What's In My Bag?

by - Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I'm the guest blogger today over at Blue Paper Lanterns. What's the topic? An inside peek into what I lug around every day. So if you're curious, check it out here.

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  1. I love these type of posts! It's always fun peering into other people's bags lol. And you chose the Bal!!! *thumbs up*

  2. great feature! how did you create the moving gif to capture your magic wallet in action?

    i used to have one of those myself (a summer lime green one), but broke down and got something w/ lots more room.

    thanx for introducing me to Blue Paper Lanterns. i'll be following Kimmie's blog on Bloglovin' now!


  3. @JenlovesBal - Hehehe, my Bal's been feeling neglected lately, so I'm showing her some love :)

    @gold N turquoise - I only fit the everyday essentials into my magic wallet. I couldn't even fill up all the compartments because the patent material is quite stiff!

    Re the gif: I took a series of shots, so in this case, there are 4 photos, and then I put them together in Adobe Image Ready. If you don't have that program, there are a lot of online apps out there that will compile the images together for you. I googled "create animated gif" and the first few sites look good. Let me know how they are if you end up trying any out!


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