Day 8/30: Hello Sunrise

by - Monday, June 20, 2011

In the past week, I've been taking outfit pictures in the mornings as opposed to after work. It's mainly due to weather (I seem to blab about this a lot) and because I've come to love the wonderful "glow" of the morning sunlight in pictures. The only downside is feeling more rushed because getting into work early = leaving early. Is it just me or do you feel like time passes by so much quicker in the mornings? After lunch is usually when I'm contemplating taking a nap. Just kidding.

sunglasses: Old Navy (currently sold here)
blouse: LOFT (similar)
skirt: Gap (similar)
rings: H&M (similar); Spotted Moth via Kendi's giveaway (similar)
bag: Chanel
flats: Mossimo (similar)

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  1. Haha, I think I could use a nap everyday after lunch. It gets really bad about 3pm for some reason.
    Did you layer the blouse with the crewcuts shirt? Genius! Looks great.

    We've the same ring from H&M..pale rosy colored one. It's my fav right now :)

  2. food comma always hits after lunch LOL, =P!

    augh! you layered the AT blouse under the gingham! i was gonna do that too! it looks super duper cute like that.

    ok, so is this the end of "headless" shots? if so, cool! :)

    kimchi girl

  3. Afternoons go by MUCH slower! Yes, 3pm is a killer. My solution is snacks, usually some almonds or an apple, or whatever cake is around the office, someone always has cake! Lucky me :)

    You make gingham and flats look so classy!

  4. Don't worry, we all blab about the weather. It's a blog constant, it seems. :)

    Aaaand, I actually do take a nap at around 2 in my car on my break lols I feel more energized after 45 minutes.

    I was looking for the "scarf" that you used because I thought it looked so cool, but it's part of a shirt? Coolness.

  5. i feel like time just zips by in the morning, i just hate it. and if i could take an afternoon nap everyday, i most certainly would. gah, and i hate weather! we have no summer here.
    this outfit is so classic looking. i wish i could wear flats and have my legs look as long as yours do. perhaps thats what that extra 2" you have on me does :)

  6. I alternate between morning pictures and afternoon pictures. I definitely feel you when you say that you're rushed when you take morning pictures. BTW, I love the purple gingham shirt!

  7. Such pretty photos in the morning. I love your outfit, the simple flats paired with yoru skirt and purse look so pretty.

  8. Love it Cee!...(and I think I've got that exact same ring). I could totally nap everyday between 1:30 and 3:30!! (My new goal in life) Lol

  9. How did you manage to stay cool while wearing two shirts? Is the weather warm down where you are? I think I prefer this look with just one shirt or the other, its just my own preference though.

  10. I'm the same, Cee...and in China everyone takes a nap after lunch! My coworkers here are shocked to hear that. Btw, do you wear your Chanel flap to work?

  11. Love the color of your blouse!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog
    enter my jcrew giveaway!

  12. A bow and gingham?! Genius!! Will have to try that sometime post-pregnancy ;)

    And time definitely goes faster when you're trying to rush to work. It seems like no matter how early I wake up, I'm always hopping out the door to get there on time.

  13. Okay, I absolutely love the two shirts together. it looks so great!


  14. Very cute look! As always I love your Chanel.

    You've inspired me to order some crewcut pieces for myself from the website.. hopefully it'll fit okay! lol.

  15. I'm a little in love with gingham so you wearing it makes me even adore your style even more ;)

  16. such a sweet outfit. luuurve your chanel bag.
    and I wanna take an afternoon siesta every day. =)

  17. i definitely blab about the weather in every other post :P lol.

    and mornings definitely do go faster. probably because i'm always running around and in a rush!!!

    loevt he purple gingham!

    caroline - pictures & words

  18. Love the tie around the neck and I have serious purse envy! :)

  19. i take my pictures in the morning too and have to agree about the morning glow! i love this outfit and the layering of blouses is great!

    cute & little

  20. i wish i have more time in the morning so i can take outfit pix..and by the time i get home from work..i look like a mess or just too tired to take pix.

    I just take my lunch later so that my afternoon would go faster..I get tired around 3pm everyday! :D

  21. What a cute outfit. You really work that Chanel and corporate it to everything so well. I can really see its versatility (especially when dressed down) from your blog.

    Tell me about it, I have a tough time staying awake in the afternoon.

  22. Back when I was working, time does seem to pass by faster in the morns because usually there's a ton of work to clear. By midday, the work's done, so it's just bits and bobs and staring at the clock makes time move slower, I swear.

    You've a great blog. Love your outfits! :)

  23. That blouse is gorgeous!! Love it!

    I find that taking pics in the morning means that I look better. lol By the end of the day, my makeup is smeared and my clothes are all wrinkly. And if it's after dinner, I usually something or another smeared all over whatever I'm wearing. lol

  24. @Lilly's Style, @Bethany, @simplyvonne - Oh man, 3pm is the magic number for me too. I usually don't browse blogs much at work, but once that clock strikes 3, blogs are the only way I stay awake, hahaha.

    @Lilly's Style, @hurricanekerrie - Yep, sorry for not being more clear. The bow underneath the crewcuts shirt is from my LOFT tie blouse :)

    @kimchi girl - Hahaha, I'm just running out of ways to wear my shirts! But don't worry, I'm sure I'll be "stealing" styling tips from you too before the month ends ;) I'll do head shots only if I remember to wear my sunglasses while taking pics, otherwise, back to the cropped look.

    @purses and puppies - Probably... but would you rather have taller legs or more toned legs? I think we would all rather have the former :D

    @Jenn - When the weather gets better, I'm probably going back to afternoon pictures. Sometimes changing it up is good for the blog :)

    @Jaclyn, @Natasha xoxo, @Kelly, @Patty, @Dressy Celeb, @The DayLeigh, @kileen - Thanks :)

    @Callandra - 2 hours might be too long for me b/c I wouldn't wake up, lol!

    @Jarucha - The weather is quite wacky. 70s one day and 90s the next. But it helps that even the mornings on super hot days are relatively ok, so perfect for photo taking. No worries, these shirts will make an appearance by themselves sometime before the month is over :)

    @PetiteAsianGirl - Yup, all my bags go to work with me. I commute by car though so I don't need to carry much. If I ever switch jobs where public transit is needed, the flap will end up being a weekend-only bag :(

    @SewPetiteGal - Haha, I'm the same! Though it's probably looking after your son in the mornings that make you rushed? I'm not sure what it is for me... even on days when I leave earlier, something happens during my commute, ie: an accident, which ends up taking me the same amout of time as if I hadn't left early.

    @JenlovesBal - Be careful that their shirts will be more boxy, though! I had to get mine slimmed. If I were to do it all over again, I'd stick to their women's 00/0/petite versions.

    @Lisa - "Siesta" makes me want to move to Spain! Actually, any European country will do :)

    @caroline - When you get tired of hearing me drone on about the weather, be sure to let me know!

    @Nelah - Still loving CoCo the day I got her <3

    @Joey - When you put it like that, it's so true. Things just need to even out more throughout the day :)

    @Tiffany - Hahaha, if I continue with this head appearing in pictures, I'm going to have to add that to my list of worries!

  25. Another fantastic outfit. As usual, you look amazing.

  26. gingham and chanel - soooo brigette bardot! LOVE!


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