Day 22/30: Red, White, and Blue

by - Monday, July 04, 2011

This is as patriotic as I get, with a white top, red belt, and navy blue shorts. Happy Fourth of July to all the Americans out there!

shirt: J.Crew (similar)
top: Gap (similar)
scarf ring as ring: Talbots - gift from Elle (similar)
belt: H&M (may still be in stores)
shorts: American Eagle (this season's version sold here)
flower pin on bag: Old Navy (similar)
flats: Mossimo (similar)

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  1. Cee, you're so creative. I love the pink flower pin on your bag. Happy 4th of July to you too :)

  2. Oh I love this take on the 4th of July patriotism. I like how you kept the dress shirt untucked for a more casual feel. xo Emily (fellow remixer)

  3. haha I love how I just commented your yesterday's outfit saying it was red white & blue.

  4. Love it! And I just love that burst of pink with the flower!

  5. Adorable and chic! Happy 4th to you too Cee! Hope your day is going well!!! :)

    You are right about it being boxier so I went with ordering this in the oyster and navy color in size 14.

    It's a nice cardi to throw over tees and tops. A win since it was about $20 each w/free ship. lol. I find that the XS in JCrew runs big! I need XXS and those are so hard to find esp in the sale section.

  6. Super cute and creative outfit; I love the striped shirt over the button down. The red belt brings the whole look home.

  7. Lol Cee, you are too cute! You are more patriotic than I am today...I just have the blue and white. You look fantastic!:)

  8. This is the perfect outfit! I adore how chic you always look. I only look as polished as you in my dreams :) Happy 4th!

  9. I love all of your layered looks. They always look so put together, yet still effortless. :D

  10. For a minute there I thought you were wearing a giant wrist corsage LOL!

    As always, this is a love - also gives me another way to wear my Gap long sleeved tee. You, my dear, are a Remix Master!

  11. I second SewPetiteGal's comment about wearing a corsage. Haha, I would not be surprised though if you did wear one. As always, this outfit is great. I did not go out so no dressing patriotic for me.

  12. I agree with Jane Squared, I love this layered look. And you're legs look like they're miles long in this outfit!

  13. This is a great subtle patriotic look!

  14. I think you look very patriotic! you even got the stripes going on :) hope u had a good july back to work :( boo

  15. Thank you everyone!

    @JenlovesBal - Great score on the cardigan! Let me know how sz 14 works out for you. I'm wondering if a girls' 14 would be cut slimmer and maybe smaller than a boys' 14.

    @SewPetiteGal, @Jarucha - Hahaha, now I can't stop seeing the corsage on hand too! I'll leave that to the high schoolers in prom dresses ;)

  16. Love the pop of red from the belt...great layers! Love how you put the flower on the bag for something extra!
    Love your blog!!

  17. Alright well I am your newest fan. I have randomly clicked on your blog link off of Color Brigade three times now. That never happens to me.

    Anyway, love this outfit!



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