too polka-doty.

  5. i'm loving all the layers on your top from the cami to the top to the shirt and the necklaces :)

    and pretty skirt too! i hope the jump shot was a success haha.

  6. This is classic, Cee! It's better than jumping! If only you had a video camera rolling instead. lol.

  7. hahaha...Hilarious, Cee! I tried to jump for blog photos several times but it wasn't pretty at all :)

  8. Love this group of photos! So much more fun and interesting than plain old jumping!

    Great layering in this outfit. It's an art that I can't seem to get the hang of.

  9. i love that you included the bloopers & that you can have fun with fashion.

    that tulip skirt is so adorable! it gives the tom-boyish shirts a refreshing feminine twist.


  10. LOL - Cee, you are too funny!! 2 button downs? That's another one to put on the list to try!!! Looks fab from head to sandy toes :)

  11. So, it was more like a photo shoot and an aerobic work-out, all rolled into one. That's not a failure, that's multi-tasking, right there :)

    I really love the layered shirts you've got going on today, the chambray and polka dots look fantastic together!

  12. This was so funny! I think your camera has a mind of its own and is secretly attempting to sabotage your shoots...too bad it doesn't know that your pics still come out cute!

  13. these pictures are so much fun! i need to try some jumping pictures myself!

    and i love the layering of the polka dots under the chambray. and the red belt pulls it all together. another amazing remix, Cee!

    cute & little
    $100 Fresh Faces Giveaway

  14. I love the photo montage!

    I always get worried for you when you have pictures of your head, like "Oh no. Did she mean to do that?" Know that I'm concerned about your secret identity.

  15. hehe jumping pictures are so much fun!!

    outfit looks very cute! your layering looks perfect!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. OMG Cee these pix are cracking me up!!! lol ok you need to get a remote controller! I got mine when I bought the tripod..I think it was around $5!!! let me know if u want me to send u the link laughing lol love the captions. I think it would be hard for jump photos if it's just yourself and camera..maybe you can have the bf take the pix next time? :)

  18. Cee you are too funny!! Looking at these pictures get me off the good start hehe. In the first pic, it almost looks like you are jogging..haha. I think you will need an actual photographer to capture a motion shot like that. A tripod and self-timer may not suffice.

    Love the layering of your tops.

  19. Ah, you're the BEST at layering!! :D Thanks for sharing the jumping story with us! It was seriously amusing! Don't give up on attempting again though! ^_~

  20. @purses and puppies - Dry sand is ok, but wet sand? It's the worst. Ok I'll stop complaining now :D

    @hurricanekerrie, @Nelah - Ahh... so true! I will keep that in mind :) I'm so used to taking my own pictures that I wonder if I'll start being awkward all of a sudden if there's someone behind the camera, hahaha.

    @serenadeveryday - Nope, I double layered the shirts (the polka dot shirt is really thin). But... you've just given me inspiration of layering a scarf with my shirts sometime. Thank you!

    @Ai, @overcaffeinated, @gold N turquoise, @ALYSSA, @LePetiteLemon - Glad you enjoyed it! Things don't usually happen to me (I lead quite a boring life), but if there are any more funny incidents in the future, I'll be sure to share :)

    @Patty, @PetiteLittleGirl - I tried jumping two more times after this take. I look so awkward in the air, lol! This blooper reel was much funnier to put up :)

    @Vicky - Hahaha, no we wouldn't want that. The video would capture words and sounds that aren't PG ;)

    @SewPetiteGal - I thought both shirts looked fine with the skirt and couldn't decide on one, so I just layered them all on :P

    @Tara - Way to put a positive spin on it :D I like the way you think!

    @Kish - Hahaha, yes that darn camera ;) Now if only we can be on the same wavelength for the actual jumping shot, I'll be good to go!

    @kileen - Yes, you should give it a try. I have a feeling your photos will turn out much better with the use of a remote!

    @Emily - Aww, thank you for your concern! I think the sunglasses and/or slight head tilts are doing a decent job obscuring my identity. At least I'm hoping! I find that as I'm trying out various locations for photoshoots, I want to include as much of the background as I can in the photos... but that usually means leaving my head in. But, I really appreciate your thoughts. If for some reason I start to reveal more and more of myself, please rein me back in? :)

    @simplyvonne - I don't know there are any remotes that work with my oldie point-and-shoot, hahaha. Unless they're like universal TV remotes? I'll keep that in mind and do some research though. If you wouldn't mind sending me the link to yours, that would save me some trouble :)

  21. Great, fun photos Cee. Lol love the captions :)


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