Day 29/30: One vs. Many

by - Monday, July 11, 2011

Normally when I go up to the rooftop parking lot to take pictures, there is no one around. Today I went up earlier than usual and was doing my thing, ie: walking, prancing, twirling, whatever you want to call it. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw this minivan back out of its spot. Eek! I quickly seeked shelter in the nearest stairwell and pretended that my timing was a coincidence. Who knew how long that person was sitting in the car before I noticed, possibly staring at me. When there's a crowd, I feel like I can blend in, even if people could be looking my way. When it's just one person? I get all self-conscious. Time to add this to my list of things to work on. Are you a public picture-taker?

shirt: J.Crew (similar)
belt: Express (similar)

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  1. Love the outfit! I would have hid for the rest of the day if someone saw me taking pics haha.

  2. I love this outfit! Today I was taking pictures with plenty of people looking and I can't say it bothered me too much. I mean, what could they possibly think it's for?

  3. I would get self conscious too. My pet peeve is when someone is over-confident or cocky, so I'm always afraid people would think that of me when they're reading my blog. That would be my biggest fear if I were spotted.


  4. That necklace adds just the right amount of glam and class to your look. :)

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  6. could you really be one outfit away from finishing??? good job girl.

    i love the shoes!

  7. Yikes, someone was watching? That would weird me out too. On a better note that outfit is adorable :)

  8. love the outfit - boy i wish i could wear heels!

  9. I would have died instantaneously of embarrassment! Those shoes are smoking though!

  10. Now that I'm finally a proud owner of a chambray blouse, I'm totally going to reference your 30 x 30 challenge posts & steal all your looks! Hehe.

    OMG...I've been "caught in the act" of taking photos only a few times, but it's so embarrassing! I have literally picked up my tripod and run away in high heels after hearing someone coming my way. I think it's way worse to get caught taking your own photo with a tripod than to have someone with you taking your photo. So jealous of bloggers with camera savvy significant others!

  11. i get SUPER self-conscious. i try to find a secluded spot, but when someone spots me...i run. haha. i can't believe that person was watching you, creepy!

    and i can't believe you're 1 away from finishing. love how polished this outfit is...and i love that necklace!!

    caroline - pictures & words

  12. Hi, i like your blog, your outfits are all really cool.

    omg the same thing happens to me. i was taking pics in my garden for my blog when my neighbour saw me, they gave me the weirdest look. i try to avoid my family when taking photos for my blog, i wait for them to all leave the then i will quickly take some photos haha!

  13. Was there someone taking photos for you? Haha. I'm always fine now if someone is snapping the shots for me-- I can just pretend I'm a tourist. But if I'm doing it alone I worry even if I'm in my backyard that a nosy neighbour might be peering down (and we all know that neighbours are nosy!).

    <3 this chic and classy simple look. Been looking for more crisp button up tops such as yours lately!

    Hope you're having a great week!

  14. Wow, I can't believe you are nearing the end of your 30! Are you happy about getting your whole closet back?

    I can only take outfit photos on the self-timer or remote when I know no one is watching. So I usually take them in my driveway or somewhere semi-private. Sometimes I can convince the hubs to play photographer and we will take them in public.

  15. Those pink shoes are the perfect addition to this look amazing!

  16. Lol Cee! I think you're very brave to take pictures as you do even with no one around. I could totally see that same thing happening to me though, so funny!

  17. you are too funny! I am still a lil shy about taking pix outside with my tripod. I do feel weird if knowing someone is looking at me or may think im just too into myself for posing in front of a camera lol I need to find me a photographer friend :D

  18. @D. Dominguez, @purses and puppies, @Jenn - Hahaha it wasn't too embarrassing b/c I avoided eye contact.

    @Anna - I'm not sure, but if put on the spot, I'll probably say "practicing my photography skills," which isn't a total lie... :)

    @gold N turquoise - No worries Jenny. I'll be here to keep you down to Earth if you become cocky :)

    @Jane Squared, @BreezeyBee, @Tara - Thank you :)

    @Patty - Haha, yes! I'm feeling kind of nostalgic already.

    @makeupandpearls - Practice, practice, and practice some more. At least that's what I've been doing, and my feet are slowly getting used to it :)

    @Alterations Needed - Ahh! You've got good control over your other senses. I know when I'm in the middle of taking pics, I'm usually too focused and wouldn't even hear other people coming and going lol. Not even cars whizzing by! I remember you blogged about a couple from out-of-town who caught you in the act and even asked you to take a pic for them? If only all strangers are as kind and not so ready to jump to other conclusions :)

    @caroline - Want to force ourselves to thicken our skin? I'm not sure exactly what to do... perhaps more exposure to picture taking in public? We'll be able to keep one another accountable :)

    @Ellen - Oh no! At least I probably won't run into the same stranger again... but a neighbor? Eeks! Hold your head up high and pretend you don't remember the incident the next time you see them?

    @Jen - Nope, it's just me and my camera (and the occasional tripod). I think if people do ask me what I'm doing I'll just say I'm "practicing my photography skills," which isn't a total lie... :)

    @eek - YES! There are parts of my closet that I've missed dearly, but I'm sure I won't stop wearing these 30 items completely though.

    @Callandra - Haha, yes, a good story to chuckle about after-the-fact. If only I had that sense of humor at the time :)

    @simplyvonne - ...or a photographer child?! Can't start too early with Kaylee, right? ;)

  19. Oooh, bright pink shoes!! :)

    I have to give you props for taking pictures by yourself out in public! I don't think I will ever have the guts to do that!! =D

  20. I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at this post...which is exactly why I take pics in the comfort of my little home. I admire those of you who do take pics outside, though.

    As usual, you are still working the office-chic look! Maybe that person was taking style notes! =)

  21. Such a simple outfit played up with some gorgeous baubles and hot pink heels! Lovely.



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