Day 6/30: Boots Gone Wrong

by - Saturday, June 18, 2011

More photos with a semi-revealed face? Yup :) I did debate whether or not to include the second photo for the longest time. The outfit took a nosedive when I put on socks + boots. Don't know what I was thinking. Sigh. Chalk this one up to another learning experience where an outfit looked much better in my head :) But I do like the first image!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

sunglasses: Walmart (similar)
top: Gap (similar)
necklace: Forever 21 (currently sold here; similar)
ring: Spotted Moth via Kendi's giveaway (similar)
belt: Old Navy (similar)
shorts: American Eagle (this season's version sold here)
socks: J.Crew (similar)

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  1. LOL. Hey, I've done that before, too! Call me crazy, but I think it works on you in a quirky way. Then again, I haven't been known to have the best fashion sense. ;D

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the outfit. I don't mind the boots, but they're definitely not what I would have pictured with the first picture :) Also loving your newly-revealed self!

  3. Oh, and I should have been more specific: obviously I would love your striped shirt, but doing it one-shouldered those white shorts with that awesome belt just tie it all together in such a preppy, awesome way! Want to copy NOW!

  4. i do love the pic without the boots, lol. ive had a few outfits so far that im not a fan of, too :)

  5. Oh, you look so cute Cee! Love this outfit on you. Yay for the head shot...finally got to semi-see your pretty face :)

  6. I've definitely done this before too! Imagined a look, and then when it was wasn't what I thought it would be! i like the slouchy striped top
    Live Life in Style

  7. I love little peek of the shoulder! I didn't expect the boots with the rest of the outfit either but I don't mind it. On a muggy, rainy day this look will totally work. :)

  8. I love your candid honesty. I'm in no way calling your 2nd pic a fail, but have definitely had the "WTF was I thinking" fashion moments. Way to put it out there. There's too much pressure for fashion blogs to be styled perfectly.

  9. haha you're too funny. At least you caught the little fashion "mishap"! I love the first photo as well.

  10. Sadly I agree that maybe the boots weren't the greatest of choices but it's so great to see your face again! I'm hoping this is going to be a regular feature!

  11. I've seen people wear argyle socks with rain boots. Maybe b/c your Burberry boots already have a pattern that it kinda clashes with your socks and the rest of your outfit. Perhaps another pair of socks would look better.

  12. Cute! I love the off the shoulder shirt with the cool chain necklace.. I need to get me of those! :)

  13. i kinda dig the socks peeking out of the boots! and i love the stripes on the white shorts.

    and i've definitely had an outfit turn out completely differently than how i had it pictured in my head!

    caroline - pictures & words

  14. you're so cute cee! finally a face to a name :)

  15. Hey, I love the look! Love those shorts, need them.

  16. hello there! you look lovely!!! and i see your face! sort of ;)

    also, i heart the nautical feel of the top! relaxing weekend? i hope you had one.

  17. @questforfashionsense - Hehehe, I'll take quirky :)

    @Erin - Copy away! :) I forget where I first saw the one-shouldered look with a striped top, but like you, I LOVED the look but wasn't sure if my cowl-neck top would work. I'm so glad it did in the end.

    @purses and puppies - Isn't that the beauty of this 30x30? Good or bad, all outfits go up on the web for us to learn from. I think that's the best part of this challenge :)

    @Lilly's Style - I think a semi reveal is about as revealing as I'll get ;)

    @Shasie, @caroline - Glad I'm not the only one, and thank you!

    @hurricanekerrie - Rain was in the weather forecast for the day, but it sure didn't look like it with the bright blue sky, haha. I'll admit I felt a little goofy walking around in rainboots on a sunny day, wishing for rain!

    @Emerald - Thank you so much for your feedback :) A few months ago, I had compiled a set of outfit pictures that were quite the head-scratchers. I thought about putting a post together consisting of all the missed outfits. But in the end I chickened out :( I'm glad this 30x30 doesn't allow me to be choosy about good vs bad outfits... b/c everything goes up! It's definitely a great learning experience.

    @The Little Dust Princess - Yeah... after the fact! haha It's ok though because I value both good and bad opinions :)

    @b_ra - Aww, don't be sad! I can take the truth :) (I hope). I've come to terms that sideways-tilted/sunglasses facial reveals are ok, because it's still kind of hard to recognize who I am. There definitely will be more in the future, but don't be surprised if there are days where I still cut my face off :D

    @Jarucha - I think so too... I probably should not have pulled the socks up so high, so only the pink trim was peeking out. Hmm... something to keep in mind for the future :)

    @JenlovesBal - I'm such a sucker for patterned socks, so I'm glad to see someone else does too :)

    @Leena - Yes, about time, huh? ;)

    @Bethany - They fit me pretty well, albeit a bit short, but if you're ok with that, definitely give them a shot. We're the same size/height/etc after all ;)

    @Patty - Definitely had a great relaxing weekend. In fact, I don't have much to show for it, haha.

  18. Boots + peeking out argyle socks are so cute, but unfortunately it doesn't make much sense with shorts. You weren't wrong in trying the look out, since it is very flattering, but I think I'd second guess it as well! Love the striped ribbon belt :)

  19. Totally copying this off one shoulder look, Cee. Love it.

  20. absolutely love the casual-chic vibe from the one shouldered shirt.

    i really love the continuation of argyle/plaid you put together, and i'm just as disappointed the rain didn't show.

    i don't think this is a 'wtf was i thinking' moment in the least bit!


  21. Oooh, more shots with your face!! Next thing you know, we might receive close-ups too, right?!! ^_~

    I actually quite like the boots and socks you got there! It's your own personal style!

  22. i love the second show a lil bit of your face and that outfit is simple and cute!

  23. I like stripes w/other prints. Not a fail ;)


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