by - Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today's outfit was one of those that made me go ehhh in the mirror. But in motion with a breeze? Much better. I was having so much fun twirling that I hardly felt this 100 degree heat. Ok, a slight exaggeration there, but it helps to have something to think about other than the heat. Fall -- scratch that -- next week's temperatures in the 90s can't come soon enough!

top: American Eagle (currently sold here)
dress as skirt: Express
flats: Old Navy (currently sold here)

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  1. OOOOoooh! I love the blues and yellows! And you're so right...the swish makes it!

  2. LOL Cee LOOOVE! Some outfits are just so fun to wear because of the the "twirl" factor :)

  3. You are an expert at converting dresses to skirts, Cee! I'm successful at it sometimes, but I think my problem is that a lot of my dresses have empire waists, which create extra "fluff" around my midsection.

    You should do a tutorial on how you achieve your seamless "separates"!

  4. Fun skirt! You are the queen of repurposing dresses as skirts! I need a lesson ;)

  5. i love how you wear dresses as skirts yet make them look flawlessly styled. and i love the sheer top you chose too. perfect for summer!

    cute & little
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  6. oh wow, a V-neck over a dress! Cee, I wonder what combo you can't pull off. I love the first picture. so lively!

  7. Love that first picture of the skirt blowing in the wind :) The heat is brutal!

  8. i also love that first picture! i also cant wait for the heat and humidity to decrease!

  9. I have *got* to remember the dress-as-skirt thing. Me likey :)

  10. Love the twirly look in the first pic! There's def. been heat waves here where I am. Although I don't think temperatures have hit 100's, but we've had storms followed by humidity with no drops in temperature even after the rain!

  11. LOL - so cute! Love the twirl and the belt!

    It's been very hot here too. Temps in the high 90s but heat index in the 110s :(

  12. Very pretty! I love your dress as a skirt look! So many bloggers are doing a great job doing that!

  13. Cee you look gorgeous no matter what you wear!!!!

    yeah hopefully the weather will be nicer this week..last week was just horrible!

  14. Great blog! I LOVE your style!
    Following you now! :)

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