Day 14/30: Short and Sweet

by - Sunday, June 26, 2011

This scarf is like my favorite child. Not that I would ever pick favorites if I have more than one child... or admit it ;) The print was love at first sight, and I still have not gotten sick of it yet. When in doubt, this is the first item I grab to put on.

Is there a piece you own that you feel this way about?

shirt: J.Crew (similar)
bracelet: disney couture (similar)
belt: Old Navy
shorts: American Eagle (this season's version sold here)
flats: Mossimo (similar)

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  1. I can see why you love this scarf, it is adorable on you...I'm also loving that belt, adds the perfect amount of color interest!

  2. Aubs just sent me the link to a similar scarf at Nordstroms (100% silk)...see what you started Cee? LOL

    I hope you don't get sick of me saying this but dang- you have some really nice legs! Great outfit as ALWAYS!

  3. the scarf is such a simple accessory, but it really makes the outfit 1230871284919246x more sophisticated!

    love your bracelet! @ first, i thought it was one of those hex nut DIY bracelets i've been obsessing over:


  4. this is one of my favorite of your 30x30 outfits so far, i think! love the scarf + RM bag + black flats. i dont think i have any items that i really love. i get sick of things super fast!!

  5. haha I love this scarf (I bought it in both blue and black) and bought it because of you.

    I definitely have some things in my closet that make me feel great every time I put it on.

  6. i'm in love with this scarf and that ASOS one does look identical! great look and i love the colorful belt too!

    cute & little

  7. I love your scarf too! The print is just so classy and sophisticated - plus, it's my favorite scarf model for tutorials :) I heart OOTDs featuring shorts (esp. when not paired with a t-shirt/cami) - so many cute ideas for future summers!

  8. Wow, that is a great scarf and I love how you styled this outfit. I think it's SO cool how you wore that lime belt too. Nice post. I think I have certain jeans I feel this way about :)


  9. I love the scarf. I would definitely wear it everyday too!! I have a pair of neutral peeptoe shoes from Payless that are my go-to

    Live Life in Style

  10. i like how you style your scarf like that..i do need to get something similar

    fyi this morning getting dressed..I was thinking..hey I can see Cee wearing something like that..(gosh hope u dont think im weird but i was trying to figure out what to wear) lol

  11. Very cute and clean! You look well put together and layering the sacrf works perfectly, and is unexpected with that belt. I used to have a belt like that and now I wish I still had it!!

    Many Layers Monday

  12. So simple yet chic!


  13. ah yes there's a very similar scarf comes in a multitude of colors that will be avail during the nordstrom anniv sale. I'm thinking about purchasing...would be a good alternative for your readers.

  14. Must...have...pair...of...white shorts! A scarf is definitely a simple way to jazz up an outfit! I think I feel the same way about this light purple cardigan I have...I wish I could wear it with everything! =P

  15. really awesome outfit, cee! the scarf and belt really gives it an *oomph*! :)

    during cooler days, i tend to get attatched to various scarves myself!

    kimchi girl

  16. @Tara - I may have to say the green belt is my second most favorite item that I still love from day 1 :)

    @Really Petite - Haha, that's me, an enabler :) Is it this one? Or this one? Both are gorgeous!

    @gold N turquoise - CUTE bracelet. Are you going to attempt the DIY? I have issues with one-size bracelets, so rope/string ones are one of my favs too.

    @purses and puppies - I completely understand b/c there are some things I go through quite fast too and have buyer's remorse :( Ahh well, live and learn!

    @Elle - Same blue as Jean's, right? Man, if PearlBees still has her shop, I'd be tempted to buy another color too, lol.

    @kileen - Per Annie + Aubs, Nordstroms apparently has similar ones if you're interested: one, two... or there is always the ASOS one too!

    @SewPetiteGal - It's safe to say that seeing you use the same scarf is one of the reasons I run to try out your scarf tutorials :D

    @Dale - With jeans, do you ever feel that after you've taken the time to break them in, it's too late to buy a backup b/c they're all sold out?! I kick myself every time and pray the one that fits the best lasts me a long time, lol.

    @Shasie - I've still yet to find my perfect nude shoes. Thanks for bringing up Payless -- will have to check them out!

    @simplyvonne - Like I mentioned to Kileen, Nordstroms apparently has similar ones if you're interested: one, two. Do share what you were wearing today b/c now I'm curious! Something preppy? I'm so easy to peg :)

    @Mimi - I hate seller's remorse! I couldn't find a similar belt (or I would have linked it), but I'll keep my eyes out.

    @Ms.Fashionista - Thanks :)

    @AubreyOhDang! - All I could find are possibly this one or this one? And when is the Nordstrom anniv sale?!

    @LePetiteLemon - White shorts, white skirt, white tee... I want a white of everything :P It's definitely a great neutral color for pairings.

    @kimchi girl - Same style, same love for scarves. I think you and I are secretly long-lost sisters :)

  17. I have a brown leather belt from the Gap that I always seem to gravitate to with just about every outfit.
    Hmm...I could even see it with this scarf of yours! (just kidding...kind of!)
    I can see why you love this scarf, and I love how it looks like you just threw it on and walked out the door looking totally pulled together.

  18. loved it!

    check out my blog!

  19. Love shorts paired with a button down shirt! You look great Cee.

  20. you pull off the shorts so well! i love the top too! so preppy!

  21. So summery, yet still very chic!!


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