Day 28/30: DIY #2

by - Sunday, July 10, 2011

My second attempt at wearing a scarf as a top (using SewPetiteGal's tutorial) didn't turn out too shabby, but I just realized it's styled exactly the same way as the first. D'oh! I don't know if I'm more proud of another DIY success or incorporating in the scarf ring. It took me long enough, right? Elle's scarf ring was finally worn the way it was intended. I looped the fabric through two of the rings, so the end result looked like a taut link of chains. I can also picture weaving the fabric over and under the rings in some way. I'm still working on this, but feel free to leave suggestions.

scarf ring: Talbots - gift from Elle (similar)
belt: Ann Taylor (other colors sold here)
shorts: American Eagle (this season's version sold here)
bangles: Forever 21 (similar)
clutch: BCBG via Sunshine's giveaway (currently sold here)
shoes: Old Navy (currently sold here)

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  1. This looks great! I love unexpected uses for true and tried things. Does this keep up well or is there any danger of flashing?

  2. Looks great! I haven't yet tried SPG's tutorial but if I did, I'd wear it with a cardigan, too. :) I love how you put some scarf rings on this.

    So, how does it feel to wear just a scarf? Isn't the scarf's material flimsy? I guess I'm asking about the comfort level and like Anna up there, if there are any "dangers" that can come up?

  3. @Anna, @hurricanekerrie - Nope, no danger of flashing (at least I felt pretty secure). I wore a tube-top tank underneath and double knotted all the ends. The back is kind of ugly, meaning the tank shows through, so the cardigan was a great way to cover that up.

  4. Darling remix! I'm loving the scarf ring :) great addition.


  5. the shades of blue are really flattering and good job with the scarf ring!

    cute & little
    Tru Luxe Jeans Giveaway

  6. That scarf is so classy in all the ways you tried wearing it. And I also love that light blue cardigan color on you...the whole outfit makes you look like a Ralph Lauren model, love it!!!

  7. love how you did this one! and the cardigan over it really pulls it together as a nice, casual look. great job!

  8. You're so daring, wearing a scarf as a top! The scarf ring looks great too. It gives the "top" a unique look.

  9. it's not styled EXACTLY the same :)

    i really love this "top". unfortunately, i'm a little bit larger in size w/ a bigger bust; this look would have a completely different (night-walker) feel. kudos to you for rockin' it, not once, but twice!


  10. Yay, I am glad you figured out how to use it (I still haven't...doh). I really like how you wore the scarf and I didn't even make the connection about the previous scarf-as-top with this one until you pointed out the similarity. Two more days!

  11. wow!! if you didnt say it's a scarf..i wont of have known. I definitely love the cardigan with is. As long as it's secure and not flash anyone..Im up to try it!

  12. I've always tried to rock a scarf as a top, but I've never done it successfully. I'll definitely have to look into that tutorial since it looks super cute on you!

  13. I like it with a scarf ring and you look fantastic, Cee. I am jealous of your tan. I haven't played with my scarf in over a month, your post is a great reminder to use it while the summer lasts.

  14. the stock photo doesnt really show how awesome this scarf is but i think it comes with scarf rings.

    i'm addicted to this equestrian/nautical print.

  15. Wow Cee that's awesome! Is that scarf ring really just a regular ring? The link was to an "infinity ring" which is just a group of three rings? I used to have one of those in HS that I got from a flea market :P How big is the actual scarf you're using too?

  16. Wow. I love this outfit. What a unique way to wear a scarf. You’re very creative, Cee! I also love your matching clutch and flip flops.

  17. Love the yello belt and the fact that you layered the cardi over this shirt. If you get a chance, show off your layering in our link-up Many Layers Monday......

  18. @tiny dancer, @kileen, @purses and puppies, @PetiteLittleGirl, @Mimi - Thank you :)

    @Olyvia - I wish the cardigan is light blue because then the outfit would look slightly different ;) It's actually a light gray. Boo, my photos failed again.

    @Jenn - Haha, not without a tube top underneath! Going without would be too risque for me :)

    @gold N turquoise - You know, I have seen scarves that are larger, but still a square. Definitely keep your eyes out if you're interested -- perhaps eBay?

    @Elle - I still like wearing the scarf ring as a ring better, hahaha :D It's an almost-perfect fit for my chubby fingers!

    @simplyvonne - No fear of flashing, lol! I have a tube top on underneath, that's why I needed the cardigan to cover the back, or the fabrics are kind of unsightly.

    @Jane - Yes, definitely check out SPG's tutorial (and other DIYs). She lists instructions with pictures that are both helpful :)

    @Nelah - I second that! Your Hermes need to make another (or more) appearance ;)

    @AubreyOhDang! - Girl, you and me both. This equestrian print is addicting. I remember seeing these scarves in person when they first came out (and I couldn't find a link). They are gorgeous and do come with these rings every few inches apart. I'm sure it's removeable but it's probably there to keep the scarf in place.

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - I think the scarf ring is technically a scarf ring. It's bigger than a jewelry ring (but I have chubby fingers so I can double the use). The scarf ring is composed of 3 intertwined rings like the Shopbop infinity ring, so that's why I linked it. I think even if Shopbop's is smaller in size, you can still loop the scarf through to have it act like a scarf ring. I'm not positive on the scarf size... but I want to say about 18" to 24" per side?

  19. i swear you have the MOST AMAZING figure cee!! your legs go on for miles even in sandals! DAH! so jealous!!! love how you styled the scarf hon looks so fantastic as a halter top!

  20. That scarf as a top is amazing!!
    Love your blog!

  21. Just came across your blog and I love what I am seeing. Your style is off the charts cool. I am in love with this scarf as shirt look. I don't have the courage for it myself, but you pull it off with ease!!


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