Pop Goes the Collar

by - Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You'd think that since I went to one of the preppiest schools in the country, I would have perfected the art of popping collars.


Instead, I was too busy pulling all-nighters and wearing t-shirts with sweats. Just kidding (for one of the two -- but which one?). So here I am today, late to this trend, simply because a popped collar shows off the necklace better.

sunglasses: Old Navy (currently sold here)
belt: Old Navy (similar)
flats: Old Navy (currently sold here)

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  1. The white trousers look great on you. I want similar pants - the casual yet put together looking type. The green shirt looks fantastic too - what a lovely contrast to the green.

  2. I am LOVING these full head shots!!! Woo hoo! Now to get the sunglasses off..LOL Just kidding- I respect your anonymity :D Just tell me to shut up..LOL

    I like collar popping..it's very YOU!!!

  3. i also think its awesome that we get to see your head now, lol! i like how simple this outfit is. i just got a similar shirt from jcrew and may take some "inspiration" from this look :)
    -Amber Easy Petite Looks

  4. Beautiful Cee!....I love the green shirt against the blue necklace and the white pants are a perfect addition!! (So is this the new haircut?) I'm so inpatient ;) Lol

  5. I LOVE it! I never have the guts to try it (I went to a private school, too, but we wore uniforms), but I always LOVE how it looks on other women. It always looks so sophisticated and, well, RICH! You pull it off like you've been doing it for years!

  6. I love the popped collar and the green paired with the white! I don't how you do it but you always wind up looking so chic while trying so many different things!

  7. Look at you gorgeous girl!! I don't know if I could to the popped collar thing....for some reason I feel like it will make my head look big(ger) :P Any secrets to keeping white pants clean?

  8. Hahaha I'm guessing it's the sweats you're kidding about. ;) I love that green with the white pants! You are gorgeous!

  9. I so want to know your face looks like :) Like your white pants!

  10. Lol @ Annie! I do love these shots...the face and the fun backgrounds!! And as usual, great outfits!! I want that green color so bad!!

  11. Yea to a full shot! You look so pretty...I mean preppy...well, I mean pretty AND preppy!

  12. The army green color goes so well with your white pants. Just like everyone else, I love these full head shots. I've tried on that shirt in store a few days ago and an XS was a bit big on me :(

  13. Love that green color paired with the white, so pretty!

  14. aw pretty face! i can never rock the collar thing..i just look like im trying to look cool..ha! the shirt looks really good on you with the trees and flowers as the background.

    ps. yeah i am still not comfortable bringing my tripod to take pix just yet..i cant imagine the look of my coworkers as im dragging along my camera and tripod lol

  15. Love the popped collar...very preppy indeed. And I am loving the background! Do you carry the tripod with you or do you get the bf to take these pictures for you? :)

  16. @Anna - Have you tried Victoria's Secret for white linen pants? I really wanted to try out their pants, but didn't like how you couldn't return clothes to stores. Besides that, they're pretty affordable I think.

    @Really Petite, @Gria Loka - Haha, sorry :) Don't think the sunglasses will go away anytime soon, if ever :D

    @purses and puppies - Please do! It's so hard to be original nowadays. I'm sure every outfit I wear is inspired from somewhere (even if I can't recall where I had seen it), if not directly copied, lol.

    @BreezeyBee, @Michelle, @TaraMixandMatch - Greens (along with pinks) are slowly becoming one of my fav colors to wear :)

    @Callandra - Nope, new haircut will be up on this coming Sat's post! Sorry to get your hopes up :( I don't look any different... the hair's just shorter and straightened :)

    @Erin @ MomsHaveStyle2 - It sounds obvious now, but this collar popping only works best on stiffer fabrics (ie: polos). I had to keep readjusting mine when I experimented with this shirt. So watch out for that if you decide to give it a try!

    @SewPetiteGal - Is it b/c I'm always cheesing? haha. That probably helps with looking like I'm having fun.

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - I hadn't thought about the bigger head issue... please let me know if my head starts to look gigantic ;) White pants... I stay away from eating with my hands and anywhere with lots of people? I trust my hand-eye coordination, but not so much others :P

    @Tiffany - Lol, it's actually the all nighter :) There were a few times that I was this close to staying up, but decided to catch some sleep for a few hours instead of finishing up my studies. Umm... yeah, test bombed for sure, lol.

    @Kish - I'll take it ;) Thanks Kish!

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Boo :( I'm about one size up from you, right? I think you'll have better luck with XS P.

    @simplyvonne - D'oh! I forgot you went walking in the middle of a work day. Yeah, tripods + coworkers = instant awkwardness. Perhaps after or before work? :)

    @Elle - Yup, I keep the tripod in my car trunk. It's certainly come in handy a lot. Bf doesn't take my pics... the time it takes him to frame and take a shot, I could've taken 10 with the timer, hahaha. Shhh don't tell him I said that :)

  17. As much as I love preppy style, I have never loved the popped collar....on polos. In my opinion, a popped polo collar loudly proclaims, "hey, I'm a flashy jerk." However, I think it looks FABULOUS on a button-down shirt! So flattering. I like this casual-yet-polished look you have going on here!

  18. Love the color of that shirt! You look so pretty :)
    Have a fab weekend!

  19. It's amazing I escaped color without becoming a full on prep (I did also grow in up New England, double whammy). I like a little pop on a dress shirt like that....very classy. And perfect for highlighting a necklace.

  20. I love seeing your face! You are so pretty. Love the popped collar. They always make me laugh and remind me of the Long Island family that we saw when I took my daughter to freshman orientation. The ENTIRE family was sitting there with popped collars -- mom had 3 layers of popped collars. Cracked us up.


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