Day 15/30: Best of the Bunch

by - Monday, June 27, 2011

Usually I have about 5 good pictures to choose from at the end of the day. This is the best of today's :( Which is sad, because the top looks washed out. But hey -- at least there's a change in background scenery :)

necklace: Etsy SewPetiteGal via giveaway (currently sold here)
top: ASOS (currently sold here)
belt: Express (similar)
ring: H&M (similar)
dress as skirt: Ann Taylor (may still be at the outlets; similar; similar - short-sleeves)
shoes: Nine West (currently sold here)

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  1. I have the hardest time taking pictures so I'm not completely washed out or too dark. :( Maybe this self-photography thing isn't so fun afterall.

    How did you do the dress as a skirt thing? did you tuck in your shirt into the belt or just belt it and let the shirt hang over it? I tried the tucking into belt, but it just comes out :(

  2. Getting pictures right is so tough, but I think this one is great!

    I love the bright shirt and the skirt is too cute


  3. I know, I have a tough time some days too...regardless, your outfit is incredible and I think the photos are good! Gorgeous skirt.

    Many Layers Monday

  4. Yes, sometimes taking photos can be challenging. I think you got a good one. I love your top - so pink!

    I'm with Kimmie - how did you make your dress into a skirt?

  5. That skirt got me every time. It looks gorgeous and feminine. Love this pairing Ms. Cee <3

  6. @kimmie, @eek - Hmm, good question :) I kind of wing it as I go, haha. I make sure the belt is on pretty tight, so no slipping. And then for this particular outfit, I tuck the front of the shirt in, but left the sides and back hang as is. It worked pretty well with this top because it's not too short or too long.

    @Miranda, @Mimi - My photography skills and myself are a work in progress, so bear with me!

    @Nelah - Me too, Nelah, me too. I'm beginning to think I'm finally getting my money's worth out of this dress :)

  7. I'm blown away by all your outfits from this challenge. This AT dress as skirt is something I can't pull off no matter how much I try (and I'm quite enticed by you and Callandra to try and try again). You need a top that's the perfect length, plus the dress itself has to be the right length as well. I would've never thought to add a brown belt to this but it finishes off your outfit perfectly.

  8. I have the same issue with photos, some days are better than others but your outfit is stunning nonetheless. =)

  9. You're making me kick myself for not getting that dress now - hopefully a US petite will be able to pick one up for me ;)

    You amaze me. I'm still requesting a step by step on how you decide to put outfits together!

  10. at first glance, i thought you bought the skirt version of this AT dress! indeed, as PetiteAsianGirl said, the AT dress is *just* the right length on you.

    unfort, i bought mine a bit longer (not-petite-sized) for it to be clinic appropriate. now i'm rethinking my choice!


  11. i'm really loving your 30/30 challenges! i think you come up with the best outfits from it!

  12. you wore the dress perfectly as a skirt! i would've even have been able to tell. and the top is gorgeous! i'm loving every outfit in your challenge so far!

    cute & little
    $100 Fresh Faces Giveaway

  13. Really, that skirt is a dress?!? looks great as a skirt! I love your bright top precisely because it's bright. :)

  14. i haven't done the dress as a skirt just because none of my tops are loose enough to mask the dress but you look lovely! i love the hot pink and the delicate-ness of the lace ;)

  15. Gorgeous gorgeous Cee! I have yet to try this dress as a skirt but u have inspired me!!

    I love the top- so pretty and the color is gorgeous on u! <3

  16. Genius! I so have to try this, but I can't imagine it will work as well on me lol!

  17. LOVE the top and the skirt! Soo gorgeous :)

  18. whenever i come visit going to steal your skirt! i wish i can wear something like that to work..our work policy is that the skirt has to be 2 inches above knee.

  19. hey little lady! can't get enough of this blouse. and from here, the dress looks exactly like a skirt. well done!

  20. @PetiteAsianGirl - Girl, I don't know what you're talking about because I can remember a few instances off the top of my head where you wore the dress-as-skirt and dress-as-top amazingly well! Don't make me go find your posts now :)

    @Stylepint - Seriously!? Because I can never tell from your photos. Gorgeous scenery, gorgeous framing. You've got mad skillz!

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - What size are you, Elaine? I *may* make a trip out to the outlets this weekend. Heck, just announce it on Twitter that way we can all help you find one ;)

    @gold N turquoise - I think given your work environment, the longer version is the right choice. I also tried on the regular size but the armholes were too big and I was too cheap to pay for slimming costs. Can't wait to see how this dress looks on you!

    @annie, @kileen - Thank you! I hope to keep it up!

    @hurricanekerrie - Yup, I'm running out of item pairings, so I'll probably be using this dress as skirt trick a lot :D

    @Patty - What about the dress-as-a-top look? If you have a fuller skirt and a fitted dress, that would be a nice combination.

    @Really Petite - Definitely give it a try! Especially on days that you don't know what to wear, this would be a nice change.

    @Tara - Never say never... :)

    @Becky - Thank you!

    @simplyvonne - Oh gawd, I wouldn't wear half my closet if my company had that policy, hahaha. I usually go by the fingertip rule for length and I haven't had problems *fingers crossed*

    @AubreyOhDang! - Who're you calling little? Kidding :) Thank you, Aubs!

  21. That lace skirt is so adorable

  22. Great outfit! I just discovered your blog and will follow you now.


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