Day 13/30: Easy Way Out

by - Saturday, June 25, 2011

I walked down four flights of stairs only to see a sign that says the door is broken. Instead of finding my way back through another door to take pictures outside, I got lazy and propped up my tripod in this semi-dark-and-creepy alley below the staircase. Kind of fitting for an unintentional Halloween-themed outfit?

necklace: Ann Taylor (eBay; similar)
dress as top: Forever 21 (similar - sleeveless)
top (bottom layer): H&M via Elle's giveaway
belt: Express (similar)
skirt: Forever 21 (currently sold here)
bag: Chanel
flats: Mossimo (similar)

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  1. Lol Cee! I don't this this outfit is halloweenish at all. I really love the skirt and lace mix ;)

  2. Ahaha funny story. I love the orange skirt

    Live Life in Style

  3. lol, it does look a bit Halloween-y, but its super-cute! loving the dress-as-top

  4. lol, i've done that too with my picture locations. i just get tired of finding a spot ans just set everything up the first place i look. and i love the pairing of the scalloped skirt with the lace. so pretty!

    cute & little

  5. I didn't think Halloween at all! I saw everyone's tweets about that skirt I'm loving the colour but I think it might be too short for me to pull off - especially for work. Although for the next time I visit Florida it would be perfect!

  6. Interesting, I always thought that skirt was red, not orange, but either way, it looks so good on you!

  7. @Callandra, @purses and puppies - Hahaha, I didn't start thinking of the Halloween theme until I realized that all I've been using were black accessories!

    @kileen - I have to give you major props because I don't think you repeat locations, right?! AND you take pictures everyday. All your hard work is paying off because your photos are beautiful :)

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - The skirt is definitely too short for the office :( I only wear it on weekends... but perhaps you can get away with it since you're a few inches shorter than me? Worth a try :)

  8. very nice pairing with lace and skirt. i hope you would have taken close up of the neckalce, i love looking at accessories details.

    xo Nav

  9. this would be Halloween-y if there were such a thing as elegant H-ween parties. thankfully, you look too put together and chic to be scary!

    adorable outfit, and i'm absolutely coveting that scalloped skirt.


  10. Sucks that the door was broken lol! Love this lace top on you!

  11. you'll be the prettiest at the halloween party then :) i love the lace top and red skirt! so pretty!

  12. I never thought about putting a black tank under my lace, great idea, I will be using it!


  13. lols I don't think it exudes Halloween at all. I actually love that bright skirt.

  14. i adore this outfit! i wish i could pull something like this off.

  15. I don't think it's Halloween-esque at all! I think the colors work gorgeously together! I just saw a Max Azria dress that uses this exact color combo and I was thinking of recreating it:

  16. I like how the scalloped edge of the dress mimics the lace pattern in the top. Great combo!

  17. such a cute outfit! I love the lace with the bright colored skirt, i will have to try that out soon!

  18. I love the color of that skirt! I am seriously going to have to hit up Forever 21 on my lunch break tomorrow, I think...


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